We oppose the 30-per-day cap!

The irony is palpable

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If you’re too dense to understand what they meant: legitimate players means REAL players AKA Humans not bots.

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It doesn’t affect most players. So idk about that

Also lol 1 post for that rebuttal

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If anyone has 2 characters that raid on back to back days that this is 2 MC lockouts, 2 Bwl lockouts, 2 Ony lockouts and 2 ZG lockouts, add to that the 2 DMT lockouts to get world buffs. That’s 10 instance ID’s they HAVE TO save in one 24 hour period.
So if nothing at all goes wrong with resetting instances if these accounts need to do dungeons they have less than 20 resets of instances available in TWO DAYS play time.
So thats 10 instances just for raids that leaves you with 20 perfect instance resets for any farming/alt leveling for a 2 day period.
This change does not limit you to 30 instances a day its 30 instances in 24 hours there is a big difference.


Maybe for a rogue, not for a mage!

Seriously, I have neither the inclination nor the time to explain how much you are incorrect in this argument.

But rest assured, there is one more person in the world who has read this and has a clearer understanding on how much our educational system has failed some people.

And as I said before, Good day sir! I will reply to your insults no longer as I do not believe anything I say would change your interpretation of the conversation.

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Yet you took the time to respond. So it seems you do lol.

Sometimes it’s better to just own that you misspoke.

Most instances take the typical player an hour or so. Small instances like stockades may take 20 minutes, so that’s 5 times an hour in the best case, and one an hour in the typical case. Unless you’re abusing stockades for the XP boost, this change doesn’t impact you in the least.

Now, let’s think about this:

There is a 33% drop rate on the item. How unlucky do you have to be to go 30 runs without winning it a single time? Also, once you get the item, you have it. It’s not really a farmable item the way felcloth or arcanite crystals are. If you seriously failed to get the item the first 30 times, you can try again the next day. The time it takes to get this item is negligible in comparison to the time it took you to level to the point you can use the item.

Cry me a river. There are far more ethical ways to make gold in this game. Thirty instances a day, with an average of 12g per instance still gives them 360 gold per day. That’s enough to get the epic mount in four days with money to spare. How much gold does a legitimate player need?

Quit crying over an issue that’s not an issue.


not everyone is doing for gold! But for leveling.
Weekends I play way more than normal days, so it’s easy to get to the cap!

MCP is a weapon with 3 charges on it to increase your threat generation while tanking. If you are a feral tank in a guild that gets world buffed you need 5+ of these a week. Please if you dont know what you are talking about dont throw your opinion around like you’re king.

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I typically farm around 10 pummelers or so a day (again, only on the weekend). The average feral druid brings several of them to a raid like BWL. That being said, I have gone on particularly unlucky days for around 15 runs in a row without having it drop. That was not a problem before; I’d just keep running until I was stocked up. Now it will be a problem.

Also, there’s nothing “ethical” about farming an instance. Players are not bots, they are playing the game and doing instances what they are there for. Limiting this is totally arbitrary and does nothing to fix what it supposedly fixes: bots.

He doesnt know what MCP actually is dont bother.

what would be a reason, you specifically, look forward to the change? only curious to get yalls opinions, the ones behind limits. By the way, this is coming from someone who is a REAL player, has nothing to do during renovations at work, so spends the majority of 6 am to 10pm everyday currently running dungeons. Why would I look forward to this change?

I think some of us are focusing on the wrong thing here. The real issue is not why anyone would hit 30 cap legitimately or if they should, but rather if this change does anything to address the problem for which it is being implemented and that is to reducing botting.

I beleive the answer is no, it will not. All this change does is cause botters to either rotate to a different realm after hitting cap, or create more accounts to bot on. The volume and number of botters will not be impacted drastically.

So with that, is this change a good one? I believe it is not as it has a potential to impact actual players more then the botters.


copied from a reply to another i posted -> the ones behind limits. By the way, this is coming from someone who is a REAL player, has nothing to do during renovations at work, so spends the majority of 6 am to 10pm everyday currently running dungeons. Why would I look forward to this change?

There were/are plenty of legitimate herbalists trying to get their hands on a few Black Lotus for personal use - yet they made changes to BL spawns a couple short weeks ago.

Why? Because it was being abused in a manner detrimental to the overall community. There are people, not in an insignificant amount, that are also abusing the instances in a manner not consistent with their purpose - which all has a trickle down effect on everyone else.

So I approve and applaud the change because enough is enough. If people were using them legitimately this wouldn’t have happened.


How is this at all relevant to the instance cap change? It’s only relevant if you are totally for #NoChanges. This change hurts regular players who AREN’T hording expensive materials. I need pummelers just to raid.

Should I not be allowed to do dungeons on my alt just for prepping to raid on my main? Why?

Youre allowed to do dungeons. You just cant do more than 30 in a 24 hour period.


Again, how is this relevant to the instance cap change? No “person” is abusing the instance farms. BOTS are. Just ban the bots that thousands of us report each day. This workaround does NOTHING to address botting and ONLY harms us while giving the illusion of combating bots.


I’ll give you 210 chances a week