Warlocks are getting ripped off compared to Hunters

Here’s to hoping we get something today


We got something KIND OF.

I’m just happy I can get my Doomguard again. At least back a little.

And we can just soulstone rez whoever gets sacrificed so it’s not THAT big a deal

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It is because

  • Makes this unviable in Mythic Keys as deaths punish you
  • if the damage isn’t negligible/useless, the risk of it breaking enslavement mid-encounter means it puts risk to the whole raid or to your team in PVP
  • You can’t solo summon
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I didnt sacrifice everything so you could bring in more demons into this world.


Considering warlocks are the second biggest “pet class”, it does suck that we don’t have more options. I would LOVE to be able to tame demons, but I would happily just take more glyph options. Please, daddy Blizzard, give us some options.

And each patch notes from wowhead with some changes in enslave demon, me: IT’S TIME…, but no it isn’t… it’s only another text change… -_-

Bruh Hunters have a full roster of challenge tames and special pet skins from expansion to expansion what are you talking about

Girl i want you to have more horns solidarity here pls.

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I believe the name thing being because you summon a living sentient being and enslave it already, you are at least letting it keep the name it was given already.
The beasts hunters tame do not necessarily have names and sentience, this is a sort of argument deeper than I wish to go into, but really we do not see beasts in the wild actually talking…
Demons do.
So, you may enslave the VoidWalker, and kill him repeatedly while you cast boom balls at people, you can’t take his name and call him “Purpleboi” or call your succubus “MyGF”. It makes sense.

Hunters can tame undead before friggin unholy death knights in the death expansion you can sit down.

Didn’t realize you were family. To be honest i find killing my demon funnier than getting more but i still support the demon stables for my fellow warlocks.

I hope Blizz gives us the ability to rename our demons someday. I will rename my voidwalker and succubus Purpleboi and MyGF respectively to honor you.

It’s sad that it feels pretty pathetic to use as a tank since it dies in no time at all. If they’re going to continue to use the same demon for the same stuff, they need to at least look at the scaling.

Here’s hoping we get something next week

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:kissing_heart: Fine I want all current demons to be able to dress up as other demons and have more different looks too so locks can have more variety! Im really trying here! :weary: :wink:


It is actually very simple. They look at the class demographic and give more welfare to the most played classes.

Just be a hunter.

Name some purple kodo that, and name a Elekk MyGF. Funnier effects there.

You’re right. I definitely want an Elekk named MyGF.

See? Much funnier.

Wouldn’t simply being able to tame demons (maybe add undead in as well for that necro feel and some variety) be the simple fix? Taming is already in game. Demons are already in game.

No need to reinvent the wheel. Just let warlocks tame class appropriate mobs and the community will rejoice


Eh I’m not okay with that tbh. Names for demons are very commonly used in a certain way. Names have power to them. Which is why in stories if you know a demons name, they’re kinda stuck listening to you since you can summon them or expel them.

Agreed. Besides, you cannot tame demons you command their obedience, basically you are forcing them to slaves.