What are you hoping for 9.1.5

So we now know there is a 9.1.5, what do you hope storywise will happen?

Personally they need to finally give us something concrete about the what Zovaal really want and an ACTUAL resolution to Sylvanas. She is presumably locked up somewhere. Time for Tyrande to meet her and get some closure.


Don´t expect anything good, so you can´t be disapointet :wink:


The fact they decided to reverse course and add new customization for allied races makes me think the patch will at least have something. Also, I am expecting ptr maybe end of the month/early next month. Afterall Sylvanas lfr is about to be released and that is effectively the last bit of content of 9.1.


Nightborne customization was overdue the day they were released as playable. It is nice to see. And nice that they are taking time to address Player concerns and the “fun” aspects of the Game.

Now, I wonder how that will tie with the story.

It would be kind of funny if Kaelthas tries to enter Silvermoon, and Lorthemar tries to stop him, but Kaelthas simply burns him to cinders. And that sends Thalyssra into a tailspin. Maybe that will be a Story based reason for their new customizations. Like the Night Elves had a little story tied to their new eye color options.

It is pretty neat to see Highmountain on the horizon. Maybe they would get Feltotem customizations and the ability to be Demon Hunters.

I mean - there more than likely aren’t any story implications. They will likely just rollout customizations. Just spitballing.

I actually dont think it will just be customization because the cutomization were suppose to be “cut” in SL and now they decided to readd some of it.

Oh, I just meant the customizations likely won’t have story implications, and just be rolled out as a feature.

I didn’t mean it would be the only thing in the Patch. There might be a mini raid and new Story stuff, but they probably will be separate from the customizations.

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That would be an odd choice for him…


Maybe Tyrande will apologize for all the troubles she caused while Sylvanas was busy obliterating her people in the maw, but I think they’ll just leave it out entirely because rEnEwAl

Also a heritage armor would be due for 9.1.5, but knowing Blizzard they have already forgotten about it


I don’t think there’s anything left for me to hope for in Shadowlands, and the customization stuff won’t do anything for me. As it stands so far, 9.1.5 may as well not exist as far as I’m interested. It kinda sounds like a hastily-made carrot-on-a-stick to keep players teased, anyway.


I think we will get a bit of interaction with the Primus and Slyvanas. I think he’s going to drain her Jailer Power and use it for the Arbiter’s Sigil.

This will probably have some dialogue with Slyvanas and Bolvar, but I don’t expect to resolve much in terms of her actions on Azeroth. I feel that will be saved for the Slyvanas book and 9.3 next year.

It would be extremely nice for them to explain “Death comes for your World’s Soul” in 9.1.5 and a reason for me to care about any of this Shadowlands business as its been missing since forever.

Not even as a means to move the story forward, but … just to give a reason to care.


I am not sure if new costumisations would happen this expansion… Or maybe I missed something.
9.1.5 should be something good… than maybe I would return to play .

Blizzard announced yesterday that they’re reversing course on a previous statement made and are going to continue working on additional customizations, starting with planned Nightborne and Lightforged Draenei options for 9.1.5. They also announced that Void Elves will be getting ear size options, druids some new travel forms, and just announced about an hour ago that Void Elves will be getting some natural hair colors: https://www.wowhead.com/news/5-natural-hair-color-options-for-void-elves-coming-in-patch-9-1-5-323871


Especially after Rommath, seeing Kael’thas suddenly back and clearly a traitor again, burns him into cinders in turn.

Not sure why people assume older characters would have been any different if they were never removed and/or killed from the faction.

I hope for Baine to do anything- except find the nearest Alliance character and plant his lips completely and firmly on their butt.
I hope for Voss, Calia, Derek and maybe a few others to discuss the future of the Forsaken.
I hope for Lor’themar and Thalyssra to discuss the future of the Horde side elven nations.
I hope for information on how Kul Tiras, Zandalar, or the Night Elf Rebuilding is going.

I hope for not an iota of content even discussing Jailer, Waifu, Golden Boy, the Dreadlords, the First Ones or any other colossally dull retconned and ruined Cosmic Concept…


Good Story and a Story that doesn’t disappoint others.

Well this was a fun addition, yes I know it has nothing to do with lore but still, this does prove they are listening if only abit.

I hope So will End quickly and the Jailer will destroy the universe, so we can get an updated Azeroth.

I don’t think it will happen. There is nothing I want or care for in SL.

I only want a sound enough conclusion so that shadowlands gets the WoD treatment in terms of story and becomes largely ignored.

I want Arthas to be redeemed and to come back as a mainstay character (and lead the forsaken). I will fight anyone that wants to on this point, this is the last drop of irrational fanboyism that I have for this game’s lore.

Currently nothing.

Seriously, my thoughts have been empty concerning the story. I have nothing to look forward.

However, I am excited about the new customization options :smiley:

I hope for him to permanently die then permanently delete himself like Garrosh did.
He’s utterly, wholly, completely worthless to the Horde and its playerbase.