#WarlockStables Compilation Thread

I disagree with your thread and warlock stables because that would mean blizzard has to make them as weak and terrible as hunter pets.

how much damage do you think our pets account for in our logs on live, right now?

More than hunter pets. Right now my pet is my highest dmg.

Your pet is your highest damage in your logs?

Okay so you’re a troll, especially given your imp mother post in another thread.

If you reply to this with another troll comment I will permanently silence you so I don’t have to deal with bad faith posting, thank you

So you don’t play demo? Pls, don’t comment on things you know nothing about.

Don’t be a troll.

Imagine thinking shadow bolt is your highest dmg ability

Someone hear something

What did I just read? Your pets should be your highest damage at all time. Shadow bolt or demon bolt being your hardest hitting ability is pathetic. You’re not playing it right if that’s the case.

I hear you wanting to ruin warlock.

Did I say Demon Stables was demo-specific anywhere?

Hard not to assume when you go over and read it. Use your head.

Edit: when someone talks about their pets doing their top damage, it’s because their playing demo.

Then you literally didn’t read the post lol

Nah the other guy is a troll, check his post history

I think you’re the one not reading here.

You mean the imp mother spec? What was wrong there?

Nope he understood I was talking about all specs given the first statement, then tried to save his troll by gesturing toward demo.

Again, post history is cringe, he’s a troll.

Edit: I hope he realizes I permanently muted him and I don’t see his replies lmao

Why am I a troll for not liking my current spec design?

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Your mythic + and pvp is cringe if we’re checking history and profile. He’s specced demo and talks about demo because of how it is. It’s literally an imp mother spec.

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Oh I’m a filthy casual, but not a bad faith poster.

He chose not to read the post and simply troll. So he’s muted.

Where did I say, at any part of this post or the GD Thread, that Demo mechanics/playstyle should change?

Bad faith poster is someone who doesn’t like their spec hello what logic is that?

He is engaging with a thread by trolling

He did not read neither the first post, nor the main thread for Warlock Stables.

He is rambling on about “changing demonology” when nobody in this thread is talking about that, or asking for that.

Go whine in one of the “bring meta back, summoner bad” threads. This is not that thread.

It’s bad faith posting because he chose to not read the post in any capacity, when it’s written clear as day, as well as making weird/cringe comments clearly written with the intent to be inflammatory in this and other threads.

I do not have time for that :slight_smile:

I literally read the entire OP and every thread of this in GD back when it was current.