Warlocks are getting ripped off compared to Hunters

pretty sure they killed off all the males they had and that’s what impressed the legion alot…

You have my vote. Tbh ever survival( may she rest in peace) I want to give other classes love . Never know until its gone. (Rip demo form).

Feel free to add my thread to your OP for more boost since I flesh out the idea substantially :smiley:

I don’t see why they cannot offer a greater cosmetic choice for those who want it.

Me, I am happy with my ‘doggo’.

You don’t enslave a demon, you summon them and make a pact.

(And having faction/race/class distinctions adds complexity, variety and flavor to the game.)

And just having the succubus is so sexist.

The lore is you’re summoning a demon and making a pact. You don’t get to change their names. Hunters tame and own their pets.

(Please Note: I only read to post 43 so this may have already been covered.)

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Not to mention all demons are useless except fel guard and the hound. Like that’s so dumb I’m forced to use the felhound for interrupt and I can’t even make him cool or interesting. Just observer or felhound.

If we can’t tame demons, atleast let us spec our demons to use certain abilities like INTERRUPT


You are in fact incorrect!

Warlocks cannonically enslave demons to our will in most cases; ergo why we had to summon them to defeat them to subjugate them. Only the succubus I believe agreed to be part of our service after we offered her three hearts of “good men”.

Succubi/Incubi are ancient demonic tropes throughout the mediterranean, cry more

Correct we are summoning a demon through its true name that we have a contract with; as I stated, the lore is that we subjugate them into giving us their true name if we don’t already know it.

We don’t change the names of course, which I outline in my thread below:

What we would be able to do is “release” a demon from its contract and re-enslave a new NPC until we get the name we want; unless the demon is a named NPC.

Learn the lore better beloved :slight_smile:

Bitter and dumb


And yet we have Enslave Demon

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Others have said this but… the games changed. The fantasy of the classes was originally:

Hunters were designed as people who go out and choose their companion from one of many. Deciding on a cat, or boar or whatever vanilla had to offer. They named it, they fed it… they made it their own.

Warlocks, on the other hand, risked their souls by opening a gate into the nether and hoping ‘something’ crawled out. Their demon arrived already named; a potentially malicious ally who’d turn on them in a heartbeat.

So… yeah. Cool fantasy. But that was a LONG time ago.

What it’s meant over the years (as pet feeding was removed and more and more models/animal types got added to the game) was hunters now can choose from potentially hundreds of models; so many they have an entire website devoted to listing each pet. They have spirit beasts, undead, machines… they can even tame most animal type bosses in the game.

Warlocks are brutally restricted on which of the 3/4 demons they use. Demonology, the so called ‘master of demons’ can only use Felguards due to it tying in to their talent tree. Its ugly, I kind of hate it but… that’s what we’re stuck with if you play that spec. Affliction and Destruction theoretically have a choice between 4 pets but… realistically you choose void walker for tanking, imp for raids/ranged dps and felhound for interrupts. The succubus is obviously a minion blizzard are embarrassed about and hope will go away because ‘sexy’.

The few glyphs locks have really only reskin the pets as old low poly models.

And thats… kinda bad. I’m pretty sure most people reading this would agree that choice (be it through binding demons, reskinning pets etc) would be a good thing. Heck - its what Blizzard say they’re building Shadowlands around.


To be fair on my BM hunter though I do have a stable they are pretty much just there to collect. Being able to summon five covers all my bases nicely, and that’s kind of how I feel about warlocks. Not saying I would hate it if they did this, it could be quite fun, but I play both pet classes and I’ve never felt envious of hunter on warlock.

If they made more demons that were alien like the felhunter and less like the succ and other more humanoid demons I’d be absolutely on bored. I’d love to be an alienist summoning oddities instead of just a silly little man, a girl with goat legs and wings, a cool alien dog, and robin williams’ genie off his uppers. I slept on this class for years because I didn’t really dig the demon choices, I’ve gotten over it especially now that you can rename them, my first few tries back in the day I deleted a couple level 10s because I couldn’t stand the voidwalker’s name and I saw all these cool ones running around. Then I never got around to getting one out of the 20’s until this expansion. Liking it far more than I thought I would, but then I played the necro in EQ so it’s kind of like “welcome home.”

All classes have been ripped off ever since the glyph system was changed.

Where are all the cosmetic glyphs that should be put into the game with the change to glyphs? Never happened.

Another promise broken by Blizz. :woman_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :100:


Man warlocks used to control demon bosses out in the world and kite them to major cities. A whole lot of people would die. That was amazing. This game used to be a lot of fun.


We can summon the eredar twins only in broken isles which is stupid

If we can get Prince Malchezaar to show up with that one talent then why are we so limited?


Because he wants more pets, he’s entitled? Oh come on, so easy to say as a hunter.

Both are pet classes my friend and adding more demon pets, updating demon models, giving them some more flavor is something I want too on my Warlock, I know Mortis wants this, many Locks do, so I don’t agree with you on this dear.


And as a druid with all their animal forms and how they’ll be able to change them at the barber in shadowlands


I don’t see why warlocks can’t have a stable like hunters. I need more options and more unique demon pets to play with

I don’t want a whole stable. BUT. If folks want one. You could easily have a portal you can use similar to that stable thingie engineers can make.

Maybe have that be a unique thing for locks. Where they have instant access to a stable but our options are a little more limited if we were to compare all the demon models to allllllllllllllllllllllllll the beasts / undead / robots hunters can get.

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BM hunter is only range spec that doesn’t have casts
Hunter always get new pet families to tame

There’s totally no bias.

Demon hunters can’t even get eye glow that would match tattoo color

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I meant is as a warlock, I don’t go out into the wild, find a demon I like and then enslave it the way, as a hunters, I go our into the wild, find a creature I like and then tame it.

Sorry, I thought it was obvious. Guess I should have used more words.

That’s because the system isn’t implemented, but that is indeed one of the ways to obtain a demonic servant within the canon!


It’d be fun to go back to our class hall if we wanna swap out our demons appearance. I just really like Dreadscar Rift and miss it dearly

Also it’s totally bogus that hunters get a Hati quest while we get no lore update on Thal’kiel