What have you got in your 'win' bags so far?

I knew this was going to breed a response like this. You are having a very childish view on this. You see another kid has a sucker and you’re wondering why he has one and you don’t.

Take a look at this from an outside perspective. If part of your plan is to give an incentive to one side so it helps out q times for the other side, explain to me why what I’m offering wouldn’t be the best way to do it.

Rofl what response that you want it to be the same as farming in the open world? You do. Your response is far more childish than mine.

Explain to me how you getting better gold in a bg than farming in the real world is an actual solution and not just you whining for a ridiculous gain. If you don’t want to pvp then don’t pvp. This wasn’t about getting pve players to do BGs, it was about giving pvp players an added benefit to do them.

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I think 3 gold for doing something I was already doing is fine. But I’m not a zoomer

Then it is going to fail. As I understand it, the goal was to get more Alliance players queuing for battlegrounds.

It isn’t to attract the Alliance players that are already playing battlegrounds.

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You either didn’t read what I said, or you read it and are now just making up a fake argument that doesn’t exist.

I said I’m a pvper. I will pvp with or without the reward, period. I am not the type of person blizzard should be incentivizing to bg because I already bg. So everything I’m suggesting doesn’t necessarily benefit me in any meaningful way, as it shouldn’t.

This is and should be 100% the goal here. Why on earth would they try to give an added benefit to people already pvping? What does this do? Nothing. Their goal (even explained by blizzard themselves) was to…

Reward the minority faction in order to help participation. That is their goal.

Helping the minority faction with just pvp specific rewards is counterintuitive. You are just rewarding players who are already participating, and you are giving them a reason to stop queing faster because their goals will be reached faster.

So their goal is to increase participation, period. This needs to come from the pve playerbase, or the playerbase who isn’t already actively quing bgs. This is so obvious it basically hits you in the face. The rewards need to be justified in order to incentivize players who just pve to start quing bgs.

There is nothing more to it. Your only issue here is that the rewards I’m suggesting is unfair because you aren’t getting them. I’m not concerned with this kind of logic, because it’s just selfish.

The rewards I’m requesting doesn’t even help me out as a pvper because I… you know… already pvp…. Pve rewards will not incentivize me to q anymore than I already am.


But that’s the point. You aren’t the target for these rewards because you are already quing. Pretend for a second that pve participation is way down and for whatever reason blizzard NEEDS more alliance to raid, and you do not currently raid. What rewards, as a pvper, would get you to step into raids?


I bet they would want things like, 500+ Honor, or PvP gear tokens

Please tell me how giving gold makes it so pvpers are going to stop pvping sooner. Explain your logic to me.

It gets them to continue to pvp and not stop when they’re done with gear. You are asking for them to make the loot box so good that people who have no interest in pvping would do it because it’s the best gold farm in the game. If you don’t realize how stupid that entire mindset is then there is no help for you. You already get fantastic upgrades through pvp gear for a lot of the playerbase. Now you want it to come from non wins and be the best gold farm. I can’t see any problem at all with that. None. /s

I open 5 and went like:

Gold from 2 to 4, Some plants and leather/leather scraps, 2 mana potion and 2 health potion, a lot of bread and one time 4 Halaa battle token.

Why would pvp rewards incentivize me to q more pvp rewards if I already got all my pvp gear? This makes literally no sense. Like not even a little bit.

I never said gold farm I just said pve materials. If your reading this as items you would sell then so be it. And yes I am saying it needs to incentivize people who don’t q because that is QUITE LITERALLY WHAT THEY SAID THEIR GOAL WAS.

Did I say non wins? I don’t think I did. I said rewards aimed for pvers. Are you reading this at all or do you have a voice in your head talking to you?

Exactly, so if we take this mindset and reverse it into getting pve players to pvp, then it needs to be something like a good badge of justice reward/nether/enchanting materials/flasks/SOMETHING that impacts them in pve that justifies them quing bgs in their downtime

The whining was just as pathetic, entitled, and cringe on the horde side, only weeks ago. Dont kid yourself into thinking people are any different on either faction.


I do both, but I’m insane. I don’t know the answer to your question because I don’t think like that.

You don’t think like what? Stepping back from a situation to come up with a logical solution to the problem you’re attempting to solve?

I don’t need to be bribed to play the game. I play it because I enjoy it. Both PVE and PVP. If I didnt, I wouldn’t torture myself and I’d play something else.

But I certainly not gonna ask the game developers to give me something to do something I don’t wanna do.

Because according to you you pvp because you like it. Now you can enjoy what you’re doing and actually make gold while doing it. If you can’t grasp this simple fact then you are mentally deficient.

You already get gold to buy whatever materials you want. And you get pve materials that you can sell. You want the box to be 20-30g instead of 2-10 which is ridiculous. If you can’t figure out that it doesn’t matter what’s in the box, it just matters what the box’s value is when it comes to compensation then I don’t know why I even bother with you.


They are, it’s evident

Take it from someone who plays both factions, mained horde throughout classic. It’s no different. What you are arguing is rooted in tribalism.

Yes it’s literally just people. There is no difference besides some online digital avatar. The vocal minority is the worst.

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Is critical thinking outside of your wheel house lol

This isn’t for pvpers how many times do I need to explain this to you. I simply refuse to believe you’re this dumb. You have to be missing something here

I’m not looking at this as gold why do you keep going to gold. Are you seriously brain damaged? I said it needs to be pve rewards that will get pvers to q. I mentioned badge of justice, I mentioned enchanting materials, just as examples.

It needs to be a worthwhile pve reward to get pvers to pvp. What part of this do you not understand you actual ape?