What have you got in your 'win' bags so far?

Look at literally every single one of your comments since then and tell me how that comment holds true. In order to get pve players who do not want to pvp to pvp you would have to make the loot box have the best gold value out of farming. There is no other way to get them. If we’re talking about people on the fence then 2-10g is a good starting point and I wouldn’t be opposed to upping the average to 6-10 or 8-10. But that’s not what you want. You want all your enchanting mats and crap in them.

But it is. Instead of having to pvp and then stop to farm gold if you need it you can do both at the same time. That’s a part of how this will make a few more alliance continue to queue. It doesn’t need to be the best gold farm, it just needs to be something people enjoy doing and can make a bit of gold off of. In your own words I refuse to believe you’re this stupid.

Ok you are actually this dumb. Pve rewards? There are no pve rewards except nethers, badges and rep. Gold is just gold. It doesn’t matter what is in the box at all. And once again to make pvers want to join pvp you would have to make it the best way to earn it. This is reality. Now I can’t explain very simple concepts to you anymore. You’re not smart enough to grasp them.

Complete crap, about 4 gold a box.

Nobody whined first off.

There was a gigantic issue that anyone with common sense or an IQ over 65 knew that it needed to be addressed.

How anyone can sit here and argue that 1 hour + ques were okay is out of their gd minds.

Yes there is other ways, I literally just mentioned some like badge of justice. 2-10g per win on a bg is not influencing a single person who isn’t bging. And you have brain damage if you are even going to attempt to act like it dps. I can go back and do a single quest that takes 5 minutes and get twice that amount.

If you truly think gold is the only way to get pvers then yeah, it should have more gold. I just think more meaningful rewards specifically for pvers is the answer.

I’m literally not reading anything you’re going to say after this because you’re just objectively wrong about this. There is nothing more to say. I do not care about your opinion that it s for pvpers. Because it objectively isn’t

And I literally mentioned 2 of those things you actual moron.

Isn’t there a post about people getting BoJ in them occasionally? It’s rare but there. The reality is you can’t put it in every box or every other box.

I see you’re so mad at not being able to argue against real logic that you can’t spell. Or was that just always the case. Quests run out, repeatable quests do not. No kidding you get more gold from doing high level quests left over from leveling. Crazy.

You made a blanket statement about enchanting mats and other stuff. You literally just wanted more things in the box. Now if we’re talking specifically about BoP things done from dungeons then you still have to make it better than doing those dungeons to draw PvE players in. You’re also talking about making those boxes worth 100-150g because things like nethers can and are sold. Now do you get why it all boils down to gold you simpleton?

You can and you should. Why in your mind is this a thing that is impossible?

The variance is annoying.

High roll I’ve got 3 fel iron, 3g, 2 mana pots.

Low roll 3g some bread and I think 2 ancient lichen?

Bread isn’t even max level food. Shouldn’t ever be in the box. At least the water is max level.

I’ve heard you can really high roll and get badges or something, must be nice.

As an incentive to get people to do something they wouldn’t normally it’s not enough.

Yes. Let’s just make it better than doing heroics so you can get your bis gear from both the pvp and the boxes and devalue the gems that will be released in future patches to basically 0. Not to mention then you kill heroics for people leveling. Should definitely be done. 100%.

If it were me, I would give them something like a badge of justice every box, straight up. With a chance of getting a random rep item (i.e. 5 coilfang armaments/consortium item for rep/fel armaments) and like 10g (the reward of a daily).

That would be a better start


Ah now we get to the crux of it. Gold. Again. But it wasn’t about gold. No you’re not getting 50g a box. Sorry. Variance is one thing. Bumping it up to 6/8-10g is something I could get behind. Bumping it up to your ridiculous better than farming gold per hour is stupid.

That’s way too much.

I don’t like giving out badges of justice at all because it takes people out of heroics that I want to do.

Maybe in like 3 phases when they add badges to kara/raids and they become a lot more common.

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Hey smart! Like I said I think 6/8-10g is better. Get rid of the stupid bread and water. Either give a bit more gold in compensation or useable items like more mana pots. Makes it much nicer without killing something else.

It’s not better than heroics unless you’re so damn bad heroics take you hours on end. I can finish a heroic SP before I can finish an average bg. This is for pvers to do in their off time and make it worth while.

This isn’t going to kill heroics dude lol. You think the only reason people do heroics is for badges? No. It’s mainly for the pieces that drop off the bosses, the badges are an afterthought. You do the dungeon you need and collect badges at the same time. This is more incentive to do bgs after your locked to the heroics you already needed.

Btw if your only rebuttal to this is that people will be doing bgs more, then I hate to break it to you… you’re agreeing with me.

Yes it is. You’re asking for 50g for each person in the damn bg. Per win. Games don’t last longer than a heroic (even a short one) and they aren’t locked out for a day after a win. What are you even on about.

I have to ignore you. You’re too dumb to talk to.

Meh I hard disagree. Badges per hour for bgs would never approach a heroic with this method. I can get 3 in the time it takes to get one out of a bg.

Pretty much, I ain’t doing heroics and just going to wait till Kara bosses start dropping em. Can’t be bothered. Same with the battle grounds.

The goodie bags would have to be really good to get me to queue, and with alliance win rates? Not worth it.

I agree, 6/8-10g in value sounds about right.

You could mix in herbs/ore or potions to a random degree.

It shouldn’t be better than farming, but if I have a use for the honor, it should be enough to convince me to play just one or two more than usual.

And no food/water! Unless it’s like a stack of magefood. If I can get it cheap at a vendor then it’s not a prize, really.

I literally just said 10g dude. Make the items soulbound so they can’t sell it if that’s really what you’re worried about LOL.

I literally just said 10g wtf is wrong with you. I rarely have to do this but I have to mute you lol.

Yep! It’s a good chunk of gold so that if you enjoy pvp you can actually make a pretty decent profit off it and have fun. It won’t pull the pve only crowd in but it will make the pvpers queue more and try more to win. This will also make alliance players more likely to report the afkers because now they’re a severe detriment to not only fun but items which should make the playerbase better as a whole.