What do GM's do now?

I was wondering what do GM’s do now, because it seems when there is an issue that needs to be resolved you’re just outsourced to the forums in that related topic and if your issue is not in any of the sources, you post to the forums in hopes you don’t have trolls give you some useless information and its up to the community to hopefully help you in this area and most of the time you just get a big group of people saying “I have that same problem is there a fix for this?” and the people that actually help are they compensated in anyway for doing the job blizzard is supposed to be doing? The forums are good in many ways, but posting to them to resolve an issue in a timely manner is not one of the things it seems to be good at.

Here is something to try, click on support in the top right corner of your screen if you’re wow account browser, when it prompts you to “Tell us about the issue.” Type in “Need to contact a GM to resolve an in-game issue.” See what type of topics come up

The suggested content does not fall under the same category


What sort of issue, exactly?

If it is an issue of finding common knowledge, usually players are more available than GMs.

There’s no guaranteed way to just “Contact a GM” for whatever reason, as those types of requests are usually “Put in a support ticket and wait for a response from a GM.”

If your issue is, “I want to talk to a GM” then that issue may only be resolved if you put in information about the problem as to why you want to talk to a GM.

It was just a general inquiry, not all issues can be resolved through the forums because certain issues do not fall in a particular category. Also where can you just up and automatically create a ticket, because if there is a way blizzard sure makes it hard for someone to create a ticket, at least a lot harder than what I remember.

When you get to the Support home page, the top right has “Contact Support” button. From there you can go down the selections of what you want to make a ticket about, where you can either put in your inquiry, or go through the different categories.

I’ve done that, and all it does is revert me to a forum that has nothing to do with the topic, there is no option for me to create a ticket, I also only see see archived tickets no option to create one.


Copy paste responses is all you get for minimum wage.

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GMs you get are gonna vary.

Either gonna be a very informative by the books guy who gets your issue solved.

Gonna be a very friendly RP GM whose happy to help you.

Or you’re gonna get lazy larry who just showed up for his paycheck.

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exactly what is so super secret, that can’t be asked here?

if it’s a bug, a GM can’t help.
the community may be able to help with workarounds.

…you’ll get a response much faster, and you’re not clogging up the ticket queue with pointless stuff.

There are a lot of issues which GMs can’t resolve simply because you expect them to.

If the suggested options aren’t helping, it’s usually because the issue isn’t something which a GM can help with.


The copy/paste responses the last handful of years are pretty bad. Half the time they give you an automated response that has nothing to do with the issue at hand.

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They act as a money sponge, due to Blizzard having no usage for them with all of the automation the game currently has.

Hence what do GM’s do?

There are times you’ll get an actual human responding to you. I put in a ticket for a bugged achievement a few days ago, and the GM was very helpful.

Gave me the achievement.

Gms used to help us. They actually had max lvl characters with tan gear. And could warstomp mobs pulled into city’s or what ever the issue was.
But they stopped doing that because players trolled them into hiding.
And now since actiblizz is on a shoestring budget there are even less of them. Basically they went from in game gods that were helpful to help desk

Sounds suspiciously like you need a friend, not a GM.


I need to introduce you to punctuation and paragraphs.

My guess, the automated system in place and the fact so many many employees got sacked out, they now make use of pre-canned messages.

I understand

Ignore anything brought up by Oceanic players. It’s been nearly 3 years since anything of note was addressed by a CM/GM on the oceanic general discussion forums that wasn’t a canned response.

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they assist with gameplay issues which players are unable to rectify on their own.