What have you got in your 'win' bags so far?

Game still works fine for me though. :man_shrugging:

We aren’t getting 5-10g per win, not even close.

This is the problem, calling disinterested Alliance “quitters” rather than just “disinterested”

If you dangled 100g per win in front of people, you’d have a LOT of people do it for sure, but you’d also have a LOT of people only going for the win without having the foggiest idea of why and you’d have people joining just in the hopes they can score a win. This isn’t ideal and neither players (even though they may disagree because of greed) nor Devs are going to go a route this extreme.

The flip side is that without such an extreme goodie bag you’re unlikely to get a lot of new people doing something they normally wouldn’t want to do. If the incentive disappeared tomorrow, I wouldn’t bat an eye because it isn’t why I PvP. Some people might whine about it, but given how small the rewards are, I doubt anyone is going to whine too vigorously.

I don’t believe a sweet spot really exists. Ally just doesn’t like PvP. I’m only doing it for gear I need for PvE. As soon as I get my neck/bracers, I’m out.


Bold of you to think that Alliance are able to compete in open world farming on PvP servers


I’ve done 4 BGs since the change went live, and I won 3 of them.

First win: 3g, 1 super healing pot, 5 draenic water, 2 leather scraps
Second win: 2g, scroll of spirit V, 3 mag’har bread
Third win: 3g, 1 super healing pot, 2 mag’har bread

I wish it at least gave meat instead of bread so I could feed my pet with it.

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War games make perfect sense to me.

And further, i would like to actually be able to play the game

Shocking i know

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That’s a fair argument.

Mine is, if Alliance don’t want to pvp, let us engage in war games.

I would like to play the game, i don’t care if alliance are interested in PVP or not.

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Oh yes I forgot all servers are horde dominated and none of you can get into any dungeons.

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Not all but most PvP servers. Google is your friend troll


You won’t get many responses. Alliance who don’t do pre-mades don’t win battlegrounds so they never see the loot boxes. :joy:

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If the horde stop queueing for AV because of perceived unfair gameplay, do we start getting free items too?

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Even though I am alliance, and my main goal is pvp, I feel like their system isn’t going to change a single thing.

Now before any horde say I’m complaining, I’m not, I’ll bg with or without any rewards at all.

I’m just saying if blizzards goal is to simply have MORE alliance que, and they are attempting to give an incentive, it 100% needs to be through the pvers.

They need to give something like enchanting mats, consistent badge of justice, full primals, etc.

It cannot be pvp rewards. If you give MORE pvp rewards you are just giving treats to the already bg quing alliance and they will be less likely to que after they earn what they need ever quicker.

It needs to be a reward that draws in pvers, and consistently draws in pvers. Pvers will always need enchants. They will always need badges. They will always need elixers etc. If you give pvers rewards for spamming bgs this would help the situation a bit.

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I don’t know why they wouldn’t if the participation changed lol. Why wouldn’t it?

Yes I’m the troll because you want to make a blanket statement that is factually incorrect to whine about server balance that is a blizzard created issue and a playerbase not wanting to server transfer again issue. Yes. I see how your smooth brain works.

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Gotten about 20-25 between me and my mate so far and the ‘coolest’ thing we got was a halaa research token. Most of the time it was between 4-8g of gold + loot.

People will never be happy. Plus I don’t think you should be getting void crystals or large prismatics for winning a bg nor do I think primals which sell for a good chunk of gold depending on which one you get would be remotely cool if I’m being perfectly honest. It would make BGs potentially better than farming depending on rng. You know what you can do with that 2-10g per loot box? Sell it and then go buy enchanting mats. You don’t need to get items you can use personally when you can sell them and buy what you need.

The “loot box” is nothing more then a reskinned fishing box you get from fishing pools.
It has random scraps of stuff.

It’s comically lazy on blizzards part.

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I knew it. I knew the Horde could not take their Instant queues and be happy. NO! The Alliance are getting something, NO FAIR! I want that too!

Bunch of 5 year old whining kids…


Facts being dropped for sure.

Precisely my take.


Yep, totally angry that some random alliance on another server just got some netherweave and a couple slices of bread for doing BGs.

Also here’s your reply for the Serotonin boost and some attention, your 24/7 job of browsing the WoW TBCC Forums have earned you something :slight_smile: