Water Strider Discussion

With the obvious damage control going on, it’s obvious this ship is headed towards the iceberg and they are going full steam ahead.


Yeah, but then people would complain (but now I have to switch mounts for this situation!) …which is what they’d complain about with my solution, too. I suppose there is no win-win at all.

Personally? I don’t mind swapping mounts for various situations. I like the idea of being able to pick, but that’d be viable too, granted. That comes down to specific abilities for specific mounts vs. each mount can have different equipment on it though.

Which, sadly, is not what anyone is getting anyway x.x

Edit: Whoops, a blue is watching me be all negative nancy. Ah well.

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“We value all your feedback so we can continue to ignore it, for the hundredth time.”

You’re useless.

Also, will they be removing Tanks’ immunity to daze?


ARE YOU SERIOUS??? How can you say that you even listen to your customers?

How can you just forget something this important and this gated, time sinked? That is a total fail on your part not to lead with that, and it is huge.


No I think he means that in order to get them, you have to be exalted (like getting strider). Meaning you only have to BUY them via the exalted rep, not USE them. But… that’s not clarified and a bit vague though. So I’m only assuming. x.x

Like, you’d go on your toon you got the strider with, right, buy a bunch of shoes, ship 'em off, and boom! Use them on your toons no problems.

Yeah, edited the above, it’s meant to just be the purchasing. If you earn it on one toon you can mail it to and use it on whoever is level 20+. If someone hasn’t been out there fishing with Nat Pagle then they can’t buy them for 40-50g and will need to get them through other means.

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What I think should be done: The water strider should be strictly water-walking, and ignore whatever you have in the mount equipment slot.

Perhaps put mounts into families which have certain abilities. For example, water striders would have water walking. Big heavily built mounts like direhorns would be daze-immune, and so on.


Cool, yeah that’s what I thought but could see how people could misinterpret. Thanks for the clarification!

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here is an idea: how about the devs remove all the special mounts that players acquired that are no longer dropped or sold on the BMAH? I mean, come on. I cannot farm that tiger mount anymore so no one should have it. let’s remove them all from the game. Also, since I don’t do pvp. all those pvp players who received those special pvp saddles, let’s remove those also.

let’s remove everything special in this game, everything unique. let’s remove the wow factor.



Winged flying mounts could get a glide :smiley:


Yes and they all retired. :frowning:

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So when are they going to be removing the ability to harvest herbs on the sky golem next? No reason to not take that off that mount and make it be a equipment item you have to buy for like 50g or so.


Would be nice, easily the ugliest mount in the game. Less I see it the better~

I cannot wait for this to go live and see the sh!t hit the fan with all the water-striding players who don’t frequent the forum.


It will be in the patch notes, but yeah, I think it will piss off the community.
It’s already too late though. I’ve seen this dog and pony show too many times in the last 14 years, and the decision’s already been made. We’ve been played.



When patch day arrived with portal removal it was a lot of confusion. Most players decided to quit playing that day or file bug reports for the missing ports.

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Mount monotony would be fixed instantly by either not gating Pathfinder behind patches or by eliminating it entirely and going back to buying a “Tome of (Expansion) Flying” when you hit max level.

The Water Striders became the “default” mount when flying was no longer unlocked by just hitting max level. When flying is available, striders are not the only choice.


What customer has said “Please remove the water walking ability that we earned away from the water strider and make us buy the ability again, and again and again?”

Adding a slot to make that character’s mount more usable until we are given flying back is a great idea. To remove the inherent water walking ability from the strider is just not something the customer has asked for or wanted. Why do we have to buy it back?


I guess that is what I am meaning. Mounts working like hunter pet categories. Each having it’s special perk. I just think that “fits” better.

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That would be interesting, have some have allow for a farther jump, some with water walking, some with gliding in no fly zones (likely the ones that have wings or the like).

Also will they rename the Water Strider to something else once it doesn’t stride on water without equipment?