Warlocks are getting ripped off compared to Hunters

Honestly the way I would do it, although It would probably require too much development time but damn it would be cool… Is have a skill a demonology Warlock can have to form a contract. This skill is allowed to hold 1 uncompleted contract at a time, and 3 completed. You can void a contract at any time but naturally doing so would have the contracted demon attack you. But onward to how a contract is completed. Each demon type in the world would have a special quest for you which would be activated when using the form contract skill. This will create 1 uncompleted contract. You can use the uncompleted contract to summon a npc version of the demon to complete the given quest with. Once the quest is completed you could then summon the demon. This would make the warlock significally different from the hunter. while providing basically the same thing.


Hm yeah I would just give Enslave Demon an actual use and have you contort a demon to your control ( Within reason, not like. Boss demons or anything )

It would be “blank” spec wise at first and you can select if you want a tank , dps , or pvp pet like what hunters used to be able to do.

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It’s not even kicking and screaming.

You make a single polite request and these people come in here acting like you’re trying to overthrow the government.


Not sure if the tank/dps setting would work for a Warlock. It would be pretty weird having a small demon tank lol.

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Got aim big.


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I would say it should still follow the pet rules of Warlock, at least imo. Otherwise youd end up with people who have imp tanks and eh


Oh I can totally imagine a lock throwing a imp all “pathetic wretch. HANDLE THIS FOR ME” to tank


Yeah… then that imp would just get splatted against the wall with a flick of a finger from the giant you are fighting lol.

It’d just be a neat way to show how warlocks treat their pets compared to hunters.

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Blizzard, please add a Fel-Stable and let Warlocks permanently enslave demons. It’s long overdue.

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It’s a mutual feeling of disrespect. The warlock demon relationship is strange… It’s like a hate bang.



Agreed. Basically just have enslave demon be warlock tame. For flavor, maybe bring back “spell stone” Spell to choose the spec to assign. Something fun and reminiscent.


Warlocks are said to break demons to their will. So it’d make sense for a lock to go “THIS IS YOUR JOB. DO IT” when assigning a spec to a demon.

New demons don’t even need new abilities. They could be the abilities our current demons have. Unless having demon “families” makes it more easy in the development department.

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I can agree to locks having more pet options… But I think it should be like hunters have it now… specific pets have specific roles (ie tank, dps) and you continue to get to play their healer…

I get ya I’m just trying to keep my request simple in the hopes that it sounds more like “Yeah we can do that easy quick” to blizz

When Legion came out I loved all the new types of demons we got to see.

Felbats and inquisitors are both demons I’d like to be able to permanently summon pretty badly. There’s also fel spiders.

Felstalkers, aka scuffed felhounds.


A “felwalker” instead of voidwalker is something I’ve wanted for years, these guys have been around since before Legion.

Then there’s the larger and/or more intelligent demons.

^ Wish I could summon these permanently again. Actually, kinda wish I could summon them at all rn.

There’s many more types of demons not in this post. Point being, there’s so many different types of demons after Legion and so many things that could become useable by warlocks beyond a 5 minute enslave.


It depends on how you look at it. I always thought of it as infusing myself with the power of a demon rather than sacrificing it.

Didn’t the succubus kill off all there male counterparts?

shrugs Maybe its like blood elves where we just keep the men as stock

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