What do GM's do now?

There is no work, again the forums are not a means to contact a GM.

The primary purpose is noted in the sticky post of the forum.

Are there people employed by blizzard on that forum with a job to do? Yes or no.

If you answered yes then There are groupies doing a persons paid work for free.

Thanks for showing another “valuable” mvp post.

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Recent surveillance caught a GM in the wild performing his duties


I wish they would bring back the GMs. Yes it is a matter of being able to contact/request human help because of the support ui. They created so much fun in Vanilla and BC. Best customer service people ever! I was new to gaming and this kind of game having followed my hubby and son into Azeroth. Kindest people ever to me over the years. They could tell by the first sentence I had no idea what I was doing and still were so nice and helped me. I miss them. cry.


That’s awesome, I remember a time when you could submit a ticket and a gm would actually chat with you in game and appear out of nowhere with all their GM powers and capabilities, they had the power to reverse certain things not just tell you that you’re SOL in so many useless words.

For those of you who do not understand the topic, it is “What do GM’s do now?” there is no issue it was an inquiry and a conversation starter, so if you’re asking what the issue is, does it say anywhere in the topic title that there was one?

The ticket issue, for those that are saying writing on the forum isn’t the same as opening a ticket you are absolutely correct and I agree with you 100% but you make it sound like opening a ticket is the easiest thing to do yet when I try to open one by clicking on open a ticket it prompts me to type in the description of the issue, I am under the impression that this will be the description of the ticket I am trying to create, it is not and I am just reverted to a bunch of non sense forums in which I have to weed out garbage and analyze what information is actually helpful, but there is still no ticket creation option available and it is just me looking at the screen like how the f#$@ do you create a ticket. So for those saying just create a ticket if you’re issue isn’t covered by any of the categories, I would like to know “how to create a ticket.” I know that “Need to contact a GM to resolve an in-game issue” may not have been a good example to use because I am looking at some of your responses i.e “be more specific, you cannot just contact a gm” but that’s the issue this is a topic that isn’t covered by the forums and there is no option to create a ticket if need be. I should have used “How do you create a ticket” as an example.

So the topic is “What do GM’s do now?” so that you understand the topic, clicking on open ticket just prompts me straight to the forums and no option to actually create a ticket. I maybe doing something wrong but I am not computer savvy but if you can still create a ticket by all means please explain but until then I am under the impression that there is no ticket creation process so my question still stands “What do GM’s do now.”

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