Water Strider Discussion

(Hennya) #1659

it’s being added because ION, the todd howard of wow is sulking, again


Past experience says it really is.

Beta after beta we have heard how issues are not a big deal because it is just beta…then it hits the live servers.

When they flesh something out to this extent, you can bet it will go through UNLESS enough people really do take it seriously and let them know that this is not an acceptable option for most strider owners.

Even that may not be enough to cause them to take another look at how they are treated many of their players, but…

We would not be flying right now if players had not raised the roof.
Blizzard got so hammered by players and the gaming media that they struggled to find a way to reverse their decision in WOD without looking like they were actually giving up something…thus they demanded a price for flying that they called Pathfinder.

I laugh every time someone calls what they did a compromise as though they sought out the opinions of players rather than demanded that their Pathfinder achievement be completed in order to fly.

They did not have a lot of choice due to the serious repercussions, yet they modeled it to look like they were doing the players a favor (a “compromise”).

Sorry, I digress.

Anyway, I expect this new removal of content will definitely make it through beta and into live. It is now ok to take from some players in order to make other players happy.

Like how they attached dungeons and raids to Pathfinder in Legion so that players who do not, or are not able to engage in dungeons and raids could no longer fly in that content at all…ever…or tame rare hunter pets, or engage in a number of other things that required class hall completion which required dungeons and raids.

They took abilities to obtain normal (until Legion) and inclusive things away from many players and gave them to players who prefer to engage in group instance content.

I have no issue with dungeoneers and raiders getting the best gear, etc, but it is kind of a lop-sided deal when they actually take things from some players and make them exclusive to players of a different play style.

So, don’t think for one minute that they will not do this.

I have come to the conclusion that it simply is not worth working too much for anything in this game that Blizzard can (and may) nerf later on if they feel like it. It just isn’t worth the aggro any more to put in the effort knowing that Blizzard can not be counted on to honor what you have earned.

Just MO

(Schwarzkopf) #1661

I don’t have a problem with the water strider itself, rather the blandness of the whole system.

Why not make the new ‘glyphs’ per mount (account wide) so different people will have different abilities on different mounts.

Then just have any mount with special abilities already (golem, strider) not have a slot for an improvement.

SO instead of having only one ability for all mounts, each user can decide which mount gives them which abilities.


This is just another case of Blizzard taking something that wasn’t really a problem to begin with, trying to fix it, and in the process creating an actual problem.

Like… Is it really that big a deal to just let people have the water strider? Mount equipment could have been a great feature if it wasn’t coming at the cost of something else. But rather than just giving us a cool new thing you’ve decided you have to destroy something else to make room for it, and as a result you’ve turned what should have been a cool new addition into a source of dread.

(Sincubus) #1663

incoming Blue Post

puts on Helmet


Just something I’d like to get your perspective on, if the character who earned the Anglers reputation along with the mount gets the water walking item for free, what would a fair price be for the alts to get it? If that character who earned the reputation and mount has the option to water walk (but might choose something else), do you feel that alts should have every single thing that the other characters have?

Also, just out of curiosity, how often would you estimate that you have you used the water strider mount in the 6+ years it’s been available?

Thanks folks for chatting!

So People Want The Water Strider To Be Restricted?
(Warpstone) #1665

If it was only going to be that easy. Why would they leave the Leather Bardings and the goblin Gliders In the game? I would just have to put the Walter Walking on every mount and i would have all 3 at the same time. It would make the mount equipment irrelevant the minute it goes live.

No they are going to remove all that stuff so we only have one choice, and that is the problem. Blizzard wants us to have less choice not more.

(Truthspeaker) #1666

On re-reading the second quote, it sounds to me like this is less about giving folks a wider variety of water walking mounts and more about making sure that multiple special abilities can’t be used at the same time. After all, if it were simply about offering more choices, there are ways to do that without removing functionality from the water strider.

This is sounding more and more like another method of making navigating the world more laborious and less efficient and outside of MAU conspiracy theories, I don’t understand why. What, specifically, is the problem if a person decides to use water walking on one mount and anti stun on another?


A fair price would be being able to use it instantly with no money or effort involved, because that is literally how the item currently works and anything less is a downgrade.

(Kyraz) #1668

My alts can already use the water walker…at no additional cost.
You are telling me that this will no longer be the case, are you not?

(Gwaeniiha) #1669

Free. That is the only acceptable price. We had FREE waterwalking until this idiotic system, it should STILL be free.

(Hennya) #1670

Yes. Alts are still MY CHARACTERS things I have put WORK into. That its spread out a bit in no way takes away from the overall effort. You won’t be winning anyone over with mediocre arguments about over-reliance and account-bound benefits


How much is it going to cost to get water walking on each of my 100 toons? I have both striders.

What is going to happen next expansion to equipment crafted in this expansion?

What other mount abilities may be treated similarly in the future?

How much are we going to need anti-daze and parachutes next expansion?

Will crafters still be able to make the non-equipment mount buffs we use in this expansion, next expansion?

How many extra tokens does Blizzard believe the extra gold needed will cause to be purchased?

(Hardwire) #1672

Because it’s not about player choice. It’s not about the strider’s so-called “dominance”. It’s about having another means of controlling player travel.

They throw up a smokescreen of “we want players to have choices!”, but they don’t back that up by providing a variety of water walking mounts. No, the only way they can give us choices is apparently to destroy a mount’s permanent ability so they can give us consumables which can be removed at their whim.

(Sincubus) #1673

Its an account bound mount, every character can use it without issue. If you are giving a concession so it can continue to be used then the same logic should apply and every alt gets it for free.

But thats still pointless because, as its still attached to this silly new system, when you try to put anti-daze on another mount, it will break the Strider, bringing us back to a mount that cant do what it has been doing for years.

I really dont understand why you guys seem to be adamant about not excluding it like the golem. Once flying comes in most of the equipment is moot anyway and then we will have you guys come in and remove the parachute because without it we are making the “wrong choice”


that is some garbage, if you are herbing you use the herbing mount. if you run up on a lake or a river… hop off and grab your water strider. why would you think nerfing the water strider is a good idea. removing stuff that people took months to farm the rep for is terrible idea. working towards a goal to have it removed just gives less incentive to work towards anything else in the futre

(Kyraz) #1675

Ten times this.


Exactly. Farming what you want is a long tradition in this game.
Going to the trouble of farming anything with the present team in charge would just be stupid.

(Hardwire) #1677

Since the water strider is “too strong” and clearly the “best choice”, forcing us to forsake all other mounts, why do you need to ask this question? By the reasoning of “strider is dominant, everyone is forced to use it!” the clear answer is “100% of the time.”

It’s almost like you realize the whole “forced to use water strider always” argument is a load of elekk poodoo.


Telling us there is a wrong choice is the wrong choice.

I have 171 mounts unlocked. I use a randomizer add-on when I mount up that picks from a customized list based on whether I’m in a flying zone or grounded or swimming. I hardly ever use the Water Strider unless I want to and need to.

I don’t understand this fear the devs seem to have that some vast majority of people are going around everywhere on the Water Strider… is that really happening?

I never see people on their Water Striders unless I’m in a zone with lots of bodies of water like Nazmir.
The really bizarre part about this is that it’s coming at the same time as BfA Pathfinder Part 2, which means about two weeks after it goes live it will be pointless for a lot of players.

Why, if the bug is so dominant… why not just add water walking to other mounts that would make sense to have it like the Dreadwake maybe. We have a selection of at least 10 swimming mounts and the reasons I prefer the Water Strider over them is 1) they are slower than ground mounted speed 2) the camera behaves poorly when swimming near the water surface and 3) the mount casting time. (I mean, if I’m in the water already and it takes 3 seconds to switch mounts what do you think I’m gonna choose, a mount that runs on water at full speed or a mount that swims only marginally faster than running and makes me remount again when I get to land?)

This whole thing could have been handled a lot more creatively. Mounts could have been improved, diversified… the mount equipment abilities could have been applied to families of mounts making them more interesting and giving us meaningful choices…

But no, Blizzard’s answer is to make all mounts just another cosmetic item with one socket they all share to drive yet another gold sinking system.