Warlocks are getting ripped off compared to Hunters

Warlock hunters. Sure.

As long as their demons are all the same with different looks, I see no issue.



papa blizz wants a complete sentence.

Can me also get more undead flavors pls?

Well my advice is to just keep asking, it only took like 10 years for hunters to finally get undead tameable pets :100:

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I oppose this as it will take away valuable resources that should be dedicated to giving hunters more tamable pets!

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OP has a beyond legitimate complaint here… Its ridiculous that locks can’t get more variety in demons. I honestly don’t get it… Blizz won’t even address it.


I find it unfair that Warlock has gone through multiple positive changes in both alpha and beta

i find it unfair that BM and MM only received initial changes in the first alpha build and have never been touch again.

I find it even more unfair that Survival has received 0, absolutely no changes throughout the alpha and beta, not a single change.

I find it unfair that warlock feedback has been heard while Hunter’s have not gotten a single blue post.

I think Hunters are getting ripped off compared to Warlocks.

You want more pets? good, annoy blizzard for them, but is unfair of warlocks to try and drag Hunters through the mud while we have more issues than you.

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This upcoming expansion seems to be heavy on customization options. So why not take the extra step and add a bunch of glyphs to let locks have a bunch of different looks to choose from for their existing pets. No one is saying turn them into a hunter and have them go out and tame a bunch of demons, just give them some variety for the pets they have.

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I’m not talking about gameplay changes I’m talking about cosmetics. We are not having the same conversation here


Looks to me like you are complaining that we Hunters got something new which you did not.

I’m complaining that you got something new which I did not either.

What angers me is that you feel the need to drag us down and call it unfair that we got something new like we are the ones to blame for your lack of pet customization.

I would not mind not getting new pets if I could get some actual class changes like you have. new pets do the exact same thing that the older ones will do while my class will still function badly.

You want more pets? demand more pets out of blizzard. Just don’t whine about how unfair it is that they are doing all this stuff for Hunter when you at least are getting changes that actually matter while I am only getting repurposed old models to replace Hati.

I’m all up for Warlocks getting new pets, I’m all up for Warlock customization to be increased one way or another. I just don’t like that Warlocks feel the need to make multiple threads pointing their fingers at hunters when we haven’t made any pointing our fingers at you about not being heard by blizzard.

I’m dragging blizz down. Not hunter players. Cmon now if I wanted to insult hunters I’d be way more obvious


Wheres the dk love :frowning: I want a cute stitches pet too

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The thread’s title.

I rest my case.

LOL…I love Hamstar’s comments :slight_smile:

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This isn’t a personal attack to you. I’m pointing out how Blizz is ripping us off.


Sure, give us a baseline interrupt.

Same way I could point out that i’m getting ripped us because you got game play changes and I don’t?

I do not want to be your enemy, I honestly would like to see some more customization thrown your way.

I just think saying “Hey she got this and I didn’t, that’s unfair!” Only makes people from the other side oppose your idea rather than support it.

I mean you can make your own thread. I don’t care

And yet majority of this thread supports it. Imagine that


It took Warlocks 8 years to get Green Fire!

The world has surpassed the need for glyphs. It’s a clunky and tedious system. There are literally about 45 types of demons with about 3 to 5 color variants per demon. That’s over a hundred glyphs.

Just give us a Tame Enslave Stable Grimoire system.

This is a game.

The Maldraxxus Stitchyard where you Build-a-Bear a construct should be integrated into the DK experience after shadowlands yeah. “Why don’t we do that!”



Yeah, as an Unholy DK id love the option to tame undead creatures. We’ve only been asking for that for years.