Warriors need a nerf. They are bugged

Even the best geared warrior with boon and consumes with Hydra 2H weapon wouldnt even white hit a bfd mobs for more then 550 in a crit.

Deep wounds ticking for 1200 is just a troll. can’t even happen at 60 LOL

Let me tell you about the circle of life, my son.
First, you bring the warrior to the raid and carry him.
Then, you bring the warrior to the raid and he carries you.
Then you CoE kite the warrior in WSG, using him as a reliable drain life/haunt battery
When he dies, then you drain the hunter pet.
Thus the cycle of life continues.

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ohhh boy are you in for a surprise next phase. It’s only gonna get better baby

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There’s definitely an issue with current warrior scaling. Warriors in BiS gear who know how to play can absolutely demolish every other class in damage. It’s not even close. The issue is unless there’s balancing changes, warriors are going to be BiS every phase and we’re going to be back to the warrior stacking shenanigans that happened in classic 1.0.

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That doesn’t seem to be happening so far - there’s far fewer warriors in SoD, to the point that I’m sometimes the only one in a raid. Nobody knows what phase 2 / 3 / 4 / etc will be like, so there’s plenty of time for other classes to catch up and start competing.

Nah, remove it. Pet scaling was nerfed, so was the entire hunter toolkit and the based ranged weapon damage of all ranged weapons. If I can’t have fun, neither should you.

Bye bye.

I’ve had 1-2 warriors in every BFD and I’m seeing a lot more leveling now with my alt. I know originally people were less bullish on them since they expected them to suck until later phases.

Again, this is fine in a vacuum, but we all know that warriors scale more than anyone else with gear. We saw it in vanilla. We saw it in TBC. We see it in WOTLK. If in a phase 1 theyre already top dog, then blizzard either needs to adjust their scaling and mechanics or accept that every phase will have warriors as the top DPS.

Buddy he used a mechanical greench.

Who cares about raids logs.


Warriors are free kills. I feel really bad for them. They try so hard just to do no damage and slowly die while I’m at full HP.

Warrior have terrible design in Vanilla and really need some buffs. I won’t touch playing Warrior till they get some QoL. Maybe some sustain healing, ranged silence, spell reflect and of course really waiting for Glad stance.

Leave Warriors alone. They are really sad right now.

A chinese hunter is number 1 damage in WCL. Another hunter is 5th. You are just an uninformed m*ron

Do you have a screenshot or proof of deep wounds ticking for that much on a player?

Significantly buff warrior baseline damage & mobility and reduce their scaling.

The heal isn’t directly 80% of whatever the arcane damage was, it is calculated independently? I’ll take a closer look next raid.

lol I play a hunter. its lvl 25 who cares. half the time I forget world buffs or just afk during bosses and still come close to top dps. I’m having fun and not sweating like it seems the majority of the forums are over us basically playing a mode that is a work in progress.

if you want my logs look up Ugug-Crusader Strike who cares.

He messed up quoting his sock puppet.

We’re not playing Classic Era.

We’re playing Classic+.

Check WCL. Its ticking for 1200 on bosses

Isn’t that clearly showing that warriors with the bfd gear(top %) are already scaling way too hard?

I don’t think it’s necessarily a problem that warriors are top DPS - they suffer in PvP without significant support, have very little utility / toolkit for assisting in overworld farming when it comes to things like herbalism and mining, and they’re certainly no longer the only class that can tank. If other classes can reliably exceed a warrior’s damage output, why even play warrior at all? To fulfill some vague notion of class fantasy / roleplaying?

All of what you said applies to hunters as well. But they were nerfed 9 times. So I would be preparing to reroll if you are a warrior.