Warriors need a nerf. They are bugged

It’s very relevant since my post was that they can only tune runes without affecting era servers.

Tuning pets is not “tuning actual classes”

They cannot touch base spells without affecting another game.

therefore they cannot tune the scaling.

You keep saying this like it means anything. Tuning runes, just like tuning pets, is still class tuning

But they can’t touch scaling for classes.

Which is a MASSIVE part of tuning.

So “hunters will get scaling tuning later” doesn’t actually exist.

“warriors base damage will get nerfed later” isn’t possible.

Thank you for coming to my ted talk

How very shortsighted of you. Shame you can’t really recognize the potential of future runes and how they may or may not affect the strength of a given class

I hope you get the help you so desperately need soon, though. As for me, I’ve had enough of dealing with you

Appreciate you.

Let me know when you want to get proven wrong in another discussion.

You always run away when you get backed into a corner and result to insults.

Hopefully you get the help you deserve at how quickly you become hostile on a forum.


inb4 “nerf pets”


Buddy, lightning breath and scorpid poison both had their damage values adjusted.

And it also adjusted those values on era.

Which is why they don’t actually tune classes like “reduced hunter’s damage by 10%”

Because it affects era hunters.

So the safe bet is to adjust runes because runes aren’t in era.

thats my point.

“buddy” :dracthyr_crylaugh:

warriors got some of the most boring runes along with hunters, let em be strong because they got some bad ones

Mortal strike next phase.

They’re going to have to seriously nerf some of the warrior runes for them to not be broken 40+ lol. At 60 even with no runes it would be hard for them to bring the other classes up to them, and if they make everyone that powerful then PvP is going to be an absolute nightmare of everyone one shotting each other lol

Are warriors nerfed yet? Game is boring to play when a warrior is doing 450 dps in raid and my class does 80 dps.

Not sure.

I never advocated for warrior nerf.

Just pointed out that they are very strong during their weakest phase.


Hunter has top spot and are doing more damage, do they need a nerf first?

Logs say otherwise

1 hunter in the top 25

edit, just checked, 2 hunters

Check again.

Also, neither need a nerf, hunter’s didn’t need the nerfs they already got.

theres 4 hunters in the top 40 with the best hunter being #1.


What do the logs say otherwise then? I said they are the top spot and are doing more damage and in general they are. Top few % of the % that actually log warrior is doing the most on average yes but at almost every % hunters and rogues are doing way more.

Someone tell that to the warrior in my bfd group earlier

Yup posting this just outs yourself as an astroturfer. The hunter was using 3 pet trinkets (felhunter, grinch, and dog whistler) and has nothing to do with hunter damage.

So far we have these astroturfers identified:

Their most recent argument claims “muh 4 hunters in top 50” but in reality, the warriors haven’t been logged with their grinch, felhunter, or dog whistle trinkets but the hunters have.

They are astroturfing because they are cherrypicking the data and not understanding the reality of what is going on, but will instead use this false statement to bolster their arguments.

In general, ignore/block these people as they are astroturfers.

not true. there’s 4 hunters in the top 50.

what’s my argument exactly?..