We traded one spam for another Trade chat is now toxic

good one. Especially as I am listening to Anthrax right now.

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That’s literally you being the fun police.

It hasn’t been used to trade since vanilla, and even then it was still a mash up of people chatting and people selling services, but almost never trying to sell an item.

You have the option to leave trade chat or to block people if they bother you that much, me personally I don’t get upset because people have opinions. It’s a great big world out there, and everyone has an opinion about something.

Yes, much like your post, it’s mostly BS but it’s important to you. As I already said, if you try to fun police trade chat you will lose, it will not work out… this goes back to vanilla by the way when people complained about mages spamming trade chat with selling ports because that wasn’t “trade chat” enough.

There are countless forums out there for people to spew their political, religious, and personal beliefs, go post there and have an open conversation with people looking to engage in that.
Calling someone out as the “fun police” because they do not want to listen to heavily skewed, right/left wing political or religious opinions in a videogame is completely asinine, and if you can’t see why then there is no point in carrying on any further.

How about this, go into trade chat and call out every single person that talks about nontrade things. Do this nonstop every day. In a month, tell me where it got you.


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Yes, I know it is what trade chat was like before boosting, most people tried to avoid it because it was spam/trolling. Then boosting came more spam but trade. Boosting is now banned on a large scale/

boosting spam was an improvement on the old trade chat troll topics as it was trade
but why do we want to go back to such a trolling way, why not take trade chat to a better place way better than the troll spam we had before the rise of boosting, less spammy than boosting ads

its not the fun police if a player simply wants not to see content on chat that is annoying.

those that want to wallow in it are free to do so…

Ahh, much better. Not even joking :relieved:

So, what Trade Chat is used for, is suggestive, but advertising is only allowed in Trade chat, these things stand completely opposite of
each other. Either make it all suggestive, or and perhaps the best, make Trade sales/adverts only. Just flip the switch on general being global and problem solved…

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Then do what us calm and logical people have done for over a decade, as trade chat has always been like this: turn it off.

Yep. So turn off trade chat and your personal problem is solved.


(Actually, back in Vanilla through BC, my server was chill and actual selling went on in trade chat. It was scandalous.)

It was crafting, mage portals, guild recruiting, looking for more for PUGs (no group finder then so we used Trade), selling stuff, etc.

It was also body part spam, murloc movie game, and thunderfury spam. Sometimes other things that really did not belong on the game servers.

Also some general chit chat because servers were communities and most people sort of were acquainted with each other.

It certainly was not perfect and likely never will be.

Again, how about we flip the switch and make General a global chat. If you want to limit the Advertisers to Trade Chat, you should at least put a limit to what Trade may be used for… It’s either all is suggestive or nothing is suggestive…

You think Trade Chat is bad? Imagine what Barrens chat was like.

There is a reason why I have had trade chat off, and have not once turned
it back on, in 14 years. It was not booster spam.

I agree, now there is just room for the stuff you were missing and its not flying by hidden in all that spam.

Blizz needs to create a score system for the chats, where people that are mostly hateful will be “down voted” to the point of non existence.
On top of that Spam reporting should not even exist in trade chat, the posts in there should be “self controlled” by the system/server, maybe reduced to once every 15s?! or 30s?
Also, there should be more detailed reporting and levels that differentiate “language”, using a curse word atm has the same report as racism … that’s insane …
Most people use curse words all the time(not to offend others, i mean expressions like what the h…, what the f… and such) and those people, even though having this in chat isn’t very good, it should never be reported and punished the same way as someone attacking another person, much less if u compare to racism or any kind of discrimination btw.
Simple example for such:
Person A is always helpful and gets points every time the person helps someone and this helped person votes an “ok”.
Person B is always trolling and keeps getting reported and/or down voted.
Reports from person A SHOULD always have more importance than person B.

Why u could ask?! well, trolls have been ganging up on people everywhere, saw the other day a dude saying “I’m reporting every booster and everyone defending boosts” that is the definition of a hater …
On the same subject, people who do mostly do bad reports should be countered and at least muted too, because they are abusing/cheating the system to attack other people.

Yes, boosting communities, and even more those who used that to sell for real money, are bad for us, BUT haters and trolls are far worst and have been wandering around almost untouched.

What’s wrong with politics? It’s a valid thing to discuss. The issue is people can’t discuss it without getting mad.

I assume people think that if trade chat was jut sellers/buyers that they’d finally sell that green that dropped off a mob while they were questing 10 years ago :laughing:

those are called people

Nothing wrong with politics, but slurs like “Let’s go Brandon” do not belong in chat. My point is that Blizz stated that advertisements are only allowed in Trade Chat, if they wanna do this, then all other stuff should go in General chat. Racism, hate politics and more like this should not belong in either.