Warlocks need more Demons!

imagine if blizzard cared about their game or their community past that $15 a month fee.

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Bro can you design warlocks from now on, i’ve been saying we need ways to talk to our demons for ages, blizzard still hasn’t figured out how to make a interesting caster class

I’d design destro’s playstyle, warlock features and fantasy, and if I could, a fourth spec, but I couldn’t do demo/aff or numbers, I’d need help there.

Would still love to do it though.

Imagine the community having a input on class design and feel, and not world first torbu nerds.

Hard pass on glyphs. I don’t want just the skin, id prefer the real thing with their own unique abilities


I’d prefer that too I just think it’s far more likely blizzard would give us a reason over incorporating a new system into the game

I maintain my taming concept is genius :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t think glyphs are a BAD idea, I just really hope we someday get more. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with giving us more demons… I mean they have before then ripped them away from us. (The REAL Go Sup)

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Honestly any possible way we can get our hands on more demons permanently I would be all for. It makes me so sad to go through Argus or HFC and look at all those demons we can’t control because reasons. As masters of demons… why tf not? I can forgive never having meta again if we can have almost any demon we desire… with their own unique strengths and weaknesses of course.


Flesh out my grimoire idea with more detail and using in-game demonic and aberration families in my compilation post

Scroll down to the “fun” section lmao

Also please bump, someone, anyone

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Really hope you or someone like you gets access to apha soon lol. The alpha class threads have been dead for days… and most of the warlock one is just players who clearly don’t play warlock arguing about the summon cast time


Aw thanks, but I’m a nobody nowadays, filthy casual, even my guild is dead haha

Haha maybe, but at least, in my opinion anyway, you have some pretty valid feedback, where someone like me just wants shiny new (and old) toys… give me fel/pit/dread lords to play with and a ranged meta and I’m happy lol. I don’t really have ideas that’ll “fix” anything.

I do feel like this was a missed opportunity to give affliction back their doomguard and soul swap, Drainsoul baseline with MG as a talent maybe…

Demo should have gotten meta back but more ranged/caster like with chaos wave and all, the original GoSup demons in our baseline kit with talents for even stronger ones, even as a CD

Destro should have gotten KJC back as well as fire and brimstone baseline… I never played it much but the infernal CD is too long

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I wish we could summon a dreadlord.


I’d like to see more glyphs to change our demons. Just one more option each would be just fine.
Customization for the base demons would be pretty cool too. Green voidwalkers, succubus dressed as a nun, or imps wreathed in fel flame.

Nothing huge, but it would be nice.

Will one of the new demons actually give me a interrupt without having a massive dps loss by swapping out felguard at a compounded 6 second cast time?

Speaking about current demons, have the Voidwalker and Felguard gained a defensive boost? In the past of BfA and Legion, they seemed to fall quite easily, which was very displeasing.

Imagine blizzard not reusing assets. and making card games. and failed esports.

They drop like flies, even in Shadowlands alpha health funnel is basically on rotation to keep them up especially with a 6 second re summon…

Hopefully more changes happen.

I could go for more options, regardless if that were just visual change options, or actually something more like how hunters work with pets. Even with unholy dk could use more options like via the control undead ability they have.

I could see just a UI that has slots for those demons we can summon, and they are grouped as specific roles. I could then see demons just being tagged to those demon roles, while the demonology spec might have access to some more unique looks or demons.