What do we need to add to Bel’ameth?

With the end of ptr for the 10.2.5 in 2 weeks, we got many updates for Bel’ameth. However many things are still missing in Bel’ameth to fully get a new racial capital for the Night Elves.

Here we could get for Bel’ameth to be a better capital for the Night Elves and for the players:

  • A Temple of Elune



  • More Night Elf structures in Bel’ameth and Amirdrassil to make something bigger and not just a small village

  • An active ship that goes to Kalimdor and Stormwind should be a good addition. I wrote in one of my posts we could rebuild Auberdine as a big city for the Night Elves in Darkshore and the new Auberdine could be the anchor point between Amirdrassil and Kalimdor for the Night Elves.

  • A more purple skybox in Amirdrassil with more purple areas (like in Terldrassil or Ashenvale) for the day and a moon with stars in the sky for the night to get a proper Night Elf area.

  • Draenei ambassadors: Emissary Valustraa and Rukua. Emissary Valustraa and Rukua are perfect for this role because they were here in Darnassus before the War of Thorns so they know the Night Elf society very well.

(Emissary Valustraa)


  • Worgen ambassador: Celestine of the Harvest

(Celestine of the Harvest)

  • An auction house with Auctioneer Silva’las and Auctioneer Tolon

  • A bank with two new bankers or Garryeth and Lairn

  • A barbershop

  • A druid trainer with Fylerian Mathrengyl Bearwalker or/and Vassandra Stormclaw or/and Lyros Swiftwind

  • A hunter trainer with Jocaste or/and Dorion and Silvaria (Pet Trainer)

  • A mage trainer with Dyrhara or/and Tarelvir

  • A warrior trainer with Darnath Bladesinger (if still alive) or/and Arias’ta Bladesinger (if still alive)

  • Blacksmithing trainer Rolf Karner (a strong Gilnean presence in Bel’ameth) and Layna Karner (a strong Gilnean presence in Bel’ameth)

  • A Gilnean presence in Bel’ameth with Rolf Karner, Layna Karner, Foreman Pernic and Tana Lentner. It’s important to see Gilnean are still here with the Night Elves so we could get some Gilnean npcs to show it.

  • A Draenei presence in Bel’ameth with Emissary Valustraa, Rukua and Droha with some Broken too. It’s important to see Draenei are still here with the Night Elves so we could get some Draenei npcs to show it.

  • Others: Shylenai (Owl trainer), Lanfen, Brewer of Fine Teas (Monk trainer), Elissa Dumas (Portal trainer, a portal to Bel’ameth for mages: could it be a good thing?), Lysheana (Guild Master), Shalumon (Tabard Vendor), Ellaercia (Tabard Designer), Velia Moonbow (Guild Vendor)

  • More Night Elf children because I think Finel isn’t the only child in Bel’ameth


  • Dryads (we have Dryads in Kalimdor but in the Dragon Isles too so we could add some of them in Bel’ameth). We really need to add Dryads in Bel’ameth and around Amirdrassil because I didn’t even find one Dryad (we even got 2 green dragons) and they are natural ally of the Night Elves, it’s a really important addition to this area.


  • More owls. Very important thing in the Kaldorei society so if we could add more of them in Bel’ameth itself, it could be a nice addition. Shylenai could have some of them around her.


  • Faerie dragons. We are on the Dragon Isles so we could at least get some of them in Bel’ameth and around Amirdrassil because I didn’t see one of them.


Don’t forget to take a look to Feyawen’s post, there are some nice ideas too


My ideal would be three boats, given the capacity of the Night Elf dock style, one that goes to Gilneas, one that goes to Feathermoon Stronghold in Feralas, and one to Darkshore - either the blight removed from Lor’danel or Auberdine finished being rebuilt.


Why are so many Worgen needed? They are about to get their city back.

Maybe not a lot of Worgen but adding some could be a good thing. Night Elves and Gilnean are allied for a long time and they share similar stories in WoW. They fight together and help each other. So we could get some Gilnean in Bel’ameth and some Night Elves in Gilneas to show they still share diplomatic bonds.

I like the idea for Gilneas. :dracthyr_nod:


What I’m basically begging for is for Blizzard to change Amirdrassils skybox.
I cannot fathom the idea of a Night Elf zone to be set on what seems to be a perpetual day without the moon and stars.
The zone is even filled with sunbeams.
I get it was basically a copy/paste from the Emerald Dream but we are no longer there.
Let the Dream be the Dream and turn Amirdrassil into a proper Kaldorei zone with Purplish/dark sky with shining stars and a big Moon with its moonbeams thought the canopy.


I would like more purple in Amirdrassil to get a proper Night Elf area.


I want monks.

Training monks somewhere, night elf monks


This character should be the perfect monk trainer (I added her in the list) :dracthyr_nod:

We could add some Night Elf monks around her too.

An explorer’s league embassy. The dwarves were relatively active in Darnassus and it would be a nice way to remember that fact if we had a small Explorer’s league embassy in the city.

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Cordressa Briarbow got three Explorer’s League Dwarves safely home, but they were only visiting Darnassus for a moment. Beyond that Dwarves hadn’t really been to Teldrassil in any significant way. There were Explorer’s League Dwarves at Darkshore, but they haven’t been seen since the Cataclysm.


When she says “a moment” its really since Cata.

I was referring to Gavvin Stoutarm, Inge Ironfist, and Arwis Blackston from Before the Storm and Elegy. Greywhisker is not particularly noticeable, especially since they removed the breadcrumb quest he gave when they removed the Explorer’s League Dwarves from Auberdine with its ruination in Cataclysm.


Regardless, the Explorer’s league were there in Darnassus. Them being in Bel’ameth and with an actual headquarters would be fitting.

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I want a huge library for the Shen’dralar, in a prime slot visible to everyone under the tree. It’s time for Night Elven society to walk the walk instead of just talking the talk, and fully accept Arcane users back.

Vilification of Arcane no longer has any place in educated society—not that it ever did, how can you blame them for attracting the Legion when they didn’t know? The Legion is dead, and we know that Sargeras was keen on finding Azeroth no matter when it happened. The whole “nature-only, no arcane” vibes really gives off that air of being anti-progress luddites, and it’s gotta go. It’s a new era for the Kaldorei.


Perhaps when they add a Barrow Den to Ironforge as comradery between two underground dwelling people.

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I’d LOVE a portal/embassy zone representing Ardenweald. We know it isn’t that hard to come and go. For example, the sprigan seem to get there with ease to play thier pranks.


Honestly, I wouldn’t particularly mind. I actually want the Alliance to be more cohesive/have more things showing it is united. Having said that, I don’t expect anything changing in Ironforge anytime soon because TWW is basically creating IF 2.0 as the new hub.

Yes she pretty much is… Night Elf children aren’t common.

Remember that there are spriggan aplenty in the Broken Isles. We encountered them on Azeroth long before Shadowlands. They would be natural Dream residents being essentially fae.

I absolutely don’t want any Shadowlands portals open. I’m a big SL fan, but I am also strongly of the opinion that the veil is meant to be closed now and traveling to and from the Shadowlands should be no small task, available only to very, very powerful Death magic users. After all, nobody really ever figured out how to do it prior to SL.

I’m not saying it should be forgotten or something, but crossing into the realm of Death should carry some kind of weight to it, and not be trivialized.