#WarlockStables Compilation Thread

Just going to throw my last few coins in the well for at least for some new demons to demo.


bumping but isnt it kinda late to get much changes for demo now :frowning:

It took 8 years to get green fire

Yeah I’m pretty disappointed at the lack of pet customization for warlocks

Hunters get pets added in patches just because… And warlocks have been stuck with the same ones for over 15 years

Come on Blizzard, step it up! Put that art team to work! They carry the rest of the dev team already so this should be no problem for them




Blizz could literally fix this with a glyph

Glyph of Mirror Demon

Causes your summoned demons appearance to mirror that of the targeted demon. Lasts until cancelled or a new appearance is mirrored

Then put an extra line on the demons tooltip that says what kind of base demon it is such as, Imp, Felhunter, Succubus, Voidcaller, Felguard etc.

Boom, done. Warlocks can now have any demon they choose…

Just annoying Blizzard won’t even put in that tiny bit of effort

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Bump this is not going away

Admit it, we warlocks are sons and daughters of Blizz who later found out taht we are prosucts of an affair.
Hunters are true heirs of Blizz.

I have been waiting on this to be in the game since the game was launched and I first learned to enslave a demon. Demons are a core part of the warlock lore yet we have barely expanded beyond the ones we have defeated over 10 years ago as our main summons. I honestly like the theme they went for in BFA summoning a demonic army but our core demons need some TLC. I am tired of looking at the same ugly Felguard that does not match any of my gear and the other pets not being viable. I’ll give credit for the summons of imps, vile scourge bomber, tyrant, and felstalker. We either need to have a similar to hunter pet system for our main demons or at least a way to defeat demons in the world to obtain “appearances” to lock to our existing pets.

They have given then taken so much from warlocks, especially demonology over the years. Classic Demo seemed unfinished and up until metamorphosis, it was missing a defining feature. I loved dark apotheosis but it was stolen to make the demon hunter. While disappointed we couldn’t maintain the first or only cloth tank class/spec, I understand the need to expand lore, classes, and a new class was sought for legion. Please throw us warlocks a Bone. We have had it fairly rough post classic for any real flavor aside from the green fire effect which was behind an admittedly fun challenge.

Hoping to one day rule Azeroth with a rampaging pit lord,


I’m for this as well. At the very least an expansion on the current glyphed demons we have is called for. I thought they were taking a step forward with Legion Infernal/Doomguard, but it turns out they didn’t even finish the step and immediately fell down the entire staircase. We still have the Eredar Twins as our permanent slaves in Dreadscar right? And during the Warlock green fire quest we literally take over a Pit Lord, yet when we get ready to fight a literal Old God or Eternal One we rock the imp of all things?! How can we not at least summon Inquisitors, or Jailers, or even different types of Fel Hounds? I mean with how much demon diversity Legion introduced surely you could throw us one or two at least, right Blizzard?


Make it happen Blizzard…warlock stable pets and duo pets. Every other pet has can control 2 pets besides warlocks…cmon man


Bump…Dont let this one disappear!

Bump to the moon! We need this. Please make it happen Blizzard.

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If people aren’t happy with demon stables how about having them being available to summon thru the spell book? Like what we have now with the summon demons but each demon gets their own drop down tab with summonable demons.

Edit: of course after enslaving them.


This should have been a thing since the start of the game! I was just thinking about this too. No reason not to have it in the game by this point as most warlocks are really powerful in the lore.

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Reminder to bump the first thread:


I originally decided to main demonology warlock in legion because I thought they would recieve the most love and be given a massive array of demons to command and was super excited. How wrong i was, legion demons have been out for what 4 years and we can’t even use any, just imps and dogs.

I was coming back for shadowlands and expecting changes and improvements to classes as in their qna they were hyping up improving the class as its the “lens we view the content through” and we don’t even get any new talents, no new spells, no new summons or demons i mean what is the point of the expansion then?

Sorry for rant just venting


Have my vote, I’d like SL be the expansion I main Demo Warlock, but not in it’s current state.

Maybe the name change from enslave demon to subjugate demon was prepping a rework to the spell???

That’d be awesome, though the chance would be slime…

Blizz is fixing the game right now. They could not even make the current contents right, not to say adding more contents…