[Bel'ameth Feedback] - A New Home, Not a New Capital City

:warning: Author’s Note:
Bel’ameth is an area that is currently a work in progress. Things found in the PTR are not final, and are subject to change!
:exclamation: Updated 12/22/2023

Home of Night Elves - fanart, by Aobo Wang

Bel'ameth - A New Home, Not a New Capital City

I'd like to preface by stating that thus far, Bel'ameth is beautifully set beneath the roots of Amirdrassil, an homage to the classic settlement beneath the roots and boughs of Nordrassil on Mount Hyjal. The new architectural and doodad (misc. item) assets are reflective of early concept art of the night elf settlements and culture, which I am profoundly happy to see. The addition of portals that carry night elves to their far-flung territories (i.e. Darkshore, Feralas, Val'sharah, Mt. Hyjal - and more) is wise and beneficial for the night elf RP community and fanbase. Further to that, it is very good to see non-player characters (NPCs) both familiar and new as denizens of this new settlement.

For this post, I want to discuss elements and improvements that I feel would be essential additions to Bel'ameth, to make it truly feel like a "new home" for the night elves.

Discussion Topics

  1. City Scale
  2. Environmental Storytelling (Use of Assets)
  3. Architectural Variance
  4. Location & Faction Concerns
  5. Important Figures/NPCs
  6. Conclusion

I. City Scale

Simply put, Bel'ameth is currently a small settlement in comparison to the large district-city that Darnassus was/is on Teldrassil. Compared to true cities in-game, Bel'ameth does not meet Capital city standards or expectations in its current form. Where Darnassus had six (6) unique districts with neighborhood-esque environmental buildings in each:
  • Warrior’s Terrace;
  • Craftsmen’s Terrace;
  • Tradesmen’s Terrace;
  • Temple of the Moon;
  • Temple Gardens; and
  • Cenarion Enclave

Bel’ameth has unique buildings and structures in lieu of established city-esque quarters:

  • Arlithrien Lodge;
  • The Silver Feather Inn;
  • Twilight Watchtower;
  • Evenfall Watchtower;
  • Belanaar Harbor; and
  • Random small buildings/tents

:exclamation:[10.2.5 Update]: In the recent build, two subregions were added to areas around Bel’ameth, which imply the development of quarters. However, the quarters in their current form are still small in scale, and typically include 2-3 small structures at most. The subregions are listed as follows:

  • Crafter’s Gallery
  • Terrace of the Moon

To improve this further, I would suggest transforming a small, flat area outside Belanaar, between the harbor inn and the watchtower, into a Trader’s Market. Specifically in this area below:

In this location, outdoor auctioneers could be placed for players to access the trade market. Additional NPCs that vendor Darnassian “goods of old” could also be placed there, where they can sell Darnassian-inspired goods like Steamed Mandu, Darnassian Bleu, Moonberry Juice - etc. The addition of Gilnean and Draenei merchants and NPCs could add to the aesthetic of an active and thriving harbor outside of Belanaar.

Where past expansions were able to offer incredible and fully updated Capital Cities like Suramar, Boralus and Dazar’alor; Bel’ameth simply seems to fall flat - even in comparison with Classic Darnassus.

I strongly believe that Bel’ameth could only benefit from the addition of more organized quarters and buildings in closer proximity, to provide the zone with a truly lived-in vibe for the night elf people.

II. Environmental Storytelling (Use of Assets)

Not only are the buildings sparse for a "city", but the buildings are currently devoid of environmental storytelling assets that are essential to building lived-in areas. As we've seen in Suramar City, Boralus and Dazar'alor, adding appropritely night elf themed assets (beds, tables, pillows, shelving, food stuffs, potted plants - etc) help provide a more authentic feel for a settlement.

Fanmade examples of environmental storytelling featuring a communal laundry room, shop, and two variations of an inn

I hope to see some recycled night elf assets from Warlords of Draenor, Legion, Battle for Azeroth and new assets applied to the buildings and surrounding areas in Bel'ameth, to provide the zone with a truly lived-in feeling. Assets that help with environmental storytelling, such as objects a particular NPC might have in their residence or simply around them as supplies goes a long way to help in this matter.

One other suggestion to make the environmental storytelling more diverse would be to change some of the portals into boats, such as the portal to Feathermoon Stronghold in Feralas. A boat ride from the Bel'ameth Harbor to Feathermoon Stronghold would be a nice addition; but a small dock would need to be added at Feathermoon Stronghold for that to be possible - fortunately there is space for that.

:exclamation:[10.2.5 Update]:
The smaller druidhouse models from the Legion and BFA expansions are beautiful additions to the zone, but they currently all appear to be the same cookie-cutter house model. I strongly encourage altering the interior doodads in some of the smaller houses, to turn some into homes or small shops. One of these small buildings could make for a fine barbershop with a transmog station at the tents outside of it.

The other buildings in the zone have received some HGTV glow ups and now feature pillows, recycled nightborne assets (namely wine bottles). I hope to see this continue, because some of the buildings still seem relatively blank, when compared to other city details in newer cities from prior expansions (Legion to present).

III. Architectural Variance

One thing Bel'ameth lacks in comparison to Darnassus is architectual diversity. What I mean by that is the fact that kaldorei make use of both stone/marble architecture, fully man-made wooden structures, and tree-shaping architecture.

A great way to improve the city scaling and lived-in vibe of the zone would be to add other night elf building assets, such as retextured and unbroken 7ne stone buildings from the Legion expansion, specifically from zones like Azsuna and Suramar. The banner image at the very top of this post by Aobo Wang is a phenomenal example of this, and his artwork features Blender-made renditions of pre-existing in-game assets from the Legion expansion.

Presently, each new building assets in Bel'ameth has some specific theme surrounding it such as the Twilight Watchtower, which seems to house the "misfits" of night elf society (death knights, demon hunters, dark rangers, Shen'dralar highborne - etc). It might make more sense to place stone buildings in new locations, to add themes of the Sisterhood of Elune (which seem to be lacking as of the current build), and the Shen'dralar highborne could be included in that area as they once were in Darnassus.

The lack of a place of worship for a theocratic capital is also concerning. Not only do the night elves worship Elune, but many practice druidism and honor the wild gods too. Adding small shrines dedicated to wild gods so close to the portal to the Emerald Dream would be ideal. And it would be strange for a night elf capital to lack a theatre of worship for their Goddess, Elune.

:exclamation:[10.2.5 Update]:
The Terrace of the Moon appears like it is set to become a grand outdoor house of worship. I believe that could be a fitting alternative to a proper temple. However, the space would be amplified by the addition of stone structures, the Legion (7ne_nightelf) stone building assets such as the towers and gazebos, or even the incomplete temple models that only need some texture-work could make fine additions to this subregion, and give it a more authentic and complete feel.

Further to that, the Bank in Darnassus was located in the Temple Gardens and known as the Bough of the Eternals. It was a tree-shaped bank and vault. Given that the Sisterhood of Elune is the governing body of the night elf people, I think it would be effective to add a stone building to house a bank in or near the Terrace of the Moon.

IV. Location & Faction Concerns

The night elf fan community has raised a few concerns regarding the location of this new Capital, in relation to the cultural norms of the night elf people. The specific concern I have seen recurring is the fact that taking the night elf capital away from Kalimdor seems antithetical to classic and traditional night elf themes. If the Long Vigil of the Night Elf people was to protect their lands and sacred groves in Kalimdor, how can they do that if so many are now residing on the Dragon Isles at Bel'ameth?

Expanding on the environmental storytelling with NPC gossip and flavor text would be a good place to start. This project is already underway, and the Dev team has committed to it, so now it's important for the storytelling to line up with old and current lore. I would strongly suggest adding gossip text to some of the NPCs in Bel'ameth, asking the night elf people what they think about rebuilding a home outside of Kalimdor. Let the opinions be as diverse and troubled as the community, or use it for more foreshadowing of the night elf story for future projects.

:exclamation:[10.2.5 Update]:
The latest update has yielded a bevy of NPCs from the far-flung territories of the night elves, but not only settlers. Instead of majority of the NPCs being settlers of Bel’ameth, there are new visitor NPCs as pictured above. Further to that, a prominent NPC figure, Jarod Shadowsong, offers additional gossip text that solidifies the fact that the night elves are not exclusively in Bel’ameth: “Seeing this place with so many kaldorei – visitors and settlers alike…”

Sharing space with Jarod Shadowsong at the Dawning Watchtower is Mirana Starlight, who further supports the notion that the kaldorei are still tending to their territories back on Kalimdor, stating “Maiev Shadowsong to be assigned to mere guard duty? She has far more important duties to tend to on Kalimdor and beyond.”


To follow up on some other important developments; there are owls and treants all over Amirdrassil isle and Bel’ameth. There are also two known faerie dragons on the isles, which may not necessarily be enough. However, faerie dragons are known for phase shifting. Perhaps, if we’re lucky, we might see some surprise faerie dragon rings appear in Amirdrassil as we once saw in Tirisfal Glades.

It would also be ideal to link the portals from Bel’ameth to other night elf strongholds and settlements back to Bel’ameth, so that ease-of-access to ancient/sacred groves on the far side of the planet makes a little more sense.

:exclamation:Addendum suggestion: I would place the portals to Darkshore, Hyjal and Val’sharah should be placed in a larger space. I would forego the small druidic house in exchange for a larger stone night elf house from the Legion expansion, because presently the three aforementioned portals are so close together that players run the risk of misclicking on the wrong portal.

Bel’ameth Faction Loyalties

As of the current build, it does appear that Amirdrassil is faction neutral, and it is intentionally so. See the following gossip text provided by Portergauge:

This dialogue text is Horde specific in the current PTR build.

In addition to this there is a buff placed on all members of the Horde who walk into the Bel’ameth Sanctuary. See below:

Presently, there are a number of other bugs associated with faction loyalty in the PTR. Buffs running rampant toggle friendly/neutral loyalty for members of the Horde in the Bel’ameth region.

Unless a major NPC such as Tyrande explicitly states, in quest text or gossip text, that Bel’ameth will not become the new Darnassian capital, I do not foresee faction neutrality having a place here. It seems like an unwise choice, unless it is explicitly for play testing.

V. Important Figures/NPCs

It was not exclusively Darnassus that was impacted by the events of Battle for Azeroth. Other night elf settlements were hit hard by Sylvanas' march on Teldrassil throughout Ashenvale and Darkshore.

Impacted locations

  • Astranaar, Ashenvale
  • Grove of the Ancients, Darkshore
  • Lor’danel, Darkshore
  • Shadowglen, Teldrassil
  • Oracle Glade, Teldrassil
  • Dolanaar, Teldrassil
  • Rut’theran Village, Teldrassil

For this section of the discussion, I’ll be listing some NPCs that are still missing-in-action (MIA) from the War of the Thorns and Warfront storylines of Battle for Azeroth. I share this list of names, in hopes that we might see some of these NPCs come home to Bel’ameth, presumably from Stormwind City.

Night Elf MIA List
This is incomplete, and will feature primarily Questgivers, Class Trainers, and misc/notable NPCs.

:exclamation:[10.2.5 Update]:
Some of the above mentioned NPCs have made a reappearance in the Bel’ameth PTR, such as Erelas Ambersky < Hippogryph Master >, who was a well-known questgiver in Classic WoW. Very excited to see this region develop further, and carry on the stories of MIA night elves.

In addition to seeing some old Darnassus NPCs returning to Bel’ameth, it would be nice to see the return of some of the above figures as well. Many where questgivers or class trainers in Ashenvale, Darkshore or Teldrassil. Some notable figures that would be great to see or learn the story of: Whitemoon Family (Pelturas and his daughter Relara), Raene Wolfrunner (former leader of Astranaar), Moon Priestess Maestra, Foriel Broadleaf, Serendia Oakwhisper, Erelas Ambersky, and Moon Priestess Amara.

Missing persons aside, the addition of owls, and wisps in the wilds around Bel’ameth would be ideal. And it would be great to see Moonclaw Sentinels training, other Gilnean persons, and Draenei ambassadors/emissaries returned to the night elf capital as they are close allies that were very present in Darnassus.

:sparkles: Shandris Feathermoon also deserves a magnificent glow up, if not a unique model update. That’s the general of the Sentinel Army, who we’ve quested with throughout BFA and Shadowlands.

VI. Conclusion

Bel'ameth is a good start, but needs additions, refinement and polishing to become great. I'd like to know what the community thinks, especially fellow night elf fans. For those who are not the biggest fans of night elves, but who are interested in joining the discussion, please consider the elements and features you'd like to see in your favorite player-character's city.

Thank you for coming to my TedTalk.


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Ignore the tabard. I promise I am not a Sylvanas supporter. I just like how the tabard looks. Sylvanas’ comments on twitter are something I cannot support. Same with the whole fire thing or whatever.

That being said, my greatest worry is that Blizzard will establish the beginnings of a settlement with the justification that the Night Elves can only build so much, only to never have that settlement grow and leave it to just sort of fester in obscurity on the Dragon Isles which we will probably not be visiting again for a long time. I feel like they need to really go all out with this, even if it means delaying the implementation of the settlement until after 10.2.5

Also uh please update Silvermoon and Undercity. The irony is not lost on me that Sylvanas (who I do not support) kind of landed us in this little ‘no undead capital city’ situation, but I still want a cool updated underground city thanks and goodbye.

Also I do not support Sylvanas’ comments on twitter just to reiterate.


I actually have recently been onto the Public Test Realms for Patch 10.2.5: Seeds of Renewal to get an early glimpse at the new Night Elf settlement, Bel’ameth, beneath the World Tree, Amirdrassil, and after what exploration I did. So far, it appears to be rather small to be considered a capital city, but definitely more of a town with the potential to grow from that to a larger and more dynamic city. At least…

I have been hoping that Blizzard will do more with both Gilneas and Amirdrassil in December as they continue their work on the patch! They should add some additional Night Elven buildings and npcs beneath or around Amirdrassil, while putting some individual villages among the island’s wilds outside of Bel’ameth’s center.

Something that always made Darnassus more of a liveable, roleplay, and visiting worthy place to me was that it featured more structures and npcs for sure, but also villages like Shadowglen, Dolanaar, and Starbreeze Village outside of Darnassus. Despite the fact that Starbreeze was vacant and full of Furbolgs. lol

There was always somewhere to visit and get lost while in the city of Darnassus or in the forest of Teldrassil. Really, they should not leave it in obscurity on the Dragon Isles, but rather turn it into something genuine that many in the player base, roleplayers and otherwise, would cherish for years and years to come on World of Warcraft!

For example, on the PTR, near the Barrow Dens of Reverie on Amirdrassil’s island. That’s all still open and wooded land with banners up that they could still do stuff with. With this stated, I would not mind if they worked on it further and pushed it to a later patch either. If it meant that we would get something not only beautiful as it is, but also incredible!

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Literally all I want is Amirdrassil to be in Kalimdor where it’s supposed to be. Night Elf culture is so intertwined with Kalimdor and protecting their ancestral lands that it feels really awful to not have their new potential capital there.


What would be really cool to me is if they did something like FFXIV does, I know silly game to bring up. But hear me out, an example would be players with crafting classes could come in and help build the city.

They could get tenders and cosmetics from it in turn. Even a mount or two potentially that is themed around the city that is helped to be rebuilt or built up from the ground up. Would super interactive and amazing, like imagine helping fix up the undercity since it’s currently unlivable.

I would love to see players help build up the new homes for the world tree as well, also would be cool to have a system where you can chose on what you would like to do to help would be cool too.

But sad to hear that it feels more like a small town and hopefully they listen to those wanting to make it feel even more like a city. :3


You’re doing the Moon Mother’s work!
Shanna melor’ne adala fal. Elune-adore.


I was sad to see not a single named worgen associated with the Kaldorei were invited to the opening ceremony. Genn didn’t show up, none of the Moonclaw, or the felwood pack with Denmother Ulrica. While I’m sure worgen as a whole will feature with the reclaiming of Gilneas, it still feels like they abandoned the pack druids and Gilneans who have set their course with the Kaldorei people. I hope this gets rectified in a future patch.


The tree and the village are okay, adding a nice touch to the dragonflight epilogue. However, it’s a neutral shrine, not a capital city. The tree on the Dragon Isles seemed illogical from the beginning. They should just revamp Hyjal or Feralas and create a real city there, not neutral but ally-only. They could even use it as a camping point in some expansion. Personally, I think that a nice upgrade to Feathermoon Stronghold in Feralas, making it a city, and a storyline for retaking Dire Maul would be nice.

The lake above Dire Maul in Feralas would make a nice place for a world tree too, but they went with the stupid Dragon Isles tree idea.


A lot of the spiritual imagery we have in our other zones also could be reused fairly well in modern assets. We at least still have the torii gates, but it would be great to see small woodland shrines, or larger trees with the Shimenawa rope wrapped around them like we see in vanilla NE zones. But, I think showing their spirituality physically falls flat if the current concept of the place completely disregards a lot of the basis of those beliefs lmao.

Beyond just that, I also think it would’ve been nice to do what I think a lot of us know Darnassus / Teldrassil was likely MEANT to do. Like you mention, our districts were called terraces, and we have quite a lot of behind the scenes chatter to indicate that Teldrassil as it was released was a compromise because of a lack of technology required to make a tree zone work. Amirdrassil doesn’t need to be a full scaled zone, but from an artistic standpoint, it still could’ve been a good chance to actually make a TERRACED night elf city, in a place with a dynamic flight system capable of making traversing it easy.

I worry this will be a monkey’s paw situation, just based off other dialogue we’ve seen. For example, the epilogue conversation between Alexstrasza and Tyrande has this weird reversal of what we actually know. They talk as if Dragons and Night Elves commonly lived together pre-Sundering, when it only happened in one city. They act as if the dragons just joined the war like brothers, not like they didn’t drag their feet, and they talk about everything after the sundering up to the Third War as if the last 10,000 years was actually just “tragedies” back to back for the Night Elves, as if their lives pre-sundering weren’t corrupt and morally bankrupt.

My point is- blizzard’s casual dialogue like that, if done only to service the chosen direction, has a very, very high risk of contradicting the core themes of the Night Elves even more than the story already does, to avoid any concession that there was a mistake here. Just based on everything they’ve written so far, I can’t really see them turning around and talking about that 10,000 year long connection to their homeland, their values changing, their hope and spirits being renewed after the sundering by their newfound purpose they had with protecting Nordrassil, their collectivist cultural grief for their prior sins, etc… because what they’ve instead tried to say, is just blanket all of that as “tragedies” just because of the Sundering and the Third War.

There is a non 0 possibility that they’re just going to do the same thing with Malfurion that they’re likely doing with Broll and Jerod and everyone else. Using their NPC presence in the zone to say they support the tree, never talking about it or exploring it, and ignoring them. When Malfurion likely just fundamentally wouldn’t agree with placing the tree somewhere that has barely ever done anything in the history of Azeroth, wasn’t even a part of it’s super continental landmass, for the same reasons he didn’t want Teldrassil nor immortality back. The physical status quo- separation from the greater world, is repeated, and further denies the Kaldorei their capacity to grow as people with mortality.

I honestly think everything would’ve been fine if they had, from the very start, planned this tree as a joint gesture of “swearing our oaths” again, not just for dragons, but for others whose culture or beliefs were about protecting and serving the world, but in recent history or even ancient history had often walked astray of that.

Like if this wasn’t the NE “homeland” (and the emphasis they put in the launch story, as if there is legitimately no other home for the race besides this) but just a gesture of a return to their beliefs and connection with the dragons, not intended to be a capital, I think it’d be fine.

A new world tree simply wasn’t that good of an idea, and I think it stems from a lot of people, likely even on the writers end, liking Night Elves aesthetically not from a writing perspective. Because Teldrassil had nuance and cultural division, it was an act by the traditionalist aspects of their society to ensure their survival in the world out of fear they’d just die in the chaos of all this sudden change, and in the process, kinda just left Nordrassil to try. Compared to people like Malfurion who had believed the opposite, that the Night Elves would adapt again as they did post-Sundering, and grow even stronger as a people living within the cycles of nature, and actually actively involved in things around them rather than hiding from things.

The Long Vigil is thoroughly over, and the world doesn’t need guardians in the same form as those it once had. And while I think it would narratively great to embrace that the Long Vigil is over, I think doing so in a way that frames all of their connection to their lands and service in a negative light is insincere. Their sense of duty and connection to the world evolving from guardians in darkened groves, not hiding somewhere even more cutoff from the greater world. The focus should be on this change of mindset as they heal their lands and adapt with their lands to the new nature of things.


A concern I have been quietly dreading is they may see the highborne stone architecture as Nightborne aesthetics now, and view the strongly Korean/Japanese themed wooden architecture we see exclusively in and around Bel’ameth as Kaldorei architecture. That would be very disappointing, to say the least.

I am really hoping they prove me wrong on this.


The big thing I can see is that Blizzard isn’t going to have a city just sprout out from the ground over night. What we see in 10.2.5 is just only the start and should not be the final product. I can see the area continue to grow till the start of 11.0 as there is much going on.

If you explore the whole island, you have 4 districts already starting to be built, with the Harbor being one of the largest built so far. The big thing you will notice is the lack of houses or there is huge distances between each district that is constructed right now showing us that it is in a state of work in progress. We don’t see new buildings being built or have constructed, what we do see is small groups of Night Elves all over. I even saw one NPC just standing in a spot along the road. I would love to see the place develop over the course of what is left in 10.2 with them adding more in 10.2.7 and we see even more in 11.0. If that occurs, I can see them doing the same with Gilneas, Silvermoon, Lorderan, Echo isles, Gnomergan and the Blood/AzureMyst isles down the road with what they are doing with building a new Night Elf city, in fact it could lead to the so called Housing some of the community is asking for down the road with rebuilt cities in this manner.


There’s a lot of good assets to be barrowed from the Dreamgrove (Druid Order Hall).

I think the Center shrine would be a good monument for NE Druids.

One of the things I would like to see is making use of more vertical areas of the zone, and I’d be curious to know if there’s any areas where this could be done that would still fit the NE aesthetic.

This story line is very tied to Ardenweald, and while I dislike Shadowlands, I don’t feel like that should be completely cut out.

In Ardenweld we see areas such as this:


While I wouldn’t suggest such deep blues and purples for the particle effects, the assets used as bridges between the trees could allow for some more dynamic vertical growth within the zone, which would be a plus for Dragonriding.


In the Emerald Dream we have areas just outside the Main Area that appears to have trees big enough for those bridges, and more to be built upon.

In the Druid Order Hall, we also have trees with deep interiors that could probably be mounted higher in the tree with little effort, or simply copy pasted in some areas.



We really need those Ardenweald blue, white, and purple color motifs with the night skybox instead of this.

The one salvageable thing about Shadowlands was how good Ardenweald was. We can forget everything else ever happened.

Those wooden bridges were amazing.


My suggestion would be for the dialogue and gossip to say Amirdrassil is a culturally significant location, but not their capital H Home. That will always be Kalimdor and the majority of their population decided to stay on Kalimdor.

If the dialogue and story starts reflecting this, I’d be OK with Amirdrassil’s location.


Good post. I want to add some other things:

We need a Temple of Elune. It could be really nice to get a similar temple as we had in Darnassus but with HD assets.

Also we need to add more Night Elf structures in Bel’ameth and Amirdrassil to make something as big as Darnassus in Amirdrassil.

An active ship that goes to Kalimdor and Stormwind should be a good addition. I wrote in one of my posts we could rebuild Auberdine as a big city for the Night Elves in Darkshore and the new Auberdine could be the anchor point between Amirdrassil and Kalimdor for the Night Elves.

It’s true. Some Draenei ambassadors as Emissary Valustraa and Rukua because could do the job very well. Emissary Valustraa and Rukua are perfect for this role because they were here in Darnassus before the War of Thorns so they know the Night Elf society very well. They are perfect as Draenei ambassadors. For the Worgen I don’t really know who can be the ambassadors.

(Emissary Valustraa)


Yes to this. Add some some of them in Bel’ameth and Amirdrassil could be a nice addition.

We really need to add more traditional Kaldorei region animals and allies for Bel’ameth and around Amirdrassil:

  • Some Dryads (we have Dryads in Kalimdor but in the Dragon Isles too so we could add some of them in Bel’ameth). We really need to add Dryads in Bel’ameth and around Amirdrassil because I didn’t even find one Dryad (we even got 2 green dragons) and they are natural ally of the Night Elves, it’s a really important addition to this area.


  • Nightsabers. I see some of Nightsabers so it’s a good point. If we can some more in Bel’ameth itself, it could a very good thing.


  • Owls. Very important thing in the Kaldorei society so if we could add some of them in Bel’ameth, it could be a nice addition.


  • Wisps. Need some of them in Bel’ameth and around Amirdrassil just to say they are here.


  • Treants. I see only two of them. We need to get some more treants in Amirdrassil.


  • Faerie dragons. We are on the Dragon Isles so we could at least get some of them in Bel’ameth and around Amirdrassil because I didn’t see one of them.



I greatly appreciate your suggestions. The terraced tree-home areas would be really phenomenal to see, and could make the space feel significantly more city-esque in the confined space that Blizzard devs have to work in. Re-purposing those assets from both the Dreamgrove and Ardenweald would be a really good way to go about that. Thank you for your contribution to the feedback!

:sparkles::crescent_moon: I wholeheartedly agree!

Stalwart clarification that the night elves are devoted to defending all of their territories from some night elf leadership, such as Jarod Shadowsong or Tyrande or Shandris would be even more meaningful.

Even if other NPCs echoed this sentiment, I feel that it would go a long way to stating/confirming that the night elves are not abandoning their other domains and territories, which are a huge part of their culture and significance in this fantasy setting.

Previously, I believe Genn’s wife, Queen Mia Greymane, served as a Gilnean ambassador of sorts. She was present and residing in Darnassus well prior to the burning and was one of the many to escape through the portals at the Temple of Elune to retreat to Stormwind City.

It would be nice to see a strong Gilnean presence in Bel’ameth, between the modern Moonclaw unit of the Sentinel Army and magistrates of the Gilnean citizenship. I cannot imagine Bel’ameth not having a niche spot for Gilneans to come to and call their home too. :warning: But they still deserve to see Gilneas reclaimed and rebuilt too!

Than you for your contributions to the feedback!


I would def like to see the city be bigger and have a few stone buildings about, and hopefully working ships. A big ask to be sure, though I’d love to see a real capital city be add both here and Gilneas, and that means doing it right.


Currently, my biggest concern is that it looks more like a small village than a city.
It just can’t be compared to Darnassus. I understand that it may make sense for a city to take time to be built, but looking at the game’s history, there’s a fear that the place will be completely forgotten and never revisited by the devs.

Accordingly, I really hope they will add a few Darnassian buildings. I mean… the Moon Temple would be the bare minimum for the old architecture. Right now, it just looks like a shelter from the rain… Sure, it’s nice and all… but yeah…

I’m also a bit worried that there’s no portal to Ashenvale.
Like Feralas and Darkshore, the Night Elf area desperately needs an update in favor of the Night Elves. Feralas may have outdated graphics, but at least it’s not in a destroyed state.

Then something needs to be done about the flora and fauna, which unfortunately doesn’t really remind me of the homeland of the Night Elves so far, but that has already been listed by others.
Also, the light is currently too bright.

Finally, if the place is supposed to remain neutral, I hope that besides Worgen and Draenei, Nightborne will also help build the place. Tyrande and her people, as well as High Elves, actively helped liberate Suramar. Shortly after, the Nightborne joined the Horde, a genocide of the Night Elves and the burning of Teldrassil happened… just terrible. Now, helping with the reconstruction would be the least they could do.

I’d also like to see HMT, Tauren, Vulpera with their clever ideas, and maybe even some trolls as NPCs. Of course, the focus should still be on the Night Elves, but in a game with such strict racial separation, even after all these years… a bit of diversity really wouldn’t hurt (still hoping that all races will finally become neutral asap, but that’s just a side note).

Last but not least, I hope that Shandris finally gets her own model, and that we get to see some Night Elf children as a symbol of a new beginning.


I agree with this heavily. One of the things that drew me to Auberdine and Lor’danel, Darkshore, was the fact it was more diverse than most night elf settlements. It had humans, gnomes, dwarves and Draenei. I’d like to see some small emissary camps in Bel’ameth that contain a few other race assets, specifically Gilnean and Draenei primarily, but I’d also like to see gnomish and dwarvish assets and pandaren too.

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