Warriors need a nerf. They are bugged

Imagine qqing over a class capped at 25 LOL

You say this like they aren’t capable of tuning classes by phase. Something they’re…already doing right now

Which doesn’t matter does it and it takes really long fights to keep stacking it that high. As long as it isn’t stacking on players then were fine.

I understand how the classes work sir.

did you know that the point of SoD was to bring up other classes on par with warrior so we’re not having 20 warriors per raid like in era?..

Your entire post doesn’t justify anything but

“warriors are allowed to be top dps because they have an endless resource builder”

So what’s the point of SoD if warriors are just going to dominate every phase like in era?..

You clearly missed the point.

you couldn’t even come up with a proper reply.

I’d lol at you too.


They’re not tuning classes…they’re tuning RUNES.

They cannot tune classes without affecting era servers.


It’s not my sock puppet but thanks lol.

I clearly posted right under the guy.

they were piled up under all the ones about hunters.

Uh huh, that’s why they were able to adjust hunter pet damage, something completely unrelated to runes, right?

Thats why the pets in era also changed as well.

you should try them in era :slight_smile:

anything else?

You can’t pay me to want to touch that trashfire

Then my original points stand.

They’re not tuning classes.

Just runes.

They literally have

just their rune damage.

The last 3 weeks not a single base spell has been buffed or nerfed.

Pets aren’t a ability or spell.

It’s impressive how hard you’re trying to move the goalposts just to justify your doomsaying

Then again this isn’t the first time I’ve seen such garbage takes from you, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised

Show me where classes are being tuned outside of their runes.

i’ll wait.


I already did

Nevermind that your insistence on specifying runes is irrelevant anyway, because runes are still part of “class tuning”

Yes and with this change it also changed them on era.

They cannot tune classes without affecting era servers.

You’re going to throw your back out, those goalposts are pretty heavy

Are you calling pets a class?..


Pets are part of the Hunter class, yes

But are they an actual class?..

Can I create a pet in the character selection screen?

Oh okay.


Irrelevant. They are part of the class. Therefore adjusting them is class tuning

You cannot create a “totem” in the character creator, but adjusting them would still be shaman class tuning

Are you feeling okay? Is this some sort of cry for help?