Warlocks are getting ripped off compared to Hunters

Thank you buuuut

Glyphs are wack. There’s 61 demon and aberration families, each with recolors. Just let us enslave stuff.



yeah, i don’t get why give so many options if they force us to use only one group or pet. Demonology has the same problem =/

I made my hunter to use only mechanical pets at the time, i thought the mechanical version was from the same family of the normal one, but they aren’t xD

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instead of just more skins of pets nobody uses how about adding more useful pets that will get used. of course, the problem with that is that they need to be considered ‘op’ to get some use nowadays so just more skins is probably the only option.

instead they could add a pet transmog option to change their armor or hair colour, i guess. but it seems even more simple to use current skins in the game to give more variety.

anyways, that was just for pets in general. warlocks need more variety in their pet selection. i only mained a lock in vanilla and tbc so what do i know about the current situation.


Would be cool, we are long overdue for a New Demon, but at the same time the current model for pets for Blizzard, especially warlock, is difference based on utility/functionality, not based on DPS

As far as warlock demons go the only “type” of demon we’re missing is a demon that can empower/heal the warlock (the imp’s heal ability was removed long ago)

I love how the easiest solution was to let the Felguard Specific Talents be applicable to any demon and they said “nah”

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I don’t care about taming pets but at least warlocks should be able to rename the pets.

I always thought it would be cool for Warlocks to be able to enslave their own demon from the world. Kind of like hunters.

Deathknights could go out and kill A humanoid mob and raise it as their very own!!!


Nah breaks lore. Our demons are living beings with a past. Our Wrathguard was an Eredar from Argus with a family.

Welcome sister to #DemonStables now

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My voidwalker is named Phankath. Is that some important lore figure? I really don’t see any reason why changing the name would break anything.

Because Lorewise we are enslaving pre-existing beings. The only demons we could, in theory, rename are Felhunters/bestial demons since they’re demonic animals.

Like, it’s as if a Shaman were able to enslave idk, Ragnaros and then you’re asking to rename Ragnaros.

It’s simply not how it works lol

They have their own names. They’re sentient beings with personalities and opinions.

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Changing the talents to work for any pets should have problems only for imp, but they could figure a easy fix for it.

I played BFA as demon all the expansion and then change for destro for some weeks in this patch, it’s so much better switch demons during dgs for the utility without being worried about talents >.>

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Actually, for “upper end group content” you should be using a spirit beast (which are tenacity). The package of dispel/tranq, spirit mend, and an extra defensive cd is too good not to be using.

Ferocity pets are the go-to for solo stuff, since their leech carries their self-healing. It’s strange that it’s backwards like that, but…it is what it is.


Wdym just make the imp bladestorm you’re being unreasonable :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Meanwhile your options for Demonology is Felguard, and if your group needs an interrupt your options for Demonology is Switch To Aff/Destro


Has pointed out above the Deves do not like warlocks and have NO clear plain on how we should be used. From broken specs to poor pets were constantly fighting a constant battle to keep ourselves working the best we can.

The fact the company doesn’t even address the issues in game play or even admit there are issues should say a lot how blizzard feels. The sheer amount of
missed opportunities to add things that would attract more people to play the class and the company pissed them away with the I don’t care attitude they have now. I’m actually surprised they listened to all the shadow priest feed back this time.

But how much longer are Locks going to be forced to wait to get the changes that should have been allowed and not tossed aside due to the deves and ION inflated Ego’s.


yes, it’s that time of day again that I stop by to ask for #DemonStables now :grimacing:


We summon demons, they charm turtles and crap. We win, who cares.

I have to agree. When I read that hunters will be able to tame Elegon, it was a serious “Huh?!” moment. Considering Enslave Demon is a baseline Warlock skill, it should be treated the same for Demonology as Beast Mastery, and allow for the unique styles out there.


In most cases of fantasy, the name of a being or object is what commands power over it. So changing its name would be completely in line for dominating its will.

…just lol

Not like that. Plus that fantasy is based on real life occult practices wherein you need the true name of a spirit (demon, angel, ghost, otherwise) in order to command it or summon it. You cannot change the name of a demon within the Goetia of the Lesser Key of Solomon if you pretend to summon it to bind it to you.

Within WoW lore you need a demon’s true name to control/command it, and as such the name cannot change, as evidenced within this lore:

Yup, I mean we’ve been pointing out the necessity of an interrupt on felguard AT LEAST for over a decade now and instead we get some stupid “Axe Toss interrupts stun immune targets”

They listened to us too, just not as closely.


Yeah taming what’s basically a Library Artificial Intelligence is just… lol