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Thank you for adding the Guild Recruitment section to the forum!


Has Blizzard ever considered the option to filter Guild Recruitment posts by faction and server type at the least?

I can imagine it being stressful and tedious to look through so many posts for simple criteria that could be filtered by a more organized forum. Not saying the forum isn’t organized but we can make it stronger.

There could always be the ‘Show All’ view available, right?

Current retail WoW has no need of this function really, but I think with Classic still
being pre-launch, players are being picky about which server type and, obviously, faction they join.

Has this been discussed?

To add:
There are Discord servers which segregates the different faction, server type, and even region. Just feels so nice to search and post there. I would like the same warm feeling when using the Blizzard site. Anyone else?


If you’ve seen what they did for the Server Connections stuff, its probably not possible.

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Vote Blom for MVP 2k19

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:crossed_swords: <Competent Casuals> :crossed_swords:

| [US] Server TBA | Alliance-PVE | Casual Social / Semi-Serious Raiding]


Looking for a casual raiding guild that’ll still progress, are adults, aren’t up their own asses and just want to make new memories in classic with you?

We’re a casual oriented friend/family guild that will be rolling on an alliance PVE realm. We’re a raiding guild first and foremost but still plan to dabble in PvP for sure. The guild was made with adults in mind. So those that have jobs, families and a life outside of wow yet know how to bring it during the weekend and raid nights is exactly the type of person I made this guild for. Casual yet competent.


We’re NOT in a rush to hit max level. Of course raiding is in our sights and I expect us to get going around Dec / Jan or so. However, I want you to take your time. Smell the roses etc. Once we’re all hitting max level and have some early dungeon gear we WILL be raiding and taking it fairly seriously.

RAID SCHEDULE (Central Standard Time)

We’re thinking weekends in the evening once MC gets underway. 2 nights a week (Fri Sat or Sat Sun) with a much more casual mid week raid night that’ll be ZG / AQ 20 etc.


DKP and Loot Council with a stronger emphasis on DKP. There’s rare exceptions we might allow someone to get an advance on their DKP (tanks healers) for the sake of progression. For the most part things are going to be as fair as possible. This is a promise to anyone that joins.


Please check out the guild website for expectations / rules and policies etc.

Link to Discord can be found on the site. Please look over the rules first.


Please add this functionality, Blizz.

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ayye, respect kaivax…always posting the good good

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sounds good :+1:

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Yes please…
Its a total waste of time searching through the list for hours…

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May I post the same post days after the original post?

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Hello everyone,

If you are reading this forum and wondering why there was no answer, may I provide one.

When looking at the guild forum all you need to do is type the server name and faction you are looking for in the search bar. It will find all the guilds and faction based on your search parameter.

I have done this for myself and it works fine.

I hope this helps anyone looking for a resolution to this question.


Any chance of filtering for guild search? Specifically time, as most posts are EST,CST,PST,PDT. So when your trying to search for a specific time and timezone, it’s almost impossible to weed through all the posts to find a guild!

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Allo there wow classic fans and followers.I would like to start off with some problems about how some classes have the advantage on other classes… Like the rogue is capable sapping a priest for 35 seconds and resapping . and resapping with out it breaking or have to use any trinkets or spell to get out of the sap. SAP is to overpowered that needs to be fixed. saping for 15 secondes rather then 43 seconds.also i would like to add mages spell ability the SHEEP. is also a tool for a long period of cc that also needs to be nerfed to 15 seconds giving the ability for other classes to get a better chance of getting our of a long cc…and one last thing… I had an idea for shadow priest since we lack of survivability and aoe… adding mind flay an AOE cast to hit 3-4 targets depending on how far they are reducing the amount of damages done to the x amount of players hit with,. also adding 1or 2 ability that shadow priest can get out of 2v1 3v1 something like ice block or vanish. thanks and good luck!


My problem has not been solved. The server where the character name “Mmpvl” is located is blessing. When I enter the game, it shows that “the character name you selected already exists”. The problem is that I have already played the role of Grade 49. How can such a problem occur? I hope you can help me solve it as soon as possible, because I hope I can reach the full level faster than my partners

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test. Sorry trying to sync my logs and this is a step… :frowning:

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emphasized text

Thanks for the good work !

Thank you!