Coming Next Week -- New Source for Azerite Essences

Well I was reading the posts and they were all positive. Then you, an MVP, make yours, trolling people who might have an issue with the change and the thread starts devolving.

Doesn’t seem very MVP to me.


Oh? All of them?

Honestly seems like you are being very selective.

I am going to stop you right there. What is an MVP, what even is an MVP?

I find that people like to project their own visions of what an MVP is all the time when an MVP says something they do not like. I am literally just another poster like any of the three mentioned above, my status comes form being knowledgeable and having good conduct on the forums. Being an MVP does not mean I am going to sit in a thread and kiss the rings of the community in hopes of praise and living up to the communities expectation of what an MVP is.

So when you say–

It really strikes me more as–

“Doesn’t seem like MY personal expectations of an MVP.”

And for that, I don’t know what to tell ya.

Also, once more for posterity–

Just because you do not like my post, friend, does not make it trolling.

Coloration =/= causation.


LOL at fortnite that game sucks.

Your post does not really go along with this statement. Your entire post is just to try and stick it to another poster.

Regardless of what you or blizzard considers MVP, your post is not welcoming. The fact youve been badgering back and forth about it only makes me question the nature of a MVP or its purpose if all its doing is giving you a text color. If its for being “knowledgeable” its not shown here.


This 100%.

What worries me is that you will now need to grind on your main as much as you would have on your alt to get the essence in the first place, which is the entire reason we have been asking for Blizzard to simply make them account bound.

We don’t WANT to play our main as much now and we WANT to play our alts more since the season is basically over and in a few months everything we have now will be totally worthless.

Do people understand this? The second Shadowlands hits, EVERYTHING we hve now will be 100% useless.

Who cares how much grinding anyone has done to get the essences before now, it doesn’t matter. We have 4-7ish months left of playing WoW with tons of people leaving because they don’t want to grind on their alts like they did on their main, it is beyond stupid to me for people to get mad because people don’t have to work as hard in the final few months of this expansions life.

I personally don’t care if they opened all raiding gear up on to WQ’s simply because we are done now.

Let people play alts as much as mains now and give them things to ease a lot of the grinding. Keep the heart and the rep grinding, but for the love of all things holy, just make essences account bound.

Making them buyable with currency you now have to grind for will be pathetically stupid.


Oh, sorry, there were two “not positive” posts before your troll post.

People quoted your post and/or replied to you directly to join in with the negativity.

But remember! The key to being a strong candidate is having a solid posting history. We’re always on the lookout for the next shining beacon of good within the community to join the illustrious ranks of our MVPs.

Q. What does an MVP do?

A. MVPs promote constructive posting wherever they can. They contribute to the community and encourage polite discussion throughout the forums. When you see an MVP post, listen to what they have to say—they were also chosen for their knowledge of the game.


Sounds like MMorpgs aren’t for you then imho.

Outside of being a late decision, don’t you think just doing a simple “switch on” would be better than wasting time and resources to develop a system to drop these items we have to acquire, setup a vendor and adjust the loot table? Seems a weird hurdle to make alts jump through (at least you can do content you want to acquire them); but, it seems tedious to collect “X” amount of soulbound currency. I hope it’s not gated by RNG drops or some ridiculous time sink to get them like 50-100 drops for 1 rank 3.

Who is this for? MORE people playing the game through a very long 8+ months till shadowlands is going to be better than preserving somebody’s subjective “earned” value.

Blizzard look, I know it must be hard to make changes you’re opposed to only to be met with criticism after reluctantly giving in. Consider this is a late decision and the gut-punch that classic put many raid rosters into a depression. To bring back players and ultimately keep players playing you are missing the most valuable resource World of Warcraft gives us, that’s replayability.

Good news, but when you put the catch in there, it kind of makes the decision bittersweet. Almost like a, “Well, we didn’t want to do this so we are going to punish you for it.”


Actually MMORPG’s are for me.

Name ANY other MMORPG that makes you grind nearly as much as WoW does? Any at all?

EQ might have been close but even it didn’t need remotely the amount of time that WoW requires to try to keep everything up to date.

So before you say MMORPG isn’t for me, maybe you should consider the fact no other MMORPG remotely comes close to needing the same grinding as this game, and maybe WoW has just gone totally overboard on the amount of grinding required.

And they have even admitted they went overboard and planned on cutting back in SL and making alts much less grinding in SL.

Of course, we will have to wait and see.

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Scientifically conducted marketing research is a thing. Too bad they don’t use it.

But, but… If you keep listening to your playerbase, this game might end up being FUN!!! Do you really want that??? You monsters!!

I never thought of this…maybe we should tell them how much we love walking and hate flying and how much we love the grinding over and over…

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Korean MMOrpgs so looks like wow finally reached that level.

This doesn’t sound anything like “playing the game once on one character to get rank 3 essences on all your alts”. Did you not bother to read the cribsheet you’re posting from?


Totally agree…why only rank three? Why the new currencies? Isn’t this MORE work?

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Isn’t it absolutely hilarious that people want to play the end game, but need to be gated out of it by filling the rest of the expansion with busywork to keep them from finding out that there is no end game?


It’s hilarious that people expect to put in 1/2 the effort and get all the reward.

World these days I guess.

Gimme gimme

Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction (2001). Blizzard Game. Took months and months of grinding to get to an endgame suitable character. You could freely swap to another character as many times as you wanted. You could pass that same gear you earned to whichever character you wanted.

World of Warcraft: BFA (2018). Blizzard Game. Takes weeks of grinding to get to endgame, then for some takes months and months of grinding to get to progress into challenging endgame. Limited to that challenging content on the toon you did the grind on. Limited capabilities of gear sharing with your alts.

World these days I guess.


That sounds like you.

The ultimate entitlement is trashing strangers who use an entertainment product for entertainment, because you know that the only reason to play a videogame is because it proves you are morally superior to all the others who sit glassy-eyed in their chairs exactly as you do. Collecting participation trophies and welfare gear just like you do.

And expecting that anyone would respect you for being like that.


Of course it is…you know this game is all about time played metrics these days right?

Just my opinion…
You probably also know that most likely they did this because they were seeing a decrease in the amount of time people were playing on their alts or stopped playing altogether so they toss a carrot out and people gobble it up thinking “OMG they finally heard us”.

It is a nice change even if it is a little to late and it will save some people some time in getting essences on their alts but still a little late because they were watching numbers instead of listening to the customers.

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