Warriors need a nerf. They are bugged

Right now their deep wounds is ticking for 1200. Yes, you heard it right. 1200. This should not be possible but it is. They are auto attack critting for over 800 in raids and they kill most players in 3 seconds in PvP.

This is the class that scales to infinity at 60, and its already doing level 60 warrior damage. At 40 they also get plate, which makes them unkillable unless you are a caster.

Please look into warriors and nerf them, they are a broken class. Just look at WCL, they are doing 30% more damage than any other class in the game in PvP and in PvE


Ah, I was starting to wonder where the daily “I got killed by a Warrior and need to overinflate their capabilities to defend my ego” thread was


werent warriors like #3 in the dps charts last time?

so ya nerf rogues and hunters too!

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Check right now. Out of the top 100, 90 are warriors. Its bad. The class is insanely overpowered atm. With a healer they just run around 1 shotting your entire team


heh . the average dps charts and not the tippy top % rogues are top and hunters are next then warriors.

i am fine with that and i dont even play warriors.

Hunters were nerfed into the ground when they did only half the dps warriors are doing now so… Lol whats your excuse? Hunters did 150 dps, got nerfed 9 times until they did 100 dps. Now warriors are doing 250-300 dps. 3x as strong.

It needs a nerf, no doubt.



At the absolute max percentile, they have a fairly decent lead

At 95th, they’re behind Rogue

At 90th, they fall behind Hunter

At 60th, they fall behind melee Hunter

And it steadily goes down from there until they land squarely behind the above, plus Mage, Paladin, and Warlock at the lowest percentile

So…they have a solid but not oppressive lead only at the absolute highest performance with full-BiS players. I fail to see the problem here

tell me this cause im curious.

what do you expect them to add to warriors as runes that doesnt directly add damage to them as runes?

there isnt really anything i can think of and god forbid they add gladiator stance cause the tears would be unable to be measured.

I need to see a pic of a 1200 deep wounds tick, 800 autos, and a warr 1 shotting an entire wsg team.

Im a warr parsing in the 80s and my biggest raid buff crits are 400.


Number 1 warrior in the world: 247.3 dps
Number 1 hunter in the world: 216.1 dps

216.1 x 3= 247.3

:abacus: :thinking:


I think they are at an okay spot.

My only observation is how strong they are during the phase where they are supposed to be weak.

p2 warriors with whirlwind axe + talents + runes is probably going to shatter meters.

The amount of damage/runes you’d have to give to everyone else to keep up would be astonishing.


nobody wants to talk about that though


There is some weirdness with deep wounds, its not the classic version of deep wounds, its the wotlk version + a bit more, its possible if you were buffed enough and you fought some sort of enemy that is both extremely difficult to kill (you can stack tons of deep wounds “stacks” on it) and it also has some sort of damage amplifier that you could deep wounds tick it for thousands, you’d need a very specific setup for it though

You’d gimp yourself into oblivion to do it, like you’d do absolutely nothing almost except deep wounds damage, but it is possible, obviously you could never do it on a player unless they literally just allowed you to auto attack them for an indefinite amount of time until you got enough b2b crits that you ended up with some giga deepwounds

Well kinda, Warriors (Tank) are #3 in the maximum sweat parses, Warriors (dps) are #1 and it’s not a competition with other classes anymore


warriors in the bis gear in the game are good?

who knew this would happen that someone in bis gear would be up top in damage?

oh ya .


shaman are the top tanks in the game bar none. warriors seem to struggle holding aoe threat , so what else do they have other than damage?

and if you look at 90% percentile rogues are top damage and hunters are right behind them.

someone with the tippy top gear and a weapon that is only 3~ dps less than whirlwind axe (a weapon that can carry you to even mid 40s if you squeeze it out) does the best damage?

oh lordy what do we do?


Why are the other classes in their BiS not as good?..

That’s the whole point of SoD.

like it’s only close between 3 classes right now.

He’s probably talking about turtle boss with feral maim debuff, Sarthe had a video showcasing the damage on that fight. It’s literally a raid boss gimmick.

Warriors are taking 2h weapons and “cheesing” dps meters with retaliate on fights like akumai by picking up all of the cleanse adds and getting a big damage boost. Until he posts a log or explains his argument calm and collected I’m not buying it.

Pretty sure I had an arcane blast crit for 650-800 on Ghamoora, which means with mass regen it heals for like 3200 hp between 5 people, which basically 1 shot full heals half the raid, narf mage nao!

ya i chaos bolted after incen buff and lake of fire buff for 1412

nerf locks now!

Hi, care for honest discussion or are you here to gaslight?..

Yea…people ain’t ready for that discussion.


Never experienced a warrior doing that to me, but I have had a hunter burn my shaman down from 1k hp while I stood still and spammed the expensive 1.5 heal with 70% pushback. A warrior would need chain crits to do that.

Btw the number of nerfs isn’t an indicator of “unfairness” or “we don’t need anymore nerfs now.” Balance changes stop when you get balance, hunters in PVP were and still are doing stupid amounts of damage with very little risk and very good reward.

idk, maybe balance the game the game better.