We oppose the 30-per-day cap!

If you read my post and got that out of it, then I have nothing else to say to you. You are now placing words in my mouth and making false assumptions. And with that, I have nothing to say to you. You have offended me and place false assumptions on my words.

Good day sir!

Yeah, like I said, there are arguments against the 30 instance limit. I think there are people who will legitimately hit it. I don’t think those will be MCP farmers.

They could probably bring it up a bit. Maybe 45 or something.

It was what you said

Your words. This only affects that small % that hit 30 instances a day. For everyone else it does absolutely nothing.

I think that everyone who pays their sub is a legitimate player. Not just the people hitting 30 instances a day

Sure, I just did a tally of the first 100 posts of that 1000+ post thread just to give you a scope. I did three categories of tallies, defined as such:

Positive reaction towards change : Explicitly praising the change or praising the action taken towards bots in general

Negative reaction towards change: Explicitly against the change or sarcastic/negative remarks towards Blizzard

Confusion/neutral/seeking information: Any post that was not explicitly negative or positive

Here’s what I got:

Negative Reactions: 47
Positive Reactions 12:
Neutral/Information seeking/confusion: 41

Based on the sample size I used, it looks like the plurality of people hate the change with the next biggest slice filled with people either confused about it or seeking more information. A measly 12% of people were explicitly for that change.

Here’s your proof pal


How many Facebook likes did it get? Because they mean about as much as these forums


The exact question I was answering was whether the posters in this forum support or oppose the change, tough luck that I actually counted the responses LOL

Weird flex

if you say so buddy, I got time

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I didn’t vote for you.


Posted on the main thread as well. This change does absolutely nothing to impact botters who run farms across multiple accounts/servers. This only hurts people legitimately farming instances on one account. Terrible change, stop making sweeping changes without talking to your player base. Ban the bots, don’t hamstring my ability to play the game legitimately. Absolutely ridiculous.


Lmao you actually went through and counted some. Good on you.

Im all for this change. Thank you Blizzard.


Signed. This change is awful.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the Lorax.

You don’t. I’m in favor of the 30 per day dungeon limit.


And at no point in my comment did I use the term “ALL LEGITIMATE PLAYERS”. Key word being ALL. Are players who hit the 30 day lock out all none legitimate players then? By your logic then you are saying just that.

Are there legitimate players who could hit the 30 cap, Yes, so by me saying that this change will impact legitimate players is a true statement, and at no time was I inferring that anyone not hitting the cap was not.

I suggest you take a reading comprehension class and stop inferring meaning into other peoples comments that are not there.

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People are always more likely to post to complain than to post that they like something.


And the backpedaling begins…

No one person needs to legitimately run more than 30 unique instances in a 24 hour period. In fact, 30 is still a high number, in my opinion.


And you know someone is wrong when they have begin insulting someone instead of providing a coherent rebuttal.