We're screwed

I get it’s pretty early, and not everyone who was selected for WoW Council will have posted something or will post something. But so far, the only gleam of hope we have is Bluster, and even then, Bluster is more focused on casual pvp.

Our other PvP Council member that we know of so far is a BrM who pretty much only does RBGs. I’m really hoping that there’s more that were selected for the position that will actually attempt to bring so glaring issues to Blizz’s “attention” (lol). If not, we’re in for another silly :stuck_out_tongue: season. And probably xpac


Yeah the dude was talking about how pvp is boring with 1800 rbgs and like 0 arena rating


Is this a bad thing, the barrier to entry is easily the worst part of pvp right now.


yeah that guys weird 2600 RBG rating playing brewmaster thats super casual


Im still under the impression blizzy wont listen to the council anyhow. So whoever got picked may not matter anyways :frowning:


I guess I worded it wrong, but it would be better to have someone focused on balance as well. Not just barriers to entry, or the people who play casually that get upset everytime they’re outplayed, and then call for nerfs to said ability or class.

is 2600 rbg like 1400 on eu arenas?? okay sorry i’ll stop memeing now

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im pretty much 100% anti FOTM and think balance is the most important


I’m sure you’re great. Alas, it’s disappointing Blizzard invited someone with such little experience and playing a role that people absolutely despise fighting against because of how unenjoyable forgiving tanks are in PVP.

The community council was supposed to be representative of players and an RBG Brewmaster Monk simply isn’t representative of anyone besides yourself really.


Glad to hear it, hopefully you’ll be able to tell the bad suggestions from the good. And hopefully Blizz actually attempts to listen to ya.

Not to backseat council, but I think it would be a good idea to make your own post here in the arena forums and ask for suggestions from people. Reasonable of course. Just to get an idea of where people are at right now. And ofc, to have people get used to you.

P.S. You’ll learn very fast, who to just ignore, there are a few notable forum trolls here.

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It’s odd to me that they’d pick someone so non-representative of the general pvp community. There’s nothing wrong with being an rbg main, but it seems like you’d want people who either fit the mold of an average pvper or someone who is extremely high rated and knowledgeable about all brackets.

Maybe there are some of those people we just don’t know of yet, but if not it’s just a little strange.


just @ me next time boo


lmfao there’s no way u came here to defend urself on the arena forums already

good lord lmao ur in for a rough ride


veshiae and christieboo for wow community council 2022

i promise to nerf prot paladins, craven, and ip ban dozer/amoranis but not biebz

Im so surprised you got picked. I thought you quit cause i didnt see you on much.

I just resubbed and it seems like you did also???

Plz buff brew for reqy and I.

That’s exactly where PVP should be focused right now. The biggest problem with PVP right now is the participation. If you don’t start creating interest and setting a low threshold for entry, it’s going to be like 500 people total doing arena.

And I know a lot of people are going to say ‘omg class balance, etc.’ but you can play about whatever you want right now.


Honestly man, just ignore the trolls and show us what you’re all about. You’re not going to please everyone, and as much as I also hate tanks in pvp (arena specifically) I have to give the benefit of the doubt and hope you do well.


I just play tank in pvp cuz i find it fun and the main reason I do rbgs is cause we dont exclude people by narrowing it down to 2s and 3s


I get that, and I don’t have a problem with tanks in RBGS as it makes sense. The tank specialization in arena do not however and are only good when its cheesy (see prot pals now and guardian druids in BFA). That’s what people in here are talking about typically.

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oh man this is not good for the rest of us