What do GM's do now?

I had issues sometime ago. Trying to contact a GM now is like pulling teeth I gave up trying.

There is not even a company phone number to call for help. They made to where you can’t get there help.

All you can do is go to the forums for help now.

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Well, I was recently falsely suspended from the forums because of the automated system, put in a ticket, and a GM responded and resolved the issue within 24 hours.

I mean, the Support page is a little weird to navigate, but it is doable.

How do you even get there help. It is a clicking runaround mara go round. Click this click that. Opps clicked the wrong thing start over. Nope it isn’t that nope no that or this.

30 minutes later doing the ring around the rosie you flip off your monitor say some unkind things in rage. Then you rage quit.

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I always get friendly GMs when I have a ticket out and good support on my issue.

But then again I also work with customers at my job so I know not to bust in all angry and upset because that person reading your ticket isnt to blame for ur issue, they just there to help you.

Since my screen-recording program doesn’t work with my browser on these forums, best I can do is a step-by-step description.

At the top of the screen, click “Support” next to your name.
Then click, “Contact Support” which is below that on the next screen.
Click “Create New Ticket.”
You can either describe the issue, or for more accurate options, click the “I rather categorize the issue.”
Find the category that best matches the problem.
If the window says, “Check WoWhead, check forums, etc” there’s actually a button below that which says, “Contact Us”.

That is where you can put in a proper ticket for an issue, assuming you have all the proper information for them to solve or be able to check and/or recreate the problem you’re having to fix it.

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It not the GM’s it the system of having to get in contact with them that is frusterating.

And if you got a problem not on the list you can’t do anything. I had some issues and was unable to get in touch with a GM all I could do go to the forum and ask for help.

This description helps a lot I hope it does for a future reference.

What is listed in the categories that get you to be able to make a ticket.

… I’m honestly starting to think GMs need a hug and a friend to play with…

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Umm? They the wanted friends they would make ticket opening easier to allow more people to get in touch.

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Yeah, that’s not the GMs’ faults, that’s the Developers’ faults. They’re like telemarketers – they only run the lines; they don’t dictate how they’re run.

Edit: Sorry if I don’t know the name of the people who redirect calls, that’s the first word that came to mind.

So…what issues are we worried that the GMs aren’t covering?

True. Though still same company.

Don’t know I guess the OP wondering what the GM’s are doing. Guess there is no issues.

That’s the main topic right there – especially since Zarlea pointed it out herself.

As someone who had worked in customer service, support is very good. It’s even better when compared to most other MMOs.

Given the number of clientele, the amount of requests for information that is already available, the bogus requests and then actually actioning the real jobs support turnaround is quite good.

Hey now, thats not true.

Last time I opened a ticket they also directed me to WoWHead.

No. Thats the California work ethic.

Its even worse in the cs forums where blizzard expects players to answer questions. The CS groupies are more than happy to do someones job for free through.

if you’ve ever worked in a customer service field, you’d realize that the majority of things people ask for are ridiculous and they can deal with it theirselves in a few seconds, either by restarting the game or a quick google search, instead of clogging the support ticket queue.

for me, what comes up in my head reading this is that you aren’t typing out the issue and are requesting to talk to a GM, instead of following through to see if there is an automated way in the service triage to automatically do it.

The CS forums are not a means to contact GM staff though, it’s not staffed by in game support, and not around the clock like opening a ticket. It’s more of an information desk, where others point you to where you should be looking for information. There have been plenty of players helped with in game issues over the years though.

Then try being more specific with the issue. The support system is meant to be a triage to your situation, and guide you to where to get that help.

On the old forums there used to be a sticky post with a lot of information on this subject.

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so doing a persons work for free. Gotcha. I know a multi billion dollar company cant afford to staff things… but why should they when there are tons of groupies clamoring to do the work for free.