Warlocks, the other pet class. Remember?

I wonder how you or people played locks for years without having extra pets, you know this is not sims city or some animal crossing. If you want pets and barbies just go and play mario.

Maybe just realize what HUNTER means and what warlock means,if it is too hard for you google it maybe? or read entire book about HUNTERS and try to understand how they can tame so many animals.

Reading this and similar threads, it sounds like a lot of Warlocks actually wanted to be Hunters. If pet variety was a big concern, well… You chose poorly.

I guess that you read wrong so :grimacing:

Don’t get me wrong, i love pet classes and play basically all of them, only asking for a little love for the other ones too. Some undeads for DK would be really cool.
Oh, and it isn’t about new skills or mechanics but only visuals

And you’d guess wrong.

What you’re asking for is homogenization. You’ve created a false equivalence between Hunters and Warlocks because they share a mechanic. I share a bunch of mechanics with DKs; I can’t pull people to me, summon a ghoul or raise an ally, but I’m a plate wearing melee, c’mon Blizzard, give me a little love too.

warlols ?? Yeah I remember them kinda

Hey!!! didn’t they have metamorphis before hmmm…oh wait that’s Demon hunters

Same way we played warlock for years without Green Fire.

And we asked for Green Fire.

And we got Green Fire.

And now we play with Green Fire.

Don’t be bitter, be better!

Nope we just think Demon pet diversity exists and there’s lore canon justification to allow for its mechanical implementation

Nope it isn’t! Warlock pets fit a different role than hunter pets, work differently too. Customization isn’t homogeneization.

Again, we are asking for visual options, it is one of the themes of shadowlands.

We have some old glyphs with alternate form but they were originally from Pandaria, after legion we only want some more alternatives, maybe other ways to adquire them would be awesome.

Mage frost got some in this department, Shaman, priest shadow and DK could get some love in this area too.

Sorry if I sound rude in last post. But we are only asking for more fun things for our class and others. And if warriors have any cool ideas about customisation for your class we sure would support you in the end we play for the fun :slight_smile:

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You legit need to have your fel hunter out just to have access to your interrupt. That’s even more interactive than hunter pets. So sure, keep saying they aren’t a pet class.


Dude you can’t even get to challenger as warlock thats just… please stop speaking for warlock players,this is warcraft not animal crossing.

I’ve been at this game for 10 years consistently centralizing resources for casuals that come to the forums during that duration, especially during development period, and was one of the people pushing for Green Fire before we had it where people like you only knew how to be bitter and negative.

Have a blessed day and bless your heart chile!


Hey bro, at least he isn’t running on a trial character.

Also so nice of you to bring up his arena’s when hilariously you have done even less arena’s then him according to your acheives lol.


This whole topic, on top of the fact warlocks have felt like pure garbage to play in BFA is why I switched to hunter. No regrets.

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Aff and Demo got some huge QOL changes and Destro got some much needed flexibility

We just need “class fantasy” fun

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Talking about SL changes?

Yup. General consensus is Malefic Rapture is good and makes aff more fun, the Demonic Consumption change to resemble Thalkiel’s Consumption is also good and fun (also some imp spawn changes happened), and Destro got some soul shard generaiton and non-CD ability buffs