What Reparation's should the Alliance get?

Because of what the Horde did to so many innocent lives, the Alliance, specifically the Kaldorei deserve reparations from the Horde. Gilneans are another group of people who deserve something in return after what the Horde has put them through.

What kind of reparations do you want to see done?

Some might think its a bad idea and not in the Hordes interest, but I disagree. The Horde has to make a strong effort in keeping the peace between them and Alliance and strive to not have another war against the justified anger of the Kaldorei. If they want to build a future where the Horde could still exist, then reparations are a first step.



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They won’t get anything more, but they should’ve gotten:

  • Ashenvale back and the Horde’s complete withdrawal from Alliance territory they gained in the war
  • the Horde handing over Sylvanas loyalists
  • The Horde should repair those lands they have destroyed
  • The Horde should have to help saving those souls they sent to the maw previously and they should be forced to cooperate with the Alliance trying to bring Sylvanas and her loyalists to justice instead of fighting for them

Honestly, the most ridiculous part to me is that the Night Elves forgave the Horde and Sylvanas’ loyalists, and they were completely fine with the Horde keeping Ashenvale and Azshara. It seems really out of character for any major Night Elf character, but well continuity is not really something the writers care about. Today Anduin is a King, in a patch he might be a female baker.

Again though, I doubt any of it will or is even likely to happen at all. They stated that the faction war and everything that happened in BfA is already resolved.


This thread may not end well.

That being said there are three things I think the Horde could give that would not be lore breaking.

  1. Give up all claims on Ashenvale and the Arathi Highlands.

  2. Assisting in the replanting and regrowth of Teldrasil.

  3. Agree to a formal treaty on no longer using Azerite weaponry and to enforce a ban on its mining.


How about a fist to the face?

Most half the crap that happened in BFA wasn’t the entire Hordes fault.


I mean… that’s not true in the slightest, but, reparations are very clearly off the table in this case. At most, things will revert back to pre-war, and won’t be reflected in game at all because reasons.

Not to mention we don’t even have a clear idea of what the Horde even has to give back, if anything. We have no idea if they held Ashenvale, though signs point to it being an ongoing struggle throughout the expansion, we know they lost Darkshore, and Arathi, Gilneas is held by no one so they can’t give that back. Maybe Stonetalon goes back to being shared? No clue.

Either way, at most we’ll see a random tweet months down the line saying things just reverted back to what they were at the end of MoP and that will be that.


you can have Baine


The guy can canonically rip an Orc in half with his bare hands and per the lore he’s pretty much followed without question by most of the Tauren and got a spiritual pat on the back and approval from Cairne for his actions recently. You really want to give him up?

Am I the only one who did the Tauren heritage chain?


He boring


I’m assuming once Azeroth’s WOONS are healed, Azerite is going to become inert again, like the bit on Gallywix’s cane.


Probably, but having a treaty on it just to be safe wouldn’t hurt.

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Lets start with Gallawix money stash. Bankrupting the little bugger and having him give all his cash to the Alliance would be sweet justice on so many level.


Nothing at all because Anduin.


Maybe from a moral perspective, as a way to cover the Alliance’s behind. From a practical perspective… it’s not like a treaty’s ever stopped the Horde.



Horde Forces should have to totally withdraw from Ashenvale, and provide the economic means for the night elves to rebuild a new city.

The horde should also be forced to give up all holdings int he northern eastern kingdoms.

Lordaeron and Quel’Thalas.


Honestly I suspect the Horde has retreated from any territory it took in BfA, probably hoping the Alliance will do the same.

Most of them seemed have left with her. Can you think of any?

How exactly? I mean Ashenvale hasn’t changed much as far as we know, and Darkshore was a bit of a wreck before we got there, plus I doubt the NEs want the Horde coming back. Also the Horde is broke and we already have to repair the territories the Alliance wrecked. Have you seen the state of Tirisfal lately?

Already happening. I mean there are literally neutral quests doing it in Shadowlands. What makes you think the Horde is fighting with Sylvanas still?

They haven’t which is why you have tension in the Alliance.

I am pretty sure nothing has suggested they are fine with Ashenvale remaining in horde hands and Tyrande gave up Azshara in MoP because A) the NEs barely had a presence there anyway and B) without Azshara, Orgrimmar would be starved of resources again which would almost certainly lead to war again when the Orcs had to choose between starving or expanding into areas with resources. Even more so when the NE start refusing to trade the moment anyone in the Horde offends them.

The horde doesn’t have the money to built the NEs a new city unless they want a really crap one.

The Alliance has no legitimate claim to either territory. The last member of the royal family of Lordaeron is hanging with the Horde at this point and wants Lordaeron for her forsaken and Quel’thalas belongs to the Blood Elves and unless your suggesting the Alliance should be subjugating nations against their will and setting up dictators, the Alliance has no business there. Particularly when the Alliance did nothing to help reclaim any of the land from the blight of the Scourge.

Your assuming the Horde has it to hand over. Gallywix has left the Horde and almost certainly taken his money with him knowing him.


Why yes I am suggesting that.

I am suggesting we treat the Horde how they treat the Alliance.

Lordaeron should be purged of the undead infesting it, and the Blood Elves should be forced out and the High Elves that are allied with the Alliance and Void Elves sat up as the new people of Quel’Thalas.

We could stick the Lightforged and our other new Allied buddies up in Old Lordaeron.


And if the Horde Can’t afford to help the Night Elves economically to build a new City then one of there Cities would suit the Night Elves just fine.

Perhaps Suramar, or as stated earlier, Quel’Thalas.

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Nothing…because the Horde has nothing to give that won’t solidify that they’re now firmly under the boot of the alliance until deemed otherwise, which wouldn’t happen anyway if any Alliance Character or Player who isn’t Anduin has a say.


Have posted it in the other thread but here are my demands: