We need a realm merge

Hi folks. I recently opened a ticket and spoke to a GM about a realm merger, and he said to post on the forums. So here I am.

I think all of us that play seriously on Aman’Thul understand that the population is woeful. To say that recruiting committed players is slow is a huge understatement. Trying to recruit raiders in a GMT+8 time slot is even worse.

The worst thing about this is that the decline seems to be accelerating. The harder it is to recruit and to run serious content due to low numbers, the more people leave for greener pastures, the harder it is to recruit and run serious content.

Our guild has been operating on Aman’Thul since early Wrath - quite long, relatively. Now, sadly, we’re considering leaving the realm. Already we have lost many of our best performing guilds as the player pool on Aman’Thul is just way too low to support progression focused guilds. Cross-realm and communities have helped with pugging people to run raids, but it doesn’t help with serious mythic and it is in no way the same as having a guild run.

Not only am I actually sad to consider leaving the realm that has been my home for many years, but I have to believe that Blizzard doesn’t intend servers to die a slow death while people all transfer to a few mega-servers.

In my opinion, we are simply overdue for a realm merge. We could easily merge a few of the low population Oceanic realms - surely some of them are suffering too.

Obviously fishing for a blue post is stupid but, as I said to the GM I spoke to, surely we at least we deserve a “hang in there” or a “no help on the horizon, sorry”. As it is, all our best people will, sooner or later, leave.


This has been such an issue for so long now. It is really disheartening to see literally no one around the zones in BfA, its incredibly difficult to do any PVP quests because I have been online when there are zero horde in Nazjatar.

Its incredibly difficult to recruit, and its getting to the point the same people looking for guilds are the same who have been rejected/quit/left previous guilds.

This has been the only server that I have known for 10 years, I would hate for it to die, but something needs to happen and needs to happen very very soon


agreed lol

Absolutely we need a realm merge. It is impossible to recruit to replenish your raid roster once people start to drift away from BFA.

Had some idiot in the general forums try telling me that Aman’Thul doesn’t need a connection.


100% support this we need a server merge…

Yes! We absolutely need a realm merge!