We are one week away from Blizzards traditional April fool's


What to expect this year? Probably won’t be any imo due to unfortunate events.

I’ve seen mods several times tease about taking jokes from the forums for the patch notes so I’m 100% sure they’re doing it this year.


Why not? This is the perfect time for levity and humour in any community.
I hope it’s a bunch of ridiculous (and obviously fake but hilarious) content for a fake patch 8.4 that pokes fun at all of BFA’s problems. Devs showing people they can take the ribbing would be great. (e.g. Magni and the Sword, stuff like that)


I expect no jokes about Corona Virus.


“Blizzard has severed all ties with Activision and we promise to get back to our roots on providing a quality gaming experience for everyone”


Oh yeah I see the Corona virus jokes happening before that

I mean it could be entertaining. Like a debuff that says “shame on you” every time you are within 6 feet of another character or something.


“We’ve added a 6yd collision box to all players.”


“We’re going to fix Wc3 Reforged and re-add all of the cut content we advertised”


Still waiting for Crabby to come back. He was so helpful! Add him to the forums for the day.

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I don’t think Blizzard would make a joke about a situation that is effecting a lot of people from around the world.

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Maybe they’ll make a joke about High Elf’s getting added.


Sounds perfect. They would be able to relate.

Haven’t they done that before?

We could all use a little laughter right about now. :grinning:

I imagine there will be an april fools patch notes. I also imagine everyones going to be super salty about it.

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In due to short supplies, Orgrimmar and Stormwind have decided to close all out houses due to the toilet paper shortage.


I thought we were already part of a going on 2 years April Fools joke

They’ll probably announce a lot of good and fun things that people have been asking and waiting for only to then say “haha april fools, this is bfa, did you really expect we’d do any of this good stuff?”

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April Fool’s has been canceled to Covid-19