What are you hoping for 9.1.5

I think we’re due for some more race/class combinations, but I doubt seriously that that’ll come in a .5 patch - although of course it’s possible.

For actual hopes, based on what we already know is coming, I wish dearly for Suramar style nightborne visuals as an option, not the abominations we currently have.

If the reason we can follow the Jailer is because he somehow forgot to remove that power from her it will be… entirely expected and also very annoying.


Honestly, I’m just hoping that that power doesn’t allow her to become the new Arbiter. -.-’

The bar is VERY low…


That would be terrible. Let Arthas be dead and don’t ruin his story. He can’t be redeemed.


They’re probably going the D&D 5E Warlock route and saying that once the power was bestowed, the patron couldn’t take it away.
Taking away a strong woman’s power isn’t very feminist.

OMG… Finally High elves 🧝‍♀ :heart::heart::heart::heart:
How great is that …

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Yeah i might just unsub if that end up being the case. Have fun playing a horde race on the alliance in a dead game.

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High Elves aren’t a Horde race.

Yes they are since BC. I see that you want to make the lore even more messy.

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And yet you are saying that void elf are high elf…

But you answered to this:

I didn’t talk about high elf, i talked about the addition of blond hair on the alliance blood elf.

And stop trying to change the subject. Either you consider the void elf as playable high elf but also admit that the horde blood elf were the only playable high elf are either you consider both of them as not high elf which mean that you admit that void elf are now nothing more than blood elf on the alliance.

Nope, Blood Elf and High Elf are different.

The Alliance getting High Elves is also in harmony with the actual lore.

I don’t know why it matters to you anyway, you’re a blood elf, and you can even choose blue eyes on Horde. Want me to start complaining about that? hm?

Besides, with the Night Elves now officially gone, they might as well let people play High Elves on the Alliance. Not that it matters to me since I’d never mainly play anything else than Night Elves, but since Night Elves are out now, the only elves left on the Alliance are Void Elves and High Elves.

Ok so blood elf aren’t high elf but void elf who were blood elf are high elf… You are just ridiculous Ethriel…


You’re the one ridiculous for complaining about something that doesn’t even affect you… while already benefiting from that very thing as a Horde player.

According to you:

Blood Elf that isn’t a High Elf being able to choose a blue eye colour and high elf customizations = fine

Void Elf that isn’t a High Elf being able to choose a blue eye colour and high elf customizations = absolutely unacceptable omg I will unsub!

You claimed that blood elf aren’t high elf but that void elf are. You can’t be more ridiculous than this Ethriel. It is obvious that you don’t even care about the lore. Enjoy playing your dead game and your dead race.

I’m not playing the game.

I’m well aware the Night Elves are gone

That sentence of yours is quite funny though when you’re posting on a level 60, meaning that you still play the game.

Anyway, why do I even continue this argument with budget Erevien?


Ok you are still paying a sub without playing??? And since when posting on a max level was the bad thing??? Why are you wasting 5+hour a day on a forum on a game you don’t even play and which you just whine the same thing over and over and over??? You need help for real.

Ok mr forum troll