We traded one spam for another Trade chat is now toxic

abusive language? grow up who cares what are you 10 years old?

I’ll take this over sales spam.

No, trade is also communication, a discussion is trading ideas. Trade is not just defined by exchanging currency for items.

In 9.2.5 spam dungeons and raids because cross faction.

to be truthful the need to use or the lack of control in a public setting of one’s language is considered a sign of immaturity.

wow, maybe the boosting spam was closer to the intended purpose of trade then what’s replaced it. At least boosting was a business transaction where something was traded for something else. Don’t worry though, Huokan is working on a way to come back.


I heard they shuttered their doors and shut down.

That’s the current public statement, but I’m in a guild with one of the former raid coordinators, and they are working on a workaround in the private staff channels.

Well, you just outed them. it sounds like they wasn’t ready to make it known yet.

I don’t really care, and this has already been leaked to twitter. Most of the Huokan admin team are a bunch of knobs imo.

Context and the twitter leak: https://twitter.com/helloimjosh98/status/1488953560968667147

Calling BS! Trade is a total cesspool now! Nothing but sex this, politics that, anal this, virgin that. It is twitter on steroids now!

Sad really.

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Just because you disagree with something someone says in trade doesn’t mean it’s toxic. People these days just want to shut everyone down who has a different opinion than them.

I started playing at the start of wrath of the lich king. And i can assure you it was never for anything else.

That’s what trade chat has historically been.

That’s why I never understood the hate for actual “trade” ads… they wanted those gone so they could see all the things you mentioned(?)


Trade chat is absolutely hilarious. I think y’all need to relax and stop taking what people say on the internet so seriously.

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Welcome to how trade always was after Barrens Chat and before boosting communities spammed it.

This isn’t new. The shocked Pikachu face from people over it is hilarious, though. Like no one knew this existed? It’s existed for over a decade. lol

Right? LOL

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Now it’s back to normal!


I agree, It got quite tiresome to watch chat fly by like Matrix code.

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I enjoy the /2 verbal mosh pit. It feels like finally coming home to wow.