We traded one spam for another Trade chat is now toxic

Because we don’t want to care about politics when we are gaming, we want to play the game and not have to listen to the real life stuff that people just argues about anyway


nice to see the GD “spam report everything we don’t like” crew is getting people banned for doing free key carries.

i just watched a streamer who does not sell carries get logged out for saying in /2 that she was running free carries, did not even mention the stream. she did not get “squelched”. she was immediately logged out and her account now shows “inactive”.

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This would require me taking an action to solve my own problems. This is too much to ask! Realistic solutions please!


That’s horrible! =(

I never am in “trade chat” since that is what the Auction House is for.

Just wanted to post this for those “Trade is only for Trade” crowd.

Then there is this…

yes, but mentioning carries (even free ones) in general can get you banned.

Not arguing that. This is for those are that are saying Trade is for selling only and any other banter is against the rules. I see that come up quite a bit.

correct it is a cesspool. but…that does not change the fact that trade is also a trading of ideas. Yes, idiots exist, and should be reported