Slowly Fixing the Night Elf Identity

Night Elves need:

  • to reconquer Ashenvale, no reason for it to be a Horde zone
  • Darkshore repaired and a new proper home, also Hyjal to be Night Elf territory
  • Their souls saved from the maw (although we already know that this is only partly happening) and preferably resurrected
  • Justice for Teldrassil, at the very least Sylvanas, but it should have been her loyalists too - If the Night Elves genocide will somehow end up being a heroic thing, the race will look like a joke even more

In order for justice to be achieved, Sylvanas (and her loyalist NPCs) need to go down, but that will never ever happen


IMO the worst thing to happen to night elves in shadowlands so far is them being tied to the night fae. I mean it is so predictable given the night fae being all about planting flowers etc etc and well druidism and animals and fae stuff.

I mean there is more to night elves than that. there is the gothic stuff that is easily tied into revendreth, aside from that there is probably some sinful beings in night elf society etc etc.

Was kinda surprised that necrolords didnt have kurtalos.

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new Alliance hero class
:full_moon:Moon Hunter

new Horde hero class
:bust_in_silhouette:Shadow Hunter

its time


What is a Moon Hunter?

While I think they really need to resolve this current plotline with the NEs (which has been a hell of a mess) and give them a new home (both of which apply to the forsaken too at this point), I think we really need to see some love to some of the other races. Over all in WoW, the Night Elves have had a lot of screentime. Not as much as the Humans but they are pretty much coming in second. Most of the other races are way overdue for some love and frankly the Worgen and the Gnomes have been waiting way longer to get their homes back. The Dwarves, who are one of the strongest nations in the Alliance, haven’t really done much beyond having a token presence in several expansions. In some ways it is even worse on the Horde side. Tauren lore is pretty undeveloped and their relevance in the Horde is threadbare at best.

I also don’t see exactly what attacking a Horde border fortification which is on the edge of Horde territory counts as justice. Let them build their own wall if they want but the Horde is perfectly justified in controlling access to their territory. Turning Tyrande into the Winter Queen, a literal member of the pantheon of Death, is ridiculous. I mean it is like suggesting Vol’jin become a titan.

People also seem pretty easy on ignoring all the psycho crap Maiev got up to with her own people in the past. She murdered Highborne and Worgen in Teldressil and Jarod’s ‘oh I am sure she must have been under some bad influence’ is a cop out without anything actually backing it up.

At least they had a zone they have a tie to. Many races are out of luck on that regard. Still not sure where something like an orc or a goblin is supposed to fit.


Think there is a grummle in maldraxxus (there is a ghoul that mentions “luckydos” alot and has the same voice)

Basically a Moonpriestess. (look WC3 Tyrande)
Riding a Nightsaber in full plate armor, lasering down oponents and encouraging her surrounding Sentinels.

What I think is necessry for NEs.
At first we need a change in narrative:

  1. Get their identiy of ferocious unyielding warriors back. The night warrior Questline and 8.1 did a step in that direction. Tyrandes stance of scre off anduin is also a welcome change in that part.

  2. Get their Lands completely back and fortified.
    In Lore Darkshore and Ashenvale are basically back but it is all not reflected ingame. This has to change.

  3. Take the fight TO the enmy instead of defending. Instead of Sentinels defneidng Ashenvale from the Horde, have them attack the Horde.

Then we need to talk about fixes for BFA:

  1. Sylvanas. Big Elephant in the room. Nathanos is a start but he, whiel guilty as hell especially for what happened in Darkshore, is just a pawn.

  2. Reperation and repercussion. Have the Horde bleed for NEs, we don’t want them to be genocided, but they have to pay and it needs to be reflected and shown that they stuggle to meet the demands. It doesn’t suite NEs at all to genocide them, but NEs have their own justice Sytsem in terms of wardens. So ->

  3. Denazification. Nurnburg trial. Have the NEs or Horde themselves rally up the resonsibles. Those who participated , those who commit atrocities (Not just the burning!) and have them handed over to the Wardens to face their justice by their hands. We have them for a reason, they are feared for a reason.
    Sylvanas was not alone and it was CLEARLY shown that parts of teh horde happyly commited the atrocities. The whole voicelines of teh Forsaken in Darkshore tell a complete story. WoT tells a story with Lorash etc.

There are more in Orgrimmar than just the orc mother, there are murderers responsible for killing civillians and rallying them up. Attacking on refugees etc.
We have a lot of Loyalists still who are represented party by the players but can be seen as a number of NPCs who are also onthis course. Hand them over to NEs to face justice.

And last restoration of tee status quo:

  1. Restore Teldrassil, or Hyjal as a complete NE zone and capital. I can live with both, both have their advantages.

  2. Ressurect ALL the NEs. Period. Necessary to put an end over that awefull story arc. Simple as that.


I agree. These are nice new features but they do nothing to fix what’s happened. They first need a new home and to have their zones reflected to show that they’ve taken them back.

They also need to stop equating everything about the Night Elves with nature and druidism. The Elunite priests get zero attention and are constantly sidelined in favor of the “Light”. That needs to stop.


Hey now. We got an entire patch about the High Priestess of Elune not being able to kill a single archer.


You mean the Night Warrior and Malfurion combined and then BOOM, revenge for Teldrassil achieved.

They get dungeons where they are killed off. With exception with WoD and Legion. Their identity is to get their capitals raided and leaders killed off. Thank you for such “big lore”.


I think anyone is in for a letdown if they tie their character identity too much to their race over their faction.

Race or faction, it’s all just a bunch of bits on a server somewhere in California.

I mean, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with some investment into a game’s story or aspects of fantasy. That can lead to enjoyment. But ultimately it is very easy and common for perceived issues that come up with races in Warcraft specifically.

Hence why we see it on the forum a lot. Either ‘my race isn’t getting enough exposure’ or ‘this other race is dominating exposure’. Or replace exposure with general lore. Like how aspects of the War of Thorns bothered Night Elf players or losing Undercity for some Forsaken.


I’m not particularly interested in the woe is me night elf stance but I can think of more…likely ways to to resolve the whole “identity crisis” night elves are facing within the logical bounds of the game’s limitations.

That means no, the night elves won’t suddenly find themselves leaving the Alliance or being the super power to challenge the full might of the Horde on Kalimdor.

  • Focus on the Militaristic Sentinels and the Elune Priesthood. Diminish the role of Druidism overall.
  • Likewise to above, diminish Malfurion’s primary protagonist role, move him to a secondary role behind Tyrande.
  • Move night elf roles in future storylines to a more proactive role. Let’s say next expansion involves going somewhere new, the Sentinels are the one leading the expedition, commanding the other Alliance troops. They would be the ones in charge and using their know-how to properly command and lead the Alliance forces in this new area. Night elf structures can be used to give it that night elf feeling.**
  • In the interest of at least implying each player race has a ‘home base’ for gameplay purposes I’d create a phased area at Hyjal for the night elves. Similar to how the nightborne and Highmountain tauren has a instanced part of Suramar and Highmountain respectively.

**This does not mean the night elves are the only ones handling said situation. They are leading the Alliance forces there, which means humans, gnomes, draenei, pandaren, ect are also present.


Yeah dungeons filled with mogs for them


Pick 1.



I’d rather get mogs by killing someone for trolls at least once.
But I don’t want to hijack this thread.

To stay on topic, I am supporting idea of new capital at Hyjal.
And WTB Malfurion being mad at Anduin for releasing Saurfang.

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Somewhere in that power fantasy of yours, you might just want to remember that there are players who choose other than night elves and they might want some of that developmental love as well.

Others might be engaged with the idea of riding a shrubbery, but not this huntress.

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That was also my idea. Recapturing Ashenvale to keep the darn dirty horde out.

Also destroy the Wall in the Barrens.


Why that hilariously impractical wall that does pretty much nothing?

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