What’s one race/class combo you would add to the game?

(Balghur) #21

high elf would be epic


ok but would Draenei Warlocks command little lightforged imps

(Azhaar) #23

Or Limps, for short.


I’ll second the idea of orc paladins being overdue. Honestly, most if not all races should be able to be paladins, considering how varied their relationshops with the light can be.

Night Elf warlocks voidwalkin’ in Darnassus—oh, wait.

Tauren and Draenei rogues could just wear step-softening hoof booties. hoofies.

Dwarf and Pandaren druids would make decent sense to me, and I’d love to see a mechanical take on Gnome druid forms, like their starting hunter pets.

(Azhaar) #25

Orc paladins don’t make a whole lot of sense. A paladin is all about conviction; orcs are all about smashing everything and then either smashing everything else without a moment of reflection or feeling bad for smashing everything in the first place and then smashing everything else without learning anything from the experience.


Azhaar you really misspelled “wrongly maligned noble savages”


Absolutely lambasted

(Balghur) #28

i agree, the draenei genocide should just be completed already

(Rykadiel) #29

It’s a tie between Forsaken druids and Draenei warlocks. I’ve tried rolling a Draenei shadow priest to scratch that itch but it’s just not the same.

(Stalairne) #30

nightborne and void elf demon hunters :B

(Zandrae) #31

Belf druids and Belf shamans so Blizzard can take my money.


Actually, blood elf druid forms would probably look pretty slick. I’m thinking cat form as those lynxes in Eversong, dragonhawk flight, and… that’s all I got.

I just want concept art for all of these.

Edit: does anyone know if Thomas Zelling still has his connection to the tides? Or did he lose them in undeath? Ostensibly, with the clash of Kul Tirans and Sylvanas, Forsaken shamans (at least tidesages) and druids could be plausible.

(Eledriss) #33

I want blood elf druids so badly. My mage would be better played as a balance druid in almost all respects, and my hunter would be dual-classed with a resto druid toon yesterday.

A dragonhawk flightform wouldn’t be bad, but the idea of a phoenix flightform captures my heart.

(Halflan) #34

Guardian: This one’s the hardest. I could just see it being a reddish-orange bear.
Feral: Lynx
Travel Flight: Dragonhawk
Travel Ground: Hawkstrider
Resto: Autumn Tree
Boomkin: Generelf Tso’s Orange Chicken

He does, as well as other Elements. He’s a straight up Shaman.

Dwarf druid forms are as I imagine:
Guardian: Bear with a beard/Braid.
Feral: Mountain Lion witha beard/braid.
Travel Flight: Gryphon
Travel Ground: Ram
Resto: Evergreen Tree
Boomkin: A literal giant Dun Morogh Chicken (since they’re canon)


with a beard

Okay, Blizz. Zelling’s confirmed Forsaken shaman. Open the floodgates.

(Liotuse) #36

Draenei warlock.

(Zandrae) #37

I headcanon that the Thalassian lynxes are Caracals.

(Anyaka) #38

I want dwarf druids, but I shouldn’t have them, because then I’d be SORELY tempted to race change Anyaka.

I could also get behind Lightforged Monks. I quite want one for my monk collection. It would fill a niche I don’t have… And I mean, T’paartos is pretty monk-tastic. Which makes it odd that they’re not there.

(Xephirus) #39

Which race currently has the most class restrictions?


I don’t know what I expected that baby caracal to sound like, but it wasn’t the AOL dial up screech.

Most standard races have about 8 classes available each. I think the only immediately playable race that has 7 is Pandaren. The rest have 8+. The allied races tend to have fewer. Lightforged draenei and Highmountain tauren both only have 5 available classes. Regular trolls, dwarves, and blood elves have the most, at 10. Zandalari trolls will have 9, as do Dark Iron dwarves.

So actually, among the basic races, it seems the Pandaren are a due a new class!