#WarlockStables Compilation Thread

You say that like Summoner is good right now. Both can co-exist like the Shadow priests have on beta rn

Okay, so do you want demonology to go back to meta? do you prefer the summoner spec? Why is this relevant to the other guy’s inability to read?

Why is this being talked about this in my thread on Warlock Stables that has nothing to do with this discussion when there are I believe three threads in the Warlock forums on this exact issue right now?

So many questions.

Because you continued to argue about it and how dps is done for warlocks. As for that why can’t we just have both at this rate like Shadow Priests have with void legacy. You can combo them if blizzard designs it right, otherwise I’d love to go back to meta it was superior in MoP to what we have now.

Okay, please take this to another thread where this very valid argument is actually relevant and the subject matter of the thread, have a blessed day beloved

I mean you were the one who brought it up but ok

totally agree #WarlockStables


Its time for warlocks to get some upgrades cuz its long overdue.


So since I don’t have beta, I can’t respond to your recent comment on the beta forums :joy:

I just wanna say, I don’t think you could repeat demo feedback enough. The more the merrier imo. The more people repeat what is wanted/needed the more likely the changes will be made. Hell, copy and paste everything you agree with from everyone and paste in your own post. Couldn’t hurt. We need to be heard! :metal:t2::metal:t2:


You can even copy and paste what I said on the ptr forums (I don’t have access to beta) if you wanted and or agree with what I said


I been going through the Beta post intensively, literally everyone has mentioned everything several…and I mean several times when it comes to Demo, especially new GCD changes, Demos damage, instant cast vilefiend/Felguard/Tyrant, Felguard going back to 1.5 min to line up with tyrant, aesthetics(green fire with Demonbolt), our legendaries are in a rough spot too… Blizzard is aware of the problems, they have to be and already in Beta Demo is the back seat spec compared to Afflic and Destro :slightly_frowning_face:

Baal is doing gods work on Beta forums and Warlocks forums, but it’s truely up to Blizz now, I do post Ingame feedback.

But the biggest question, we still havnt got Warlock stables :sob:


Sure thing. But they are also making talents baseline for other classes. Inner Demons and Sacrificed Souls are dead talents and would drastically improve demos consistent damage if made baseline, and would fit the fantasy. Soul Strike should be another baseline shard generator for us. To replace soul strike, maybe they could make HoG apply a dot to everything it hits, like that azerite trait (I forget what it’s called).

Move nether portal down to Inner Demons place, make a second permanent demon (companion) and a talent for a greater demon (pit lord) on the final row so they don’t interfere with Demonic Consumption

Demo is now good


Nether portal, needs to be buffed, and for each soul shard cast create a demon, and def move the cast timer off it, currently Demonic Consumption is still the go too in all content…

Sacrificed Souls is dead as always… hopefully big changes come…

But I 1000% agree Demo should have a second perm pet!!


Yeah that’s why I think sac souls needs to be baseline, as well as inner demons :metal:t2:


inner demons baseline would be A+ flavor points

sac souls can die

just give demo shadow embrace baseline


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This is a great idea!

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Bump, if Blizz woulsnt bring meta back, at least give us sth new.