Warlocks, the other pet class. Remember?

You guys get to be literal chaos bolt machine guns this expac. We’re stuck at trash tier. Let us have our day of getting to play more pokemon.

  1. That’s because of Corruption and Azerite, which we’re losing.
  2. Hunters are actually doing very well on DPS charts.
  3. We’ve had the same demons from vanilla… every expansion more pets are added for hunters.

Huh, who cares about pve. I’m talking pvp bruv, the only other real endgame after transmogs and collections.

OK? Then how about I say who cares about PvP? Locks are doing terrible in M+ and raids and only one spec is viable in PvP and that’s at higher levels.


That’s the same for hunters. But locks can spit out 3-4 chaos bolts in a few seconds while we walk up to you and lightly slap ya.

That’s on a 2 minute CD, and after a lot of build up time. You let them do that, that’s on you.

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You get hit with a good hoj while trinket is on cd…yeah it’s gonna happen.

I forgot Hunters don’t have an interrupt… oh wait.

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I just want a pet to sit on my shoulder at all times so when I want to interrupt or attack something its not stuck up a hill losing its mind on a cyst when It should be near me. Yeah I know pet attack macros…their travel time blows when you jump off things!

Y-You can’t interrupt anything while sitting in a 6 sec stun though…

Y-you can’t if all you do is make excuses.

“But what if I like get feared or something”

Man I hate that too. They’ve gotta comeup with a way to fix that.

Being stuck in a fear spam is the biggest bs in this game tbf.

Happens on both my main toons and it’s not fun needing to push hp % but ur to busy dismissing and re-summoning. On the lock you have to find time to gate for ppl too.

You mean the one with diminishing returns tbf?

Yep, that’s super annoying.

6 second cast time on pets in SL.

You mean the one they can do 4 times before it’s not worth anything? Ya know the one that makes you run a good 20 or so steps away from your team?

Actually by the second cast it will only last a second or two. Nice try. :man_shrugging:

They’ll get rid of that, they have to. If not hunters (other than MM) won’t be able to pvp.