We're screwed


glad you agree

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tank in pvp is not fun and plenty of people get excluded from rbgs

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sorry? wish it was better for you?

nope and nope

doubt blizzard listens to the players anyways so there’s probably no reason to be concerned that they’ll have access to the wrong voices


thats true they dont care anymore

Hey honey, put in feedback to buff panda racials :wink: Maybe one day we’ll RBG together again

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blizzard missed a great opportunity to put abomb on the council
just to mess with us


lets nominate flithron as a double agent… ‘i for one enjoy less loot from bosses as it gives me a sense of accomplishment when my item finally drops!’

They have been taking feedback from streamers and rank 1s all expac and the game is still pretty rough maybe lets give this a shot. YOLO

Anyone who plays brewmaster instead of guardian druid in rbgs will probably have better opinions then any of the bear abusers “for rbgs at least”


he gets it


I use to miss when the forums were non-stop crying about class balance. Now the forums are flatlining with hardly any new threads per day and hardly any posts per day. I’ll hop on these forums and see most of the threads haven’t had a post in 4+ hours.

The flatline makes sense though, seeing as most of the casual random battleground playerbase has quit. Only takes a peek at those atrocious queue times to realize people aren’t laughing at the poor “PvP vendors returning” joke.

  • (Legion) Templates [maybe I didn’t give it a fair try?]
  • (BFA) Pure PvE hamster wheel that allowed for 0 time to play PvP.
  • (SL) 9.0 and 9.1 forcibly placed on the rated hamster wheel. Try playing chess against opponents who want to start out with their pawns replaced with queens. What board game allows an unfair advantage? Most board games place everyone on equal footing w/ skill and strategy being the determined factor for victory.

the boy bluster came through with a pvp gearing post PvP Gearing in SL


Seriously. The top end pvp community is so small you guys actually know each other by name. All the top rated arena junkies in here worried about balance at that level when the huge majority of the player base is unrated. Keep worrying about your little issues when a new player literally is in the trenches fighting gods that have double their health and do over double their dmg.

-Suffer through 100+ hours of getting 2 shot (sometimes by procs - so skilled) to get 233ilvl.
-Empty your friends list and try a yolo RBG or try to find an arena partner in LFG with a 233 pvp ilvl. Watch those requests turn into declines for a hour straight then have to log cause your game time is used up for the night.

If the barrier to entry is 46 ilvls most players are going to quit before getting into the community. Even as alliance I’ve noticed queues times have doubled, it must be awful for horde and that’s because the base is quitting.

The pvp ladder isn’t an economy. Trickle down economics isn’t going to work here as all I get from a 2400 player is a trip to the GY with pretty much zero recourse.


So? RBG’s is still PvP.

Not everyone has to enjoy arenas.

They flat out said they want everyone.

That includes combatant and challenger players.

Why should that remove them from being eligible from community council?

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I think i’ve done rbgs with Worldpvp before and from what I remember he was pretty nice.
As much as I dislike tanks in pvp I don’t mind them in rbgs.
I feel like Worldpvp is going to be a massive target by the community I just hope he’s able to handle the mass criticism.


do people even still duel ? Felt like after WoD it became a rarity compared to earlier. That not only being because of the decrease in player.

Exactly… I think it’s more of a Public Relations stunt than anything. Picking one or two people makes no sense. Most people can’t see past their own personal bias. The council in most cases will not represent the community as a whole. The council is kind of like communist China. Leaders are not elected by the people. Instead they are chosen by the government. If they make big moves and changes based off some guys personal bias, the council will be far more destructive than helpful.

So yeah, I tend to agree with you. I think they know this already and it will make little difference what they say on the council. Having one guy buffing up his Monk class while insisting on nerfs for others will pretty much make the the council a dreaded hated thing. So it will probably be something along the lines of someone taking the time to write up things like, “we appreciate your input and are considering your ideas”.

I have faith, blizz will MAKE TANKS GREAT AGAIN :slight_smile:

I really really think a lot of these people need to chill, almost all of you were bashing the prot Paladins and thought it was funny, kinda like this I’m enjoying your tears because your favorite buddy or a guy without the experience you think is needed didn’t get elected lol love it. Carry on lol yum yum

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