We oppose the 30-per-day cap!

The blue post said exploitive and automated. So bots are just one subset of abusers theyre targeting.

We could speculate on the other half and why but if theyre making this change and using that wording its more than safe to assume “legitimate” players are part of the problem.

So while I feel for ya and any other legit player out there who are being hampered by this change you can thank we the people for making it necessary.


Except we were never told what counts as “exploitive.” Is a jump run exploitive because you can jump down and avoid most of the trash in DME? If it is then why have the ledge there? Is my crowd pummeler farm exploitive because pummelers work in feral forms? I seriously struggle to think of these things as exploitive in any way, so what IS exploiting besides the bots? Just ban the bots.

On Retail I get 240 instances per day.

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They’re all over this thread. You’ve got like the same 5 people posting 30 times an hour opposing it, but pretty much everyone else agrees it’s a good thing

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Will do.

Negative: 42 - Melphina, Xavus, Aelsi, Melin, Hctaz, Grimnis, Jedditelol, Voidarcane, Niia, Zhanli, Hullk, Misho, Dp, Landric, Aedrict, Elunian, Ox, Abrakastabra, Bunsz, Scrubnub, Fizzywiggles, Bigguyman, Fenixtx, Babyshock, Wushi, Foxdruid, Vol, Blackheifer, Ludo, Romeo, Mayatau, Thordru, Disconnects, Tonyonizer, Cleavis, Bloodblaze, Numbertwo, Norj, Castcastdead, Batrol, Stronktusk, Ahnka
Positive: 7 - Taku, Döt, Freezypeezy, Valky, Quentice, Aevelamue, Bigjugs

I could go on. I got through fewer than 100 posts before I think the point was made. The response to this change is overwhelmingly negative.


You guys aren’t “all over this thread.” There are less than a handful of you. Being a vocal minority does not mean that you represent consensus.

Add me in the negative column please


Would have been great to know what was/is considered exploiting so our gaming experience didn’t get turned upside down overnight with a massive change?
If this was really about stopping botting we would have been given some warning or input into such a huge change, seems the word “exploitative” is exploitatively being used to let blizzard do what they want.

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No you don’t. Blizzard made the plummeler to have just 3 charges. Clearly they thought it too over powered to even put it on a long cool down and make it unlimited charges. They never meant for people to farm a dozen and use them sequentially. It was a game error they would have fixed if they had the time and money to do it. It should have been limited to one per back pack.


Questing is way faster than dungeons for leveling. If you’re running dungeons to level efficiently, you’re leveling wrong.

ZF GY run it’s way more efficiently IMO.
And even if it’s not more efficient, it’s more fun


We do? I don’t know, the cap sounds okay to me. Looks like some people don’t like it though.

Speak for yourself. This a great change


So you’re telling me that Blizzard always intended for level 60 druid raiders to farm 5-20 level 30 weapons for their raid? To be quite honest, that sounds like an exploit to me. You should be thankful they haven’t taken the nerf bat to that weapon.


I was asking for a reason other than what we already know, that people abuse it. But what specifically trickles down to say hurting you or me, when people do this? how am I affected SPECIFICALLY? otherwise, I dont see what you applaud. I honestly take neither side actually here. I have hit the hourly instance limit once or twice. But I dont do herbalism so I have no clue what black lotus is even for other than it sells well from what I see on the AH

Unfortunately Blizzard doesnt have to explain themselves to us and in the case of some exploits its better to not spill the beans publicly even if its no big secret to players. You usually dont wanna pass that kind of info around if you can avoid it.

I dont think they were targeting you specifically no matter how personally you wanna take it. Obviously some are up to no good and needed to be dealt with - some get caught in the crossfire - although Id posit 30 instances in 24 hours is a decent enough compromise.

I get some people no life this game but that (30) doesnt come off as a quit point - but if it is for some Ill find a way to go on :rofl:

…the time and money? All they would need to do is make it unique. But they didn’t do that. And so the mechanic has been there, working as intended. And yes, I do need pummelers to raid. Not doing so would be just like not getting world buffs or not bringing potions, rather pointless.

This weapon is the same as it was in Vanilla and back then it was known that druids could farm to burn the charges and swap to another. There are WowHead posts dating back to 2007 where people were discussing that possibility of farming these for druids and Pallys. If Blizzard thought it was an exploit they would have already addressed it by now. You cannot use the items as justification for your opinion.

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Heaven forbid players ever dare to get creative in–dare I say it–a game! Surely no one actually believes that using mechanics in a 15-year-old game to have fun is ‘exploiting.’ The entire point of Classic WoW is to give us a stable recreation of what was there before. Farming dungeons was there before (and I should add, it’s a fun part of the game). Instance caps were NOT there.

For most of my realms lifespan Tier 0 BOE’s from 60 dungons were listed at about 10-20 in number and ranging anywhere from 3g to 20g.

Today there’s 100 of them listed and the cheapest one is 75 gold. Yet Runecloth sells for barely above vendor price. Leveling greens are priced way above what a leveler of that level could afford. The rich get richer and…

That is just one of 100 examples I could give you right now.

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