What have you got in your 'win' bags so far?

And what is your initial feedback on this ‘incentive’? The general consensus appears to be that it is more of a troll/slap in the face than an actual motivation to queue for BGs lol.

I’ve been busy teaching/planning and haven’t had the chance to see for myself - F.

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Also interested to hear about this. I was really curious when they mentioned it the other day. What kind of stuff are you guys getting?

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Usually 2-4 gold and 2-3 of the below items
fel iron ore
adamantite ore
netherweave cloth
mag’har bread
super healing/mana potions
edit; add Scrolls and fish to the above list

So far, between 2-10g of mats per box for me, depending on RNG.

Don’t mind it, however lowbie mag’har bread is a little too RP for me (will never use it, waste of bag space)


It would be cool if they’d actually give a clear cut idea of what could be in there

Like .01% chance at a super rare crafting pattern
1% chance at shadow cloth
5% chance of khorium

That kindof thing, that way kindof like running dungeons, you can be motivated to PvP for that possible reward. Horde who love to pvp might look at that and say “hey, I can earn gold JUSF from PvPing? I’m going alliance”

I think this could theoretically be an answer to the problem, but they’ll probably mess it up lol.

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Basically if you’re only queueing BGs for the boxes then it’s a waste of time. If you’re doing BGs because you enjoy it or because you need something from them it’s actually a nice little bonus. Nothing too crazy but it’s nice to get.


Honestly, as someone who mains an undead Spriest purely for devouring plague… I am by no means gonna be PvPing on this char anymore. I much prefer Spriest, and instant queues for horde vs 2g worth of garbage for a 20-30 minute (win only) reward is just a big ooft lol (not that I need an incentive to play bgs, but for any alliance who might have been thinking 'these rewards might be worth doing Bgs for…, well… kekw).


So a couple of things. It has to be a win to incentivize playing the game. If it’s just for being in a game then you’re going to get a large increase in afkers just collecting stuff at work or while they’re doing something else. Second off it’s not just 20-30 minute wins, you should be able to grab 4 friends and just enjoy 5 man max BGs where you have a decent sized impact so even a 5G average a win isn’t too bad. I played 10 games today with mostly pve people in 0-80 resilience and only lost two because the people were just uncarriable in them.

You can’t just make bgs better than farming in the world. It defeats the purpose and the outcry would have been massive. Think of it as getting some free gold while you’re getting your resilience gear.


It figures we get level 55 food instead of level 65. :rofl:


Yeah I didn’t mind most of what I got - but the grainbread was sort of a big headscratcher.

You always get gold and either food or water, and then you get one or more other goodies like a few pieces of Netherweave, Ancient Lichen, Golden Darters, etc. I haven’t gotten anything jaw-dropping but it is nice to have made about 15ish gold for the wins I snagged.

I’m hoping I can get more Scrolls more than anything, those are worth a nice hunk of change and frankly I need a healthy stack for later content anyway.

Are you kidding me? You’re now being paid to pvp and you’re still whining.

This is why the alliance is pathetic and I’ll never play them


Enjoy your goodie bags guys. :kissing_heart: We luv you.

See you in Terokar. :kissing_heart::heart: :heart: :heart:

I admit that’s pretty weird should be usable food at least

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PvP is immensely unpopular on Alliance for a variety of reasons. This incentive is somewhat helpful, but it isn’t anything worthy of note so while it is better than nothing it really isn’t why I’m playing in BGs. It isn’t a whine, it is just an observation that the goodie bag is woefully inadequate to draw people reluctant to PvP to come to the table.

This is no different than the bonus loot bags/badges Tanks would always get for being the least populated role in LFR/LFG. Sure it was nice to get, but it didn’t budge the needle on getting people into that role.


What if the goodie bag gave you a random horde racial for an hour. :kissing_heart: Would you like that?

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Wow. I qued for 3 Bg’s. Win one, lost the other two. For those three BG’s I got 1 single eternium ore (1g approx) and 5 slices of lvl 55 food!!

WAOW. literally doesn’t pay for the repair bill of miserable Alliance BG win rates.


Man broken gear after 3 battlegrounds? You guys do need help! How is that even possible!?

Okay, 5-10g per win isn’t enough, what amount of gold needs to be paid for alliance to not be such massive quitters?

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Nothing because it doesn’t apply to sub-70.

Didn’t horde whine until Blizzard changed the entire function of the game?

You have same faction battlegrounds, which isn’t even available on retail (it’s merc mode).

So not only have you ruined the spirit of TBC, you ruined the spirit of Warcraft.