Realm Forums

So… when do we get realm forums?


Probably when you can actually play on the realms or shortly before.

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Why wait till servers are out though? Why not start building community and guild recruitment early on?


This will be a controversial point, but I suspect we won’t get server forums. That would just create more work for the overworked CM team as is.

I could be wrong, but I think they hope we use the looking for a guild and other outside community features at our disposal this time around.

We will see though. I’d sure like to see Pagle have a forum.

We need realm forums, it won’t be a Vanilla experience without it…


It is not much work to create additional forums and depending on their technology may be just administrative work and no coding changes.

You overestimate how important realm forums to the VAST majority of vanilla players. Most did not use it even back then. It tended to be a LOUD minority of people.


Creating them is not the issue. Maintaining and policing them with mods is costly.

We are already seeing a number of server specific threads. Realm forums would help organize them and reduce the flood on this forum.

Also, I need to start talking smack to the people I intend to gank.

How do i start or look for, to start a guild can tell me plz

Start here.

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I am sure every server already has a discord and even a subreddit right now. I feel they will be used more than official forums. The official realm forums for retail are dead.

Aside from a few realms, most current realm forums aren’t even used with any regularity. I’d love to have them but I’d understand if they don’t wind up happening.

In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s my realm that has the most active Realm Specific forums. (WRA has a pretty die-hard forum community but we’ve had some fall off here and there.)

The forums are way more moderated than they were in vanilla, it wont be the same experience anyway :joy:

Adding links to all the short realm forum threads: