Warlocks, the other pet class. Remember?

cant wait :face_vomiting:

You sure? Could have sworn I got hit 4 times in a row today in a match. But I don’t play lock so I can’t test it.

God I want those demons back. Even the ones from MoP-WoD. Including a pit lord for demo :pray:t2:

It’s staying.

The AI that is broken, and the pathing which causes issues will just feel worse.

Have to dismiss that pet so you don’t pull mobs, well that’s 6 more seconds you have to waste after you dismiss your pet.

Pet get stuck somewhere because the game is a bit buggy, well now you have to spend 6 seconds casting the pet that just bugged out.

I don’t know man, I’m a Warlock I’m biased. lol :wink:

You’ve lost me, I was saying they can’t have a 6 second rez on pets for pvp. That’ll completely shut down BM/Surv hunters, they’d have to waste their only defensive (turtle) to rez their pets.

edit: in Pve I guess 6 secs ain’t too bad, but idk I don’t pve much at all.

Oh, I was talking about pve related bugs. Yeah 6 seconds is going to be insane in pvp. well, Arena mostly.

In arenas yeah, it would be nuts. But I’m mm so don’t gotta worry xD

I’ve literally been asking for either (A) a Warlock quest-chain where you learn to upgrade your “Enslave Demon” into a permanent Enslave so you can get new demons or (B) Demonology Warlocks to get the ability to permanently Enslave demons.

Blizzard never listens.

They want to give some BS argument about “oh well these aren’t your friends like Hunter pets are…they’re minions you control!”

Okay, by that logic I should be able to enslave any minion I want because I’m an evil Warlock who is hungry for power.

And yet with every expansion that passes which would make PERFECT sense for us to get a permanent Enslave Demon ability (BC, Legion) we are ignored and we have demons taken away from us instead. It’s BS.

I don’t want to summon hundreds of little demons temporarily. I want to have the ability to summon dozens of PERMANENT demons and switch between them at my leisure. FFS Blizzard.

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lately there has been a group of 4 … or 5, it doesnt matter, looters been stealing tomes and grimoires from my castle. I think i wrote something about demons in one of them. u should look for them.

I have to agree after MoP Demonology has never felt the same or as much fun… and to be honest the old glyph sprites need a bit of an update too!

Also I wish there was more things you could do with your Demon…
Like Fuse with it similar to sacrifice but instead of buff… it turns into a Shield Aura that attacks on its own like a ghostly aura possession, maybe you transform into a Demon depending on what type of demon you absorbed… if that’s to much how about instead of thrown all those Imps or demons at the enemies like one usually does you absorbed its power and turn it into different things…
Like a Cool FX Shield, Big Flashy energize Demonflame beam (Like Guldan does in Legion Raid), Unique temporary transformation that of oh so many enemies and some allies can do? :wink:

I really don’t understand why warlocks can’t “tame” different skins for pets that they summon.

I.E. they bind them into service or what have you.

For what it’s worth I agree with you.

Yeah, I can understand it being a balance issue. But Blizzard can just give us different forms or skins for the Imp (as an example), and give it the same abilities.

I would not mind seeing the skins treated like pets. There would be something like rare demon in a zone, warlocks would need to enslave it. Once enslaved you could talk to it ( I miss understanding demonic) to learn how to use that skin. Each warlock minion could be given a drop down menu that allows for you to pick the skin that corresponds to that minion class.

With this idea it could be used not only with warlocks but other classes that have summon minions even if they are just temporary summons. This way working on the system would appeal to a large group of people.

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As a hunter main for over a decade that doesn’t play warlock at all (I like the class, just never got one lvled for some reason), I fully support locks getting more demons as well as some sort of skin customization for said demons.


Balance shouldn’t be TOO much of an issue as we’ve had other demons before… they’ve just been taken from us. Feel like they should just give them all back (the mop and legion GoSup demons). With demo getting a pit lord instead of infernal, or something.

I’ve always thought warlocks should be able to tame demons just like a hunter can tame beasts, etc… Why not?

We were supposed to get an incubus at some point… Whar incubus, whar?

And for the “You can’t just change how they look! They’re not pets! They’re minions that signed a contract with you!” crowd, the new modifications could be referred to as power-up the demon actually wants. Problem solved. Also, omg, shut up. (Not you, Tires)

Lack of demon uniqueness and the fact their randomized names feel so foul is what’s kept me from playing the class much despite maining a necromancer, father to the class, in Everquest. My necro always bothered me that despite being iksar, and there being a walking skeleton of iksar in the game, he summoned the same lame human skeleton as every other necro.

If I’m gonna be a pet class, let me customize my pets, and that’s entirely why when I play a pet class I have multiple hunters and zero warlocks. A warlock with green fire is feeling strangely alluring though, reasons unknown I just want to shoot radiation and rarely summon anything I guess.