We oppose the 30-per-day cap!

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I speak for all the players. I speak for you too. Have you ever bought a potion? There will now be less of a supply, since herbers will do DME less. Have you ever needed arcanite? There will be less crystals because of an artificial change. Has anyone in your group or raid ever needed these things? Have anyone in your raid farming SGC? Yes, I speak for you too, you just don’t realize it. We’re on the same side.


Increase it to 40 or 50 and we will be fine with it.

Imagine writing this, thinking you speak for everyone, and putting all that effort to sound professional, only to look like a tool.

What a shame.


I speak for you too, even if you don’t see it.

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You do NOT speak for me. You’re increibly arrogant and can piss right off.


Don’t ever try to tell someone how they feel about a change. I know my stance and only I can say how I feel. Quit being so ignorant thinking that you have the ability to speak for anyone, let alone everyone.

I don’t care for mats to cost nothing, I’d prefer that gold had a greater value in the game and things cost more. So again, do not try to say you speak for everyone.


Dont know why an update like this was released without a petition tbh, or even an early announcement. I just spent 3 weeks levelling and gearing a lock for DME solo farming and that character is near useless to me now being my 2nd alt sharing lockouts with 2 raiding characters.

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Sad that this is who represents the pro-bot crowd

You are unnecessarily aggressive. Read through my post and point out what element of this will be good for the game, if you actually think that.

I’ve done the MCP farm, dude. It does not require 30 instances or more daily. You can easily do a few 5 instance lockouts a day a few times a week and have more than enough MCPs.

I think there are legitimate arguments against the 30 instance limit. MCP farming is not one.

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This assumes that someone can log on everyday. That’s a bold assumption to make. I do my farming on the weekend, usually on one day.


Nothing about those that are against this change are “Pro-bot”. We are against this change because we have thought it through and realized that this change will do nothing to combat botting and will only impact players who farm in instances.

The botter will see this change and just create more account to circumvent it and continue botting. So this change will be a small inconvenience at best.

This is a knee jerk reaction that will have more impact on legitimate player then it will on botters.

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Because blizzard forums are a top notch way to indicate community opinion.

Dungeon farming 210+ instances a week is garbage and has been thrown out as such.


Also even if you were to hypothetically spread runs over, say, 3 days: What about helping guildies farm SGC on those days? What about getting DMT buffs on those days?

“Sorry, I won’t help you today even though it’s one of the only days I have time, I have to farm Gnomer.” Image ever needing to say that to a friend. What a horrible way to destroy community, Blizzard.

It’s unnecessarily aggressive to tell you that you have no right to say you speak for me?

You need a reality check.

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So everyone who isn’t hitting 30 lockouts a day is not a legitimate player

Got it

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This is a change that we, the community, did not ask for. You need a reality check if you think that this was something we wanted.

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I didn’t say I agreed or disagreed. I simply said you and your pompous arrogant idiocy don’t speak for me.

Piss off.


It takes like 15-20 mins to MCP farm 5 instances. That’s not a huge daily commitment. And even if there are only 2 days out of the week you can MCP farm that’s 60 instances, which should come out to ~12 MCPs. That should be plenty.