Warlocks, the other pet class. Remember?

We have an amazing ability called enslave demon. Too bad that ability is rarely used. They need to change it where we are able to use that ability and enslave any demon that rome azeroth, and replace our current demons. Im sure many of us would love to replace this purple tank we had since ever.


I mean, they’re supposed to be masters of fel magic and demons after all. Having multiple skins would be a nice option. I mean, we wouldn’t be adding in any exotic demons or the like where it actually has impact on your power. It’d just be skins, for cosmetic flair.


I knew you’d be in the thread and would say something to that extent.

After your rant, I hear that Ion is considering removing pet demons from warlocks, and giving them to DH’S. They also might combine all three warlock specs into one, and become a third DH caster spec. This is what I heard from someone on the inside.

They did have that if they still don’t. Only, the world spawned minions were decidedly less dps and utility than having one of the normal four out.

Mayhaps now that mobs scale the way they do this is more feasible, but I’d much rather they give me back my Summon Doomguard spell in its original form. Don’t let me summon it in a Raid if balancing is such a ‘concern’, but I worked for that spell and then it was just taken away, arbitrarily, not reworked, not nerfed, just gone. That kind of thing just doesn’t sit well with some people.

With the nonsense of Xelnath’s firing to the straight up stealing of our spec and giving it to another class, Warlock class development is like saying “Military Intelligence” and expecting great things.

They’d have to call that new spec Demon Hamstar. You know how Hamstar would feel about that, right?

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Imo, especially since DH took their Metamorphosis back, Demonology should be out in the field making pacts with demons and creating something similar to a stable. That spec was pretty much perfect in MoP, and in typical fashion, Blizz ruined it completely.

Rather than taming, I think it’d be a cool system if the warlocks had to complete a task, make an offering, or complete a quest/scenario to get the demon to join them.


That sounds amazing. You’ve convinced me. We need more glyphs for our demons.


I mean, Demonology class fantasy was “Consuming Fel Energy To Become A Demon Temporarily” + “Master Demon Summoner”.

We had half of it removed and the other half not fleshed out yet.

Why settle for glyphs when the lore exists to allow for a game mechanic implementation that would be WAY more fun and allow each warlock to be unique and have fun enslaving things from old content.

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Fiiiine. Ugh.

No glyphs.

Just a robust expandable, well defined, hunter like system of enslaving demons to do my bidding.



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I don’t know. I think Legion did a pretty good job of making Demo really feel like a demon summoner. They did a bad job of making it fun to play, but they definitely had the theme down.

All we summoned were imps and puppies as far as main rotation goes.

Demonic Portal hasn’t been a functional/strong talent in any iteration so its never used, but even in that case we apparently have a whole variety of demons enslaved. If Talented, we also have Vilefiend demons and another Felguard at our disposal. But again, these are all talents.

The “core” gameplay of Demonology (MASTER SUMMONER OF DEMONS!!!) is being an imp mother with two dogs and a boyfriend (demonic tyrant every minute and a half).

I revamped the first post of my thread if anyone wants to check it out and go bump, I added justification/arguments:

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Yeah this really is lame. We recently invaded and tore up the capital home base of the Burning Legion. In that time, warlocks would have inevitably learned new things during their foray into Antorus. Subjugating a pit lord or even an eredar at this point shouldn’t be difficult. A golden opportunity was missed here and it sucks. I don’t play my lock anymore because I don’t like being the red headed stepchild.


We already enslave summon multiple Eredar: the Wrathguard, Demonic Tyrant, and Prince Malchezaar via Demonic Portal Talent.

I mean, we pretty much did when we opened our class hall.

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Warlocks are not a pet class.

Never played a warlock then? Thats fine, you should try one.

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I agree fully man, been like this since this game started, not like a Warlock can’t go about like a hunter and bind demons to his will, we even have Sargeras who bound entire demonic races to do his bidding. would love to see some improvements and variety with all the class that can pull out a beast/elemental or blueberry.


Give warlock the ability to have Gul’Dan as a pet. did i spell it right?


We even have a small demonic army in dreadscar rift

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