Warlocks, the other pet class. Remember?

God I hope we can get more demons. At least for demo… being the master of demons class and all…

I love the idea of a barber shop for demons

Pit lords…Dreadlords… Blizz make it happen.


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100%, give us greater demons (and give us back the ones you took)

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Why? because there’s no good argument against it? Warlock shouldn’t be able to change their demons. Period.

To be honest, I don’t see how warlocks having a system that is similar (not the same) to Hunter stables subtract anything from their uniqueness, because they are a completely different class and demons are a completely different kind of pet.

It would be an issue if Locks could for example, “enslave” hunter pets, but such a thing would never happen anyway.

Why? Why shouldn’t warlocks be able to gain more demon options? Blizzard introduced plenty of new types of demons that we have no access to. Meanwhile, Hunters get plenty with every new expansion. Not a knock on you, Hunters.

There are plenty of demons out there that warlocks could conceivably be able to bind or make contracts with. Even if it’s just different skins, it would be an improvement over what we got now. We had new ones before they inexplicably took them away.

So, why can’t we get a new demons? There have been some really good suggestions in this thread on how it could be done.


Warlocks already can change demons. When glyphed, you get another demon with another name.

Having the system expanded beyond the limited glyphs doesn’t change anything other than offering more options.


What’s your argument against warlocks changing demons? Exactly, you have none.

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We shouldn’t be able to do what we can already do? That we can already change our demons is not a good argument against not being able to change our demons? You know, Just because you can comment on a subject you know nothing about doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

We’re not asking to be able to change our demons, because we already can. We’re asking for more demon changing options, and maybe a better system than just crafted and dropped glyphs.

I support you OP. Long overdue.

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I recall when Blizz had the awesome idea of removing the Infernal.

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Technically its still here.

Just only for Destruction Warlocks… and only for a few minutes at a time.

Also the Doomguard…I know its also still around a bit but… maybe its time they reconsidered letting us just summoning one in place of another of our demons?


You know, if the idea of them being in a “stable” is the big sticking point why can’t they just be (canonically, if not literally) hanging out at our class hall until we summon them. Lots of demons seem perfectly happy hanging out there. We could tame enslave recruit other demons we find in the world and store let them hang out in our class hall doing demony stuff with their demon friends there, and they just replace our current demon when summoned.

I like the sound of this

Or just a feltome we store them in.

I can see this from both sides. Hunter pets have like, what, four varieties or something? And they’re all the same, they can just look different. Warlock has about the same number of demons (maybe more if you’re demo), so just adding more demons to me wouldn’t make sense.

What I’d like is the visual freedom that a hunter has, I really like the alien aesthetic of the felhunter but find the imp and succ kind of corny (and voidwalker so utterly boring, I wish Robin Williams wasn’t dead the joke about it being his genie off the sauce was hilarious now not so much).

If I could make all my demons fit my personal aesthetics, of course I’d be all for it.

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Honestly we need a lot more glyphs. That would fix this a bit.

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Miss when my wrathguard could use 2 weapons u.u

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Hunters have 3 pet umbrellas and warlocks have 4 pet umbrellas or 5 if you’re Demo.

Warlock umbrellas are:

  • the Ranged DPS with self-dispell slot(Imp)
  • Tank and AOE slot (Voidwalker)
  • Melee DPS with CC slot (Succubus)
  • Melee DPS with Interrupt and Dispell (Felhunter)
  • Demonology Melee Cleave DPS with Tank and CC functions (Felguard)

Hunter Pets are:

  • Cunning = more movement speed, CC dispel
  • Ferocity = Lust, increased leech
  • Tenacity = more health, damage reduction CD (more tanky)

There are over 57 models of demons with 3-5 recolors for each. Glyphs are a bad idea.

Tfw when Blizz broke the code and the second swing could crit separately resulting in higher DPS than the felguard so they just removed the second weapon rather than adjust the code’s math.