What are you hoping for 9.1.5

If the only thing that separates blood elves and high elves is what they call themselves, isn’t the distinction kinda pointless? It’s not like they’re a different species.


Don’t try to talk with Ethriel, she basically said that blood elf aren’t high elf but void elf are high elf… There isn’t a single logic in it.


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You know, first I was: “there must always be a Jailer.

Then it got to: “there must always be an Arbiter.

Now I’m wondering: “LOL, the reality of the Shadowlands was remade, we don’t need an Arbiter.

See, Zovaal won and lost! Aren’t you all happy now!?

On subject: I wouldn’t bet on story in a .5 patch. Maybe, maybe not. If it’s like the last chapter the audience might walk away with blunt force injuries.

So what? We have pandarens fighting for both sides, if anything the high/blood elf distinction is still greater the distinction between the Tushui.

Doesn’t that go with my point? Hardly anyone seems to care about the Tushui / Huojin divide. The playables are all just pandaren.


Well 1) we don’t actually get any stories about the two pandaren factions. It is hard to actually care too much. 2) the few times there are stories about them it focus on helping each other as oppose to showing their differences/rivalries.

Two things which the current high/void elf and blood elf don’t have. Look, you want a distinction, the biggest is obviously their loyalty(and everything that entails) to their respective factions.

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Except that panderen was never exclusive for any faction. It is easy to be a alliance player and have no problem for high/blood elf being neutral but normal race was supposed to be faction exclusive…

At this point they need to give use something like eredar so both side get to see their BC race going neutral.

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I don’t like it but that’s what the Nightborne were supposed to be, but instead of trading TBC races, they just went with an elf swap instead. So the factions are “even.”

I guess the equivalent would be Nightborne players petitioning to bulk up the character models so they don’t look so thin.

When Void Elves were first announced I thought that they were a mistake and as time has gone on they have only gotten worse. They have changed our dynamic in the game, split our lore and they will continue to parasitically leech off of the Blood Elves.

Void Elves were very recently Blood Elves so any customization that we get can be claimed by them. I am a bit curious about the thought process that went into this revolving around a game that has a strong ties to player identity.

If the Void Elves were an inevitability we should have stole the Dark Irons from the dwarves or Man’ari from the draenei.


Yeah but NB don’t look 100% like NE can look which is now the case for void elf. That would be like giving every NE option to NB.

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I have no problem with the Alliance getting more customization options for Void Elves, or if Blizzard flat out gave them High Elves as a Playable Race. Maybe long ago, it might have been an issue. But so many of the reasons have broken down, it is hard for me to be against giving Players stuff they want.

People say cosmetics and differentiating the Factions and Races is important - but that went out the window with Pandas. More so with Nightborne and Void Elves.

People also say it would dilute the Blood Elves and Horde presence in the story, give more story focus to the Alliance, and have the Horde as mere perennial side kicks to the Alliance. To those people I would say… where have you been the past 3 expansions?

During Legion, the Blood Elves were almost like the Horde’s little tourist bus through Suramar and Argus while Alliance Heroes like Tyrande, Malfurion, Illidan, Khadgar, and Velen saved the world. In BfA, we worked with Genn, Jaina, and the Alliance spymaster to over throw the Horde. In Shadowlands, we run around helping Jaina, Bolvar, and Tyrande, while being invited to the pity party in Anduin’s honor.


We already have options on both Factions that are near indistinguishable, and the Horde is already second fiddle in the story.


And its easy for a Horde fan to disregard the utter annoyance of us high elf fans who have had a connection with this race since Warcraft 2. The high elves and to a certain degree blood elves always had a larger tie to the Alliance. Even in Vanilla most high elven NPC were Alliance tied and if not for the need for population balance, I honestly don’t think Blizzard would have given blood elves to the Horde.

You got nightborne, which was a pseudo night elven race.

You can have the Man’ari for all I care, the Dark Irons I may have considered a long time ago to be an acceptable trade for the high elf/void elf like race but not anymore. Suffice to say I sort of like/tolerate Moira now when back in Cata all I could hope for her was to be tossed into the lavas of IF.

I only half agree with what you said but I’ll give this post a like anyway.

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I can’t even distinguish the RAS from the western Horde these days, give these people High Elves already.

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I don’t care about the big meta story, my hope is for heritage armours so that we also get heritage chains. Small as they are, most of them were great for advancing the lore of their given race and/or adding some much needed context for some of their culture. And many of the races are in dire need of such, just so we know where the hell they’re at.

Darkspear Trolls need it, they lost their main leader in Legion and it’s just been sort of autopilot since then. This is in addition to them suddenly being much more important with the troll world, as they are the primary troll tribe on the Horde, which is now allied with the Zandalari Empire.

Forsaken need to have some established status quo, even if it’s temporary. How many Sylvanas loyalists are left, did the Dark Rangers all leave with her, how stretched thin are they after BfA, and so on.

Draenei accomplished their goal that has been the core of their story for a decade and basically were written out for most of BfA. I want to know their status now, clashes between the Lightforged and the Exodar draenei, what’s being done about the Outland draenei, etc.

Night elves it kind of goes without saying, we’ve had Afterlife Adventures with Tyrande but in terms of Azeroth stuff (aka the stuff that actually matters), we don’t even know if Ashenvale is in kaldorei hands again.

And then the poor pandaren are just… there. They exist.

Hell, even orcs and humans could use some updates.


Rescue Anduin. I need that bit of the story to be over with, and I do not want him to be “Arthas 2.0.” Arthas was interesting because he was a complex villain that made his own choices. This puppetry is sad, and drawn out overlong. He should have been rescued in the Sanctum raid. We accomplished nothing plot-wise during the raid save for capturing the banshee, who hasn’t even provided any useful information yet. AT THE VERY LEAST, I would want her to talk, and say something useful for 9.5. I think they can give us that.

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