#WarlockStables Compilation Thread

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Come on blizz i want a permanent vilefiend!!!


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Just curious what is going on with the current devs.

3rd expansion still nothing for us in the case of new controlled demons.

Yet hunters just keep getting new ones. On what seems every other patch no hate for our hunter bro/sis but by now all warlocks should of gotten of a few new ones. I mean you guys can tame undead now.

Is there old program coding for the warlock class pets that the current devs just can’t figure out w.o introducing bugs. Because as a major pet class after 3 expansions we should of received some by now.

Also what is up with the pet rez timer increase.

I mean can you guys at least also give cast times to every other class that also has some pseudo pet mechanic, mages/dk/shaman/monk/ turn from instant to cast time 2 secs, let’s see how others feel when they have to cast a pet in combat.
Nope don’t care if its a cd. I’ll take it hey we went from 2 secs cast to 6 I think. we’ll then you others go from instant to 2. See how many care then.

Give us the real reason why that was put on because it has nothing to do with pve.


No idea, but if we keep the thread I linked going that has 1300 likes and almost 6000 views, maybe it’ll get something going

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We can hope!

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one day we will get more demons

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